Speeches of Hyo Jin Moon: Episode 23

Speeches of Hyo Jin Moon 2006-2008
Delivered Sunday at Belvedere Estate in Tarrytown, New York
Hyo Jin Moon Speaks on Dealing With Fallen Nature, Page 81

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Dealing With Fallen Nature

May 21,2006

Thank you.

Please sit down. We are still here. Today, I want to share with you about dealing with fallen nature.

Where does God lie? Father talks about vertical and horizontal stuff. So based on Principle lecture, where does God lie? On a vertical top, top or bottom, left or right, where? In extremes? Where does He exist? (In the middle.) Yeah, okay, so the center. I guess you can say. If you want to cut a three-dimensional sphere you need seven points, right? So, you have to have a center in order to create a sphere, right? You have to have some kind of center.

So, you have the horizontal and the vertical and center. So be it. What is center? That is where the fun begins. Because you have to talk about the extremes. You have to talk about all the extremes—left and right, up and down, based on center—from all different perspectives.

You might have a vertical left and right, up and down stuff at certain point of the angle but as it shifts, stuff changes to that person. Based on that perspective, what is that individual person, as this changes. We've got to change, even when keeping that system or that concept which in the end makes the sphere.

Look, I am trying to keep time with Korea because I have to go there soon. That is about it. Its night and day are the opposite. If it's day here, it's night over there. Literally, it's like that. And there is the degree of difference in that.

So, how do you determine the extremes? What do you think is the difference between, let's say something you fear, and something that gets you inspired? What does that teach you in the end? You think there is some kind of simulation from something, things that are seemingly opposite based on definitions as we know it, in reality or in causality, or casualness? 

There is a difference. But within that difference, there is something that brings that stuff together as opposites. Anytime you have an opposite, you will find a center. Trust me. That's the rule. You cannot have opposites without the center. Otherwise, there is no concept such as opposites. Right? (Yes.)

So, in order to even understand what the opposite means, you have to understand why the center exists and know the definition. Even just on that particular issue there are many angles, just on that particular thing alone. That's it.

Now don't tell me you can do everything. Let's start from there. Just that particular. You have to find what that general definition is. That thing that is zero that represents God, that brings opposites together, that holds the opposites together. What is that definition?

To me, when I fear something, when I'm inspired by something, just simply put, it gives me a certain kind of literal definition. It gives me certain direction, it gives me discipline, it gives me destination. Why? Because I fear something, I'm inspired. Same thing. Talk about love and hate. When you love something, when you hate something, obviously it gives me some kind of passion for something. It gives me that possessiveness. At the same time, it gives me some solution, an absolute something.

How do I define it? It's up to me. Why? You answer that stuff. I'm not going to answer it. No, you answer it. Because even if I'm not standing here, if I'm gone, you will be answering it, whether you like it or not. And you are not going to blame it on me. You can divorce me, but in the end, you still have to face your Maker on your own, right? Just like me. You can—shoot, look, it's up to you. In the end, ultimately, what you choose to think—because based on it, you are going to act. Right?

If I'm pissed off at something, I might just lose it sometimes. Hey, I'm only human. So what? Take it or leave it. What you see is what you get. I know what the purpose of stuff is. There is a purpose in everything. Do you know the difference between—let me put it this way—there is a similarity between vacationing and preaching. What do you want when you go on a vacation? What do you expect? You want to relax, you want to rejuvenate, see some new things and learn something or get into the old stuff that you liked, indulge in stuff a little.

What do you expect from a preacher in today's world? And who in their right mind would want to do this stuff forever? You go out and try to make something out of your experiences. I'm not a TV preacher. It's not about building my empire. In building anything, money is important. Trust me. That's not my scenario, all right? Even when somebody comes and blows their stuff out at you and given that, you just sit back and you get something out of it. At least in your decency, you should at least be able to protect the one that you love, right?

Anyway, it doesn't matter. I know reality. I've seen worse than this many times over. It's not, look, things happen, okay? I think I went off on this guy. Some things I shouldn't say, but just keep it to myself, you know? Do you know what I'm saying? Do you understand that?

Can I be honest with you? Yeah, sometimes you can lose it. Yeah, sure. So be it. Hey, but I still show up, don't I? Because I really don't care what you think. I'm trying to do my best, okay? If you have problems, some things you just have to keep to yourself. Okay?

I'm not just talking about the archangel. Antichrist, yes, it is selfish. Look, 'the dead will rise' and all that stuff, you see that stuff all over the place. False prophets, people who don't believe in God, because of the time, what is the platform that they are using? Multimedia. Okay? Look, they don't believe in God, they have the opportunity to say all sorts of stuff.

Selfish individualism is wrong. There is individualism and there is selfish individualism. Selfish individualism, individualism. Okay? Before you talk, even when you talk about the extreme, even before you get into selfish and unselfish stuff, you have to talk about the extremes first. You have to define that first. That's why I'm doing that, that's my point today. Okay?

Before you try—that's the next step—you have to define that extreme first, that place centered on God, that is real. Stuff happens later. That's a different problem. That's a next level problem. Okay? And to find that, you will always find a definition in every extreme when you just look at it as the opposite, polar opposites. Do you understand me? You understand that, and you control it. You move it into the direction you want to move. That is how you control yourself. And screw everything else. If you're doing the right thing, God will bless you.

I guess you are here because you love me, right? Okay, so be it. I'm not a politician. I'm not here for a popularity contest. I couldn't care less whether you like me or not. Okay? But don't judge me. Judge me when I'm dead. Because I won't judge you.

There's many, in certain situations, it seems so easy, many things. But that's just a moment. I know how it's going to end. But they seem, I even know some kids close to me, some people close to me, they are just throwing their life away. Do you know what I'm saying?

They are doing stupid stuff, they are making stupid decisions, and they are going to burn in the end. That's possible, and it will happen. Many things will happen. Things like that will happen all over the place. But that's not your problem, right?

Why? Because if you are going to help somebody else, you are going to start from you. Do you know what I'm saying? It doesn't matter how big or small you are if you can't control yourself, right? That's what you blame me for. I'm such a goof up all the time. I'm so obvious and I actually advertise it. It is not going to work. Okay? Think about that.

Anyway, you can bring children. I won't curse anymore. Hey, I'm trying to explain to you okay, I'm sorry. Okay? I'm trying to make a point. You talk about eternity and you can't even wait for a week for a comeback? Come on. I deserve that, right? Come on white people. Give me a break here.

If it's going to happen, it's going to happen. That's about it. Do or die. That's about it. That's it. This is about talking about a point, okay? And I'll see you next week.

Take care of yourself and don't worry about me. I'm not that crazy.

Take care.

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