Speeches of Hyo Jin Moon: Episode 22

Speeches of Hyo Jin Moon 2006-2008
Delivered Sunday at Belvedere Estate in Tarrytown, New York
Hyo Jin Moon Speaks on Convincing People That Father is the Messiah, Page 78

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Do you want to die for something? You have to die for something. If you want to live, you have to think about dying. Otherwise you are not serious, right? Truly. If you want to be in control of your life, you better know how you are going to die. Trust me. If you don't understand that stuff, you are not going to make it. Trust me. Anyway, if you want to live, you better know how you are going to die. Why? Because you want to be an individual. You want to be American. Okay. No problem. Be a great American. But you have to be in control, nobody else.

You know what it is, you know why you are living, you know why you are dying. And you are going to do your best. Do as much as you can to be the best you can be for whatever is important to you. That's about it. In my eyes, that is the basic premise on which you believe in God. And if you don't, I don't care. I don't care what you think. I really don't care. Because I will live with that till the day that I die. What do you say? That's about it. And you will die.

But it's a pain in the butt, trying to do the best you can every year, whatever the gig, every cycle. Trying to outdo yourself. Do you know what I am saying? It's a pain in the butt. And that never ends. It never ends. How is that? You are going to live for somebody else? That's it. No bluff. That is the truth. That is just the way it is. There is no other way. If you have a better idea, you do it then. Tell me something. Tell somebody. Tell them the easier way. There is no easy way when it comes to really doing something. Do you know why? If you believe in something to be absolute, there is some wall in the end. There are a whole lot of stories about that in life. It's like some kind of monkey in "Kubla Khan." If you have something better, you do it and make it on your own. Take care of yourself in the end. That's about it.

So, what can we do for each other? I hope that we have good people here to do the things that we need to do. That's about it. That is all I hope for. And I don't know anything else. Know one thing. It's important. There are many ways. In the end, it's about communication, it is all about communication. You know that, right? You know that's important to you young people. It is all about that stuff. It doesn't matter how it is approached, delivered, or presented, it doesn't matter as long as the communication factor in essence is in the message. It's a process.

So how do you go about communicating the message? Look, personally, I go out and I do stuff. I blah, blah, blah, and people say, "Oh!" People who left the church come to listen to the concert. Young people are just part of it. Old people think like they are listening to a Principle lecture. And new people, they want to know more. That is a good thing. That is a good platform. I don't care what it is. We need to have Air Force, and Navy, and Army. If you want to put it into that context, let's just do it. I don't care. Knock yourself out. This is the 21st century. You have to take initiative. You understand the direction and you are willing to do something for it, amen, you should. And inspire others who are doing the same thing like you. That's about it. I don't want to be reminded of the same old song and dance routine forever till the day that I die. Give me something that even I can be inspired by. Something so I can take one more step, work a little harder, because of you. I know I'm dead, I know I'm dying. Let me die faster, how is that? Or let me die harder, how is that? Let me die while relevant, how is that? You can inspire me to do that; that is a good thing for you. If you help somebody, if you help some pathetic fool, that is a good thing.

Why did these young people come all of a sudden? I was comfortable hanging around with these old people who are dying. Now I have to think differently! This stuff is important. Every day, give and take. That kind of thing is important. Preaching is important. Regimen is important. You can do crazy stuff, but the regimen is a very important tool. You have to know how to balance polar opposites. That is the only way realistically you are going to control reality, if you think you can. Time will tell. So be it.

Basically that is how you are going to go about it-trying to prove that stuff. Why? Because you are doing this for somebody else, not for you, right? Trust me, that's important. When you think that, this is important. Standing here and talking this nonsense to you is important. This is a pain in the butt. You have to live it. It is important. Trust me. This is very important. It does not matter what you get out of it. For yourself, if you are going to do this, you have to do this for your own sanity and your own reality in balance. If you don't do this, you will get corrupted. Trust me. There are other ways people think, but it does not matter. But in general that is about it. Okay? Yorn life is short. Make sure you can look yourself in the mirror when you say, "I lived for the sake of others." Do you understand me? It is true. Trust me.

So, that is why you have to know how to plan your life and know how to die well. You want to be smart. That is smart. And if you can do that, you will be a free man. Remember, antichrist is not an individual. It is a concept. Trust me on this. This gig will last a long time. We will see. In my mind, it will. It is a good gig. Anyway, nice to see you. (Nice to see you, too.)

I will see you next week, okay? I will see you later

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