Speeches of Hyo Jin Moon: Episode 24

Speeches of Hyo Jin Moon 2006-2008
Delivered Sunday at Belvedere Estate in Tarrytown, New York
Hyo Jin Moon Speaks on The Dragon, Page 86

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The Dragon

May 28,2006

Please sit.

Some people have been commenting that sometimes my talks are a little too short and I kind of run out of stuff to say. So, from now on, at the end I will give a moment to answer questions if I can. If I can't give you something on the spur of the moment, I'll catch you next week. Okay? (Thank you.) All right.

Anyway, it's supposedly something—how should I put it—it's a gift. When you have to talk about stuff, there is so much chatter going on out there in the world. You have to try to be almost like a dragon slayer. And you have to know what "The Dragon" is. Because everywhere you look, you are threatened.

In a free society where freedom of expression is guaranteed, the dragon or the monster is pretty much nothing other than multimedia. That's about it. Why? Because it gives you both medicine and disease.

Under the banner of free expression and freedom of speech, whether you like it or not, they can get away with almost anything unless they frequently disobey the law or break the law. Because in the end they can say, “Hey, that's not my problem. People can turn it off, but the problem is that some people don't." And guess what? Guess who those people are? And that's why it is never ending stuff unless you address the dragon in a free society.

There is nothing that free society or capitalism produces that actually affects people to the extent that multimedia can. Why? Because it doesn't sell refrigerators, it doesn't sell cars, it doesn't sell airplanes, and it doesn't sell bombs and gadgets that give you convenience. It basically sells people. It sells people.

However degenerate, however great they are, they sell it for the buck. Period. There is no discrepancy. As long as they can get away with it, they will do it. Somebody is going to do it.

So that's the dragon. That's the monster that we face. That's obvious. It has always been that way. What do you think I was influenced by when I was young, by all these Western influences and culture? Especially through multimedia. Because it's dangerous, it's powerful.

When you have no direction, it doesn't matter whether you have no original sin. Obviously in the Garden of Eden, somebody fell. You can make a choice to be evil. But when there are a lot of opportunities out there, for children, regardless of who you are, you are going to make mistakes. Absolutely. Because if it can happen in a primal sense, it can happen in reality. Your reality. That's about it.

Okay, having said that, so how are we going to deal with that monster? How can you stop that monster? I think the best way to approach that question is to start from yourself, start from you. You have to define what you got, the best you got. You have to know what that is. Otherwise, you can't be a warrior even if you wish that. Everybody wants to be a superman, a superhero. You can't be one if you don't even know who you are, what your limitations are, how you take, what you are capable of, on and on. The reality. Your reality. No nonsense Reality. 

What can you do to change something? If you are so desperate to change it that you are willing to give your life away. That something, what is that in you? Simply, even when you are listening to a Disney movie, people say, 'follow your conscience.' What is that? What is your conscience? What does your conscience tell you? Does your conscience tell you to be arrogant? Does your conscience tell you to be rich, famous, and live for yourself?

No, the conscience tells you the basic stuff. Basic stuff that affords you the chance to be objective. That's about it. Basically it reminds you of what your least is, not your greatest. That's where you start. And the opposite that conscience tells you is what you're bequeathing, what your inheritance is. Inheritance. What do you think is the greatest inheritance? You think inheritance is money, power? I don't think so. I see that stuff come and go away. I really don't care. It's something that is eternal, something that teaches you, reminds you things go on forever. And that's what you need to inherit whether you call it a heart or whatever. It doesn't matter.

Inheritance of eternity is important. And the basic premise in which you can start to regain that understanding is starting to have some kind of faith that you are a little more than what you have in your pocket, or your reality—or what you can consume, what you can possess, what you can conquer, what you can take. If you are truly selfish. You have to go beyond that. That's about it.

Having said that, what does conscience truly teach you in the end? If you try to listen to your conscience, no matter what, it allows you to appreciate another something in front of you that supposedly is like you. You might not like the way I put it, but to me, it doesn't matter. It comes in all sizes, all different things. I've seen it all.

You have to try, you have to try. That struggle will never end. It will never end. Not as long as I live. That's for sure. And I'm not going to tell you it's going to end with me. No, no, no, no. That's not true. It's going to take a long time.

We really have to address the issue of the essence of stuff. The original sin and fallen nature. I talked about fallen nature. I just kind of tapped into that stuff. 

In order to deal with the fallen nature stuff, you basically have to look at things in every situation. You have to know how to separate the extreme first. It doesn't matter. Before you get into your selfishness or selflessness, before you get morally involved, you literally have to separate it.

For instance, man and woman. You have to try to define what brings that absolute together because God somehow exists in the center. We don't know how to define the neutron but every living element doesn't have a form without it. That's about it. It's based on difference of the plus and minus numbers in it. 

Obviously our limitation is such that we don't know at this point in time how to define that center properly yet. Because there is so much to learn and we are just beginning the basics, scratching the elementary surface of it. We all know that.

It doesn't matter how arrogant you try to project yourself, such as claiming that you have all the answers. It's okay. That's about it. Everybody has all the answers. That's called a free world, isn't it? 

Then what? In the end, you have to come to something. Even when you talk about man and woman, there is something that brings man and woman together regardless of your selfishness or your unselfishness, there is something that is inherent.

There is conjugation and appropriation. Something like that. You have to define those kinds of elements and factors in the picture. Before you get into your selfishness and unselfishness, getting on your moral high hat. There is always something like that.

And that has to be clearly defined and recognized if you are going to attack it. Otherwise, you have no strategy. It doesn't matter what you think. You have no strategy-you have nothing to deal with the problem with. That's a problem.

You have to know how to contain yourself. You have to know your limit. Conscience tells you your least. Why do you need to know your least? Because it's very favorable for your situation when you start to be objective, in certain situations. Whether you like it or not, if you believe there are powers that be that are higher than you, you have to understand that concept of objectivity. Obviously if you don't, even in the social world, you are a criminal, right? Well, anyway, it's like that. That stuff exists.

Now, knowing that, know your limitations. Know your absolute limit. And try to understand it. That's the kind of guessing game everybody has to go through. Whether my maximum and minimum somehow ranges within the universal normality, some constant, some zero.

Some might go up and some might go down. Do you know what I'm saying? Some might be literally above something, that maximum and lowest point, and literally above the universal zero. Somebody might be literally under it. And somebody weighing in somewhere in the middle. Plus or minus stuff for maximum and less.

You have to figure that out. That's your problem. How can that be anybody else's problem other than yours? Who knows you better than you? No one. It should be you. Do you get pissed off all the time? I do. Because somebody thinks on my behalf about what my limitations are. I don't care. So be it. I really don't care. Because in the end, I still know it, not you. That's about it. I believe in this stuff. When you accept also the other aspect of that conscience, which is inheritance, you have to have faith. You know what's good. And that's what you want. You want something that lasts forever.

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