Speeches of Hyo Jin Moon: Episode 21

Speeches of Hyo Jin Moon 2006-2008
Delivered Sunday at Belvedere Estate in Tarrytown, New York
Hyo Jin Moon Speaks on Convincing People That Father is the Messiah, Page 75

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Convincing People That Father is the Messiah

May 14,2006

There are a lot of young people here this morning. Okay, what is your greatest difficulty when you go out there and try to convince other people who we are? What is the most difficult thing that you face? I guess it is trying to prove "Father is the messiah," right? Let's talk about antichrist. What is the antichrist? Can anybody tell me what antichrist means? Can you define to me what that is? You have to if you are going to tell somebody else the opposite. (Somebody who thinks that he has all the answers, but he doesn't have it in reality.) The antichrist has all the answers? (No, somebody who thinks that he has all the answers.) Oh, okay. I'm sorry. I got a lot of wax in my ear. Okay. So, what else? What else is the definition of the antichrist? (Someone who prevents people from coming to the Christ.) Okay. Somebody who has all the answers, somebody who prevents somebody from coming to the Christ. What else? (Communism.) Communism? Okay. What else? Just knock yourself out. We have to talk about this stuff. The more we have the better. (Someone who is against human welfare.) Okay. What else?

Let's talk about this stuff. Let's talk about the antichrist before we talk about the messiah. Please enlighten me, and enlighten yourself in the process. Because this is the opportunity. Come on. I am all ears and everybody is listening. And you can say whatever you want. (Obstacles to coming to God.) Obstacles to coming to God. Just whatever. More, I want more. Please give me more. (Fallen culture.) Fallen culture, yeah. Give me more. (Influenced by Satan.) lnput by Satan. Give me more. (Anti-God.) Anti-God. Give me more. (Anybody without mind and body unity.) Anybody without mind and body unity. Give me more. Come on, give me more. (Someone who thinks he is the savior of mankind but he is not.) Okay. Give me more. Come on, give me more. (What Satan is trying through the wrong religion, for himself, for glory, not taking God's perspective.) Okay. Give me more. Give me more. Let's go, let's go. Let's just try to reach the end of what we have, in and out of desire to understand what the answer is. If you want to start from something, if you expect something from me because of something, because of status, at least give me that benefit of the doubt. So give me more. (Someone who denies that Christ is born in the flesh.) I can't hear out of this ear. (Someone who denies that Christ is born as a man.) Okay. What else? One day, this earwax will fall out. I believe that stuff (Any person or experience or thought that keeps us from fully accepting True Parents.) Okay. Whatever he said, you heard it and I didn't, and that's about it. Anyway, so what else? Come on, let's go. We want to go out there and try to convince people. Come on. Give me your best shot. (Satan) You are calling me Satan? Okay, I'll see you later. Okay. You know Satan that closely, huh? Does he look like me? (Someone who doesn't believe we are fallen so they don't need the messiah.) Okay.

I believe the best definition, when you come to that kind of quest and that kind of questioning, when you have to, is to define individualism as a concept, a raw concept. The antichrist in itself is the concept of individualism. Now that is very, very important. You have to look at it as a concept, not as a single individual. You are not looking for the devil here. It's a concept. It is a concept called individualism. That is what antichrist is. Even old people talk about that stuff. You have to understand that there is the possibility of the antichrist in you. Unless you address that antichrist stuff, you can't fulfill your duty correctly as a Moonie.

You have to get that out of the picture. You have to nullify the nonsense. Because they will get you if you don't do it right, if you do not answer the question correctly. Do you know what I am saying? (Yes.) It is a concept. Antichrist is a concept, not an individual. Trust me on this. This issue will live for a long time. That is a good gig. Trust me. Now from here, you build. Do you understand? I will show you something, something you can do something with. I don't know you that well, but this is important. You have to look at it that way. It is a concept that describes what is wrong, and it is not an individual. Why? Because remember the Fall itself in the Garden of Eden, that kind of mythological stuff? This is the opposite of that. Do you know what I am saying? (Yes.) Individualism became a concept. Do you understand? Trust me on this. Do you want to fix it? Go back to what went wrong. What went wrong, as you and I know, is that reality changed in concept. It's a changed concept. If you can change that concept, you can change the essence. Okay?

So, I am sure you have a lot to say about why you don't want to be selfish, right? Or, about how you want to suffer for the sake of the greater good, and even be willing to die. Look. Okay, so be it. Life is short. You know, life is short. Life is short. Put it into perspective on your own. Somebody will tell you how to do it, and that's about it. If somebody does not, you can do it on your own, eventually. That's it. God will win. Do not take yourself that seriously. You will die. What do you think this whole stuff is about? In some ways, it is kind of like predestination. Isn't it? Everything is about predestination. And if it is about that, in the end if God wins, it is about predestination. Trust me. Are you stupid? If somebody wins ultimately no matter what you do, that is called predestination, isn't it? You have nothing to say. So, what does that mean? How do we understand the concept of predestination? Excuse my illiteracy and my stupidity and my vulgarity and my life. Look. Let me tell you my opinion. Whether you like it or not, I showed up. It is all about give and take. You are leaming about give and take with God. If God is the almighty, that's it. It is leaming about the true process of ontology. That's about it. And why do we need good examples? Why? We need good examples to tell us what good actions are. I know you think that. You think that you can do all this. You think this, you think that. That is why we look for good models. Because without even trying, the least we can do is think. That's about it. It's pathetic, but it's true. It is absolutely true. And what do you do when you are thinking? How do you make things go forward? What do you believe? If you want to make money, go make money. I do not care. Have something. I do not care what you believe. Do something with it. Do something beyond just thinking. Be a man. Be a woman. Be human. The funny thing is that animals act just to survive. We think, and we can get away with a whole lot of stuff that if we did the same thing in the animal kingdom there'd be no way you could survive. So, do something. Do something! Say something! If you want to think something, think something! And make that thinking into something that affects someone next to you! Now that is very difficult. Try it. That's difficult. That is very difficult. You think you got something you can do that to the next person who is already in your possession, in your control, in your dominion. Amen. You do? You are good. Then you are set. You have no problems. All you have to do is improve and increase that stuff. Whatever that is, make it bigger. Whatever that is, make it bigger. I don't know what it is. I don't know you.

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