Speeches of Hyo Jin Moon: Episode 15

Speeches of Hyo Jin Moon 2006-2008
Delivered Sunday at Belvedere Estate in Tarrytown, New York
Hyo Jin Moon Speaks on Why Do We Want to Love Somebody?, Page 50

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Good morning. (Good morning.)

“Why Do We Want to Love Somebody?" Why do you want to be loved? What is love to you? What do you love? If you have a definition of the love that you want to have, how are you going to get it? There's a need and want in life that drives us into action to make life. What we do is because of that drive, no other reason.

So, what is that drive? History tells us that we seek the highest love. We all want to be the best in whatever we do. You want to be number one! We don't want to be number two. Well if you live long enough, you at least want to be in the rankings. It's not that simple always to be number one.

So, what is love? What is love for you? What do you want, why do you need, why do you want love? If you can't answer that for yourself, then you haven't understood much about yourself. Because the next question, the next step is that if you need and want love you're not going to be able to have it alone. That means that something else comes into your picture, and when it comes, what do you think is going to happen to you? What word will occur to you? It's called sacrifice. And that's going to mess you up for a long time, until you get it right. That word is going to mess you up until you get it right. I know what I want. No, I know what I need and I know what I want. But, sacrifice? That's a different story. That's going to mess you up.

So, how are you going to make that right? There's no magic answer. You have to persevere. You have to understand where you stand, and you have to persevere. That's the only answer, till you make it right. You have to make it right. Because in the end, you stand alone in judgment.

I wish I could have had a little more time with my son. I'm not the kind of guy who regrets things, but that's one thing that I regret and that's going to hurt me to the day I die. Why? Because I loved somebody. You don't live that long you guys. I will be fifty soon, you know. I'm trying to take care of myself, you know. But, in a few more years you'll be dead! Right? What the heck is that? What are we learning in this life.

Find yourself, okay? And die well. Because you don't live that long. And I hope that you want to be good, okay? Because we can learn from each other, okay?

Find good, find you, and die well. Okay?

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