Recent Speeches 52: Cambodia Youth and Family Festival to Build a Peaceful Nation

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, offered the Benediction and gave the main address at the Cambodia Youth and Family Festival to Build a Peaceful Nation, which was held at the Peace Palace (the office of the prime minister) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on November 20, 2019.


Most high and noble Heavenly Parent! After creating humankind, You had a dream. However, the history of the providence of restoration to save fallen humankind has been very difficult and painful.

However, You are the Parent of love, so You could not just leave fallen humankind be. You have been enduring and waiting sadly until the victorious True Parents could manifest through humankind.

In particular, on this day in Cambodia, You have given birth to blessed families that can enter Heaven with Your lineage. The blood of many innocent citizens had to be tragically shed due to the wrong ideology of ignorant human beings. When You looked upon the actions of such ignorant human beings, how much pain You must have felt. You have endured so much. However, through the True Parents You are now bestowing the grace of the Blessing upon this people.

Beloved Heavenly Parent, thank You. I pray that those who have received the Blessing today will fulfill their responsibility as tribal messiahs before Heaven and their nation so that they can liberate the ancestors who had to be sacrificed in the gloomy past. I pray that they can educate the young people who will become the leaders of this nation. Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for allowing this opportunity for this nation to receive Heaven’s Blessing for eternity as children of blessed families who are like sunflowers looking toward Heavenly Parent.

Dear Heavenly Parent, today True Parents are blessing Cambodia to become Heavenly Cambodia. I pray that this people can gracefully accept Heaven’s tradition and become the nation that will fulfill its responsibility as the first nation in Asia. I proclaim this in the name of the True Parents. Aju!

Main Address

It’s a pity that we could not show you all the performances of the Little Angels. Earlier at the Blessing, I blessed Cambodia to become the Heavenly Cambodia that will attend the Heavenly Parent.

Until a historic and miraculous day like today could come to be, Heavenly Parent and True Parents had to endure indescribable difficulties. Heaven gave human beings a special grace, but those who were to become the first human ancestors could not fulfill that responsibility and this has resulted in the fallen humankind of today.

Fallen human beings are in the position of orphans who do not know their parents or have lost their parent. This is why human history has been a tragic history of war and conflict.

However, through Heavenly Parent’s hard work, it is a miracle in human history that the True Parents, who have achieved perfection, could be born amidst humankind. Heavenly Parent has given us many religions all over the world in order to be instruments who can guide fallen humankind to Heaven. However, Christianity is the only religion that speaks of an Only Begotten Daughter to bring about God’s promise of completion. This is why all religions, as well as Christianity, centered on the Only Begotten Daughter, can join in Heaven’s providence to attend the Heavenly Parent and bring about joyful and miraculous days through the Blessing.

Our good ancestors from the past must also receive the Blessing through the True Parents. Without receiving the Blessing, they cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven desired by Heavenly Parent and humankind. This is why the Blessing is the way to liberate you and your ancestors and the way to pass on Heaven’s teachings to the young people who will become the leaders of this nation. The Blessing began in 1960, and next year will be the 60th anniversary.

Those of you who received the Blessing today are in the last position. However, if you attend Heavenly Parent and become one through True Parents’ teachings, then you will no longer be the last, but rather you will be the first. Please remember that you are now the Heavenly Cambodia that has received the special grace to become Asia’s central nation.


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