Recent Speeches 51: 2019 Asia Pacific Summit in Cambodia

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, offered a prayer and gave the main address at the 2019 Asia Pacific Summit in Cambodia, which was held at the Peace Palace (office of the prime minister) in the capital, Phnom Penh, on November 19, 2019.

Distinguished leaders from home and abroad, Cambodia’s prime minister, Hun Sen, and blessed families of the Family Federation, I love you. Today I would like to speak to you about our responsibility as we march toward the completion of Heaven’s providence.

Human beings throughout history have made tremendous efforts for the sake of peace. However, it has been a history of endless war and conflict. Why did this happen? The dream of the Creator, who is the original owner of the universe, was to become the True Parent of humankind. He wanted to become the parent of humankind. However, to do this He had to ask for the cooperation of human beings. The Creator made Heaven and Earth and all things in His image. Lastly, He created a man and a woman to be the ancestors of human beings. Through a growth period, He wanted them to reach the position of the Blessing where He could say, “They are perfected!” and join with them to become the parents of humankind. However, the man and woman who were to become the ancestors of humankind did not go this way. As a result, it has brought about today’s humanity, which has no relation with God. That is why people have been pursuing peace but have not been able to usher in a peaceful world.

Heaven must fulfill God’s purpose of creation. That is why He established the history of the providence of restoration. In the midst of fallen humankind, someone must appear to whom God can say, “You are My Son. You are My Daughter.” The Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, who cut all ties and was solely God’s Son, was born on the earth after 4,000 years. However, Mary who gave birth to him, and the people of his nation, the Israelites, did not know Jesus’ true essence. They drove him to the cross, saying that his ideals were different from theirs. Jesus, who went the way of the cross, said, “I will come again!”

When we look at history, we all know what kind of indemnity the Israelites had to pay for driving the ancestor of humankind, the one who was to become the true father of humankind, to the cross. Jesus said he would come again. After this, the 2,000 years of Christian history began. Through the resurrection of the Holy Spirit, the Bible was written by the Apostles. This ushered in the Atlantic civilization, and the Bible went forth into the world. However, those who took the Bible to the world did not know Jesus’ true essence. Jesus told us to love your neighbor as yourself.

Jesus’ essence was love. It was true love. It was true love which gives and gives and forgets that it has given. However, the Israelites did not go this path. That is why God chose the Korean Peninsula to give birth to the Only Begotten Daughter, who is to be the partner for the Returning Messiah who is to come again. This was in order to complete the providence. The Atlantic civilization which started on the Italian Peninsula was not successful. However, through the birth of the Only Begotten Daughter, the Only Begotten Son and Daughter could rise to the position of the True Parents on the Korean Peninsula.

When I was born, Korea was under Japanese oppression. At that time, India’s great poet Tagore said this to Korea: “The day that your lamp lights up again, you will become the bright light of the East!” This was 100 years ago. He received this revelation from Heaven. What is the lamp? It is the truth. It is the true word. The Only Begotten Daughter, who is revealing the truth of Heaven and the truth of human history, was born on the Korean Peninsula, which is leading the way in ushering in the Pacific Asia civilization today. Unlike the Atlantic civilization, the Pacific civilization is a movement that embodies the true love of living for the sake of others toward humankind with a heart of filial piety toward Heaven.

True Parents should have appeared in 1960 in a position to be welcomed by the foundation of Christianity. However, the Christians, who did not know better, could not recognize the True Parents. We started from an environment where there was no foundation, but next year we will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of our Holy Wedding.

True Parents have been working from the individual level to the Blessing level because fallen humankind cannot go toward Heaven by themselves; they need the True Parents. The Marriage Blessing held by the Family Federation is to lead us to the position of being born again through the True Parents. The family must be healthy. This was Heavenly Parent’s dream. When blessed families, who have been born again and have no relation with Satan or the Human Fall, form tribes, races, and nations, and over 200 nations of the world become nations of blessed families for Heavenly Parent, there will be no more war and conflict. How can there be any jealousy and envy when all of humankind are brothers and sisters under one Parent? This would be the peace that humankind has been longing for so earnestly since the beginning of time. What is there to worry about if all the nations of the world become brothers centered upon Heavenly Parent and united with True Parents? There is no way other than to complete the purpose of creation envisioned by God. Will you unite with the True Mother, the Only Begotten Daughter, who is realizing Heavenly Parent’s dream and humankind’s wish, and go the path of proud citizens of Cheon Il Guk who resolve all the problems of humankind and the earth and receive the Blessing?

Europe is the same way. They had to sacrifice a lot due to the first and second World Wars. The conclusion was to establish the UN in order to build a peaceful world that can become united. Next year, it will be 75 years since the UN was established. However, because each nation is focused on its own benefit, they could not become one. Human beings need to change. They must know the true essence. When they come to clearly understand and realize that Heavenly Parent is their Parent, there will no longer be problems caused by human-centered systems. We cannot say that all the institutions that were established for the sake of peace until now have been successful. However, you must know that this moment could happen through the determination of the wise Prime Minister Hun Sen, by which the Pacific Asia Union is standing with True Mother, the Only Begotten Daughter, in Cambodia. This is a moment of gratitude and glory toward Heaven and a great hope for humankind.

Thank you. There is no greater way than the relationship between parent and child on the path to becoming one. Until now, fallen humankind did not know about God, who is their Parent, and were in a state of confusion. However, from now on they must seek the Parent and become filial sons and daughters before that Parent. This is the only way to realize the peaceful Kingdom of Heaven on Earth that humankind has been longing for. Please know that you, the Pacific Asia Union, are riding the wave of Cheon Il Guk in leading the way for the world to become one by fulfilling the lead responsibility.


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