Recent Speeches 53: Victory Celebration for the Hopeful March Forward Rally in Cambodia

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the following address at the Victory Celebration for the Hopeful March Forward Rally in Cambodia, which was held in the Koh Pich Theatre, Phnom Penh, on November 21, 2019.

Cambodian members and members from neighboring countries, welcome! How was it? Did you achieve victory? From now on, you must work hard so the roots can go deep. I declared the Asia-Pacific Union in Phnom Penh. It shouldn’t just end with that declaration, right? The roots should grow in Cambodia so that the neighboring countries become one and take root to bring about the realization of unification on the Korean Peninsula. I hope that you all will do your best.

God saw that this nation endured the most pain, and He is embracing this nation once again. Fulfill all your responsibilities and carry out efforts so that, thanks to you, Heavenly Cambodia can establish itself as a nation of Cheon Il Guk. There was also the case of Nepal earlier, but we cannot yet say that Nepal is Cheon Il Guk Nepal. Therefore, Heavenly Cambodia, in the lead as Cheon Il Guk Cambodia, will have to put down roots. In order to become the front-runner that does its best in the era of the Asia-Pacific civilization, from now on you must convey much education in every field.

With regard to Africa, we are working closely with various nations on 10 projects (the Heavenly Africa Project) to help solve their problems. This is why all nations in Africa wish to unite and work together with FFWPU and UPF. I hope all the nations of Africa will move forward as one, united with the Family Federation and UPF. I hope that the Asia-Pacific Union will take root in Cambodia and that other nations will join forces and march on to contribute to the unification of North Korea and South Korea.

Today you will play [the game of] Yut nori. Yut nori is the best game for mind-body unity, for all brothers and sisters as well for the nation to become one. So please become one.

Speech after the Congratulatory Performance

People of Asia, your performance so touched me. Through your performance today, I felt that we will be victorious by 2020. Therefore, I pray that all the nations of Asia can fulfill their responsibilities by 2020 by uniting with President Yong Chung-sik [the FFWPU regional chair for Asia]. From now on, national restoration and world restoration will happen if you all do your part and accomplish your Heavenly Tribal Messiah mission, no problems will arise in achieving national restoration. I declared that I would do a world tour from now and that all civilizations would move toward the Asia-Pacific culture. Through the Asia-Pacific Union, I hope that Asia can do everything in its power to fulfill its responsibilities for the sake of unification on the Korean Peninsula. Please support them so that they can fulfill their responsibilities.

Cambodia Special Envoy Hajime Saito! You said that it has been 15 years since you came here as a missionary, right? Think about how Heavenly Cambodia will be in five years or 20 years! In order to help you all be victorious, the Korea Family Federation president and members prepared a gift that I brought from Korea. Special Envoy Hajime Saito will give it out to you. Because of you, I can now go on my 40-day course full of energy. Stay healthy.


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