Recent Speeches 50: Hyojeongrang: True Parents’ Special Message

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the following address at the Hyojeongrang True Parents’ Special Gathering, which was held at Cheon Jeong Gung on November 17, 2019.

So you are not hyebaragi [sunflowers] but hyo-baragi, right? [Hyo here stands for filial piety. True Mother is making a play on words.] Good. Thanks to all of you, I feel energy!

God has been longing for the appearance of the victorious human ancestors on earth to complete His providence. Therefore, He led the 4,000-year course of restoration through indemnity to send Jesus Christ, the only begotten son, whom he called “My son.” The conditions for indemnity were so difficult that it took 4,000 years! Despite God having searched so long for His only begotten son, Mary, the Judaic leaders and the Israelites, who should have created the environment and foundation for Jesus Christ, failed to fulfill their responsibilities. Mary should have offered sincere devotion to understand what Jesus’ mission was. She, however, did not do this. Jesus died on the cross saying that he would come again.

Through their resurrection by the Holy Spirit, the disciples, who were awaiting Jesus’ return, started Christianity. They could not explain God, the Lord of Creation. Furthermore, they could not explain Jesus. Why did they attend Mary, who led Jesus to the cross, as the Holy Mother? This was an ignorant beginning. However, in order to complete the providence, God had no choice but to raise Christianity so that those in the fallen world could come to understand Him somewhat. During the 2,000 years of Christianity, many social problems arose. Communism, which claims that God is dead, emerged from a religion that believes in God. The Catholic Church has Liberation Theology. Its [purpose], however, is not clear.

This ignorant foundation of Christianity at least should have become a foundation for True Parents, but they were not able to do this. However, True Parents, who received their mission from God, are the ones who should realize the dream of God, the Creator and Heavenly Parent. However, despite being in that kind of environment with no support, we had the Holy Wedding. Next year, we will celebrate its 60th anniversary. Through this, up until today we have brought forth many blessed families all over the world. And now, many second- and third-generation Unificationist children are growing up. However, for all the 7.6 billion people of the world to come to know and accept God’s Will, we must expand our foundation. Isn’t that so? In order to do that, you must take the correct path.

Just as the hyebaragi [sunflowers] always look toward the sun, whether the sun is out or not, you hyobaragi must always look toward True Parents. You must be one 24 hours a day with True Mother, the Only Begotten Daughter who is carrying out the providence on earth today. Do you understand this? Adam and Eve, whom God created with a dream in mind, were immature. They should have matured through a relationship of oneness with God, but they became self-centered and greedy. So, in the end they became fallen human ancestors with no relationship to God. However, you are different. You are second- and third-generation Unificationists who were born from parents who received the Blessing from the True Parents.

However, the issue is that you are also on the path to perfection. Until God can say, “Oh. You have grown up well. I will bless you,” and until you have received the stamp of approval, you absolutely must become one with True Mother, the Only Begotten Daughter. You must follow this one path. If you do so, you will go wherever God’s wind blows, just as a sailboat follows the wind. Think about what a blessed position you are in. Sixty years ago, True Parents were alone, but today you are here. If you mature well and become leaders and expand the worldwide foundation, God will be with you. You are indeed in a blessed position. Beginning in 2020, Sun Moon University will be Cheon Il Guk National University.

Now we are no longer in the Old Testament, New Testament or Completed Testament eras of the past. This is the Cheon Il Guk era. A new era and new history! You will become the first class of this national university. Do you understand? Wouldn’t you like it if I am still on the earth when we welcome the 20th class of Hyojeongrang? I would like that too. Can you imagine that happening? The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven, where Heavenly Parent reigns directly and His dream is realized, is within our reach. Think about it. So many things have changed during the seven years since True Father’s Ascension. The status of the Unification Church and the Family Federation is now going on a national scale.

On this foundation, if you mature well and become my cheering, supporting and leading squad, how fast will restoration on the worldwide level be realized? Imagine that. This is what I ask of you. It all depends on you. Therefore, Moon Shin Heung! From now on, we will only look forward. Do you understand? [Yes.] You are so blessed. You are the first class of the Cheon Il Guk National University’s Theology Department! You are proud ancestors. You will become the ancestors. Shin Chul and Shin Heung from the True Family will go together with you to the Sun Moon University Theology Department. They will do their best to become models for you. And you all should join forces, help each other and study hard in order to bring to settlement Heavenly Parent’s dream of Cheon Il Guk. Do you understand? Let us march forward!


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