Recent Speeches 49: The Responsibility of the Chosen People in the Last Days from the Viewpoint of God’s Providence

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the main address at the 2019 Yeosu Rally of Hope for the Era of Spiritual Rebirth in Support of the Secure Establishment of a Heavenly Unified Korea, which was held at the Yeosu Jinnam Sports Park on November 13, 2019.

Respected leaders from home and abroad, Ambassadors for Peace, beloved members of the Family Federation, and most especially the blessed families who have received the Blessing today! I love you. Today I would like to speak on “The Responsibility of the Chosen People in the Last Days from the Viewpoint of God’s Providence.”

God, the Creator, created all things in His image. Lastly, He created a man and a woman to become humanity’s ancestors. He gave them a period of growth to grow to full maturity until He, the Creator, God, could say upon seeing them, “Now you are completely mature.”

Unfortunately, they were not able to attain that position. Their failure gave rise to today’s fallen humanity. As a result, even though humankind made continuous efforts to bring about a world of peace, the journey human history passed through involved wars and conflicts. God is omniscient and omnipotent. His beginning and end are the same. Hence, there can be no failure. Giving humans responsibilities became a problem. God, therefore, could not simply ignore fallen humankind, and He began the providential history of salvation. God chose a people from fallen humanity that was closer to goodness and conducted the providence of salvation, restoration through indemnity. Those people are the Israelites in the Bible.

How difficult must that providence of restoration through indemnity have been that it took Heaven 4,000 years to lay a foundation from the individual level all the way to the national level? The providence began to be conducted under the name “Israel” after the 17th century BC.

From then on, it took more than 2,000 years until they were able to meet the Messiah, whom God had promised to send. Through this long period of time, on the foundation of indemnity, God finally was able to send Jesus Christ, His Only Begotten Son, of whom He could say, “This is My Son.”

However, what happened? Although the Israelites finally could meet the Messiah for whom they had so longed, they failed to recognize Jesus. Simply put, they did not know who God the Creator truly is. Their human perspective and thoughts pushed Jesus to the cross.

Can you imagine how painful Heavenly Parent’s heart must have been to finally send Jesus after an incredibly long wait and yet have Jesus come to such an end?

As he was dying on the cross, Jesus said he would return. Christianity began through the resurrection of the Holy Spirit and through the Apostles writing the Bible. In the early days, there was a lot of persecution. After the Edict of Milan in 313, Rome officially recognized Christianity as a state religion in 380. Christianity went from the Italian Peninsula across Europe and all the way to Great Britain and ushered in the era of the Atlantic civilization centered on Great Britain and other nations.

Christians then headed out to the world with the Bible. The conclusion, however, was that they did not know Jesus’ essence. Jesus’ message was, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” [Matthew 22:39] which was thrown out the window, and they created instead a civilization that took away from others and prioritized egoism and their own national interests.

The era of the Atlantic civilization came to an end in this manner. Human-centered thoughts at the beginning of Christianity caused faith to be forced within a particular framework, and this caused the formation of many denominations.

How could communism, which asserts that God is dead, emerge out of Christianity, which asserts belief in God? The Christian civilization has made many mistakes to this day. However, one cannot meet God with human-centered thoughts. The returning Messiah said he would come back to conduct the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Then what should those in the Christian civilization find and prepare? When the cause is unclear and the results still unknown, one does not have the qualification to say, “I am right, and you are wrong.”

God wanted to become the True Parent of humanity through the first, perfected human ancestors. That was the dream of God, our Creator and Heavenly Parent. However, as fallen humanity has gone wrong, we cannot go to Heavenly Parent. Victorious True Parents must emerge from humanity; the Blessing is the providence of salvation, rebirth and resurrection. Regardless of positions, those who do not receive True Parents’ blessing cannot go to God.

God sent Jesus Christ, the Messiah, among the Israelites. The Israelites, however, failed to fulfill their responsibilities. We know from history what kind of indemnity the people of Israel paid for failing to complete their responsibilities. To send God’s Only Begotten Daughter, who had not appeared back then, God chose a new nation as His chosen people. That nation is on the Korean Peninsula.

God’s Only Begotten Daughter was born in 1943. Korea’s liberation came in 1945. The Korean War broke out in 1950. God gave humans a period of growth, according to God’s principle of creation. Likewise, God must give His Only Begotten Daughter a period of growth.

At the time of the division, South Korea was not ready to confront North Korea. However, something unthinkable, something of a miracle happened. Sixteen UN member nations came to South Korea’s rescue. This is certainly not from human power. The sixteen nations shed their good blood in Korea because God was with them. That was a holy war.

In the world today, we have to repay kindness when indebted. We should do our best to do that. Korea is also indebted to the world. Even though many politicians have appeared, not once were we able to properly express our gratitude and respect to those countries on a national level. Before it was too late, Rev. Moon and I, as the True Parents, comforted and expressed gratitude to surviving veterans of the Korean War one last time through performances by the Little Angels Children’s Folk Ballet of Korea. Though [the war veterans] only stayed in this country for a short time, we could see that they had not forgotten Korea and continue to love it.

Why do you think they do? The original human mind always faces God and goodness. Hence, they will love Korea for eternity. I think that it is now time for the people of Korea to express their gratitude and fulfill their responsibility to repay the world.

Direct your efforts, devotion and love toward hosting blessing events around the world to bless all 7.7 billion people within True Mother’s lifetime and toward guiding all people to follow the dutiful way and to become devoted children to God.

In order to do that, this country’s politicians must receive education from True Mother, God’s Only Begotten Daughter. Many leaders have emerged in this country since its liberation. However, they have led this nation centered on human thought instead of on Heaven. They ended up going a dishonorable way.

I mentioned that the title of today’s message is “The Responsibility of the Chosen People in the Last Days.” Your responsibilities can be put off no longer. The truth must be revealed. Hence, the only path is the path taken with True Mother, God’s Only Begotten Daughter. Our hope for a unified Korea cannot come about centered on politicians alone.

Blessed couples who have received the Blessing today; as blessed families, all citizens of this nation are to open the way for the two Koreas to unite from a position of attending Heavenly Parent. Hence, every family carries tremendous responsibility. All couples who have received the Blessing today must go the way of Tribal Messiahs. This should not stop with your generation. You should educate your descendants so they too follow that way. It is the responsibility of those who first received the Blessing to guide all 7.7 billion people in the world toward that position in which Heavenly Parent can embrace them and they become His true children.

How great this movement is! Through one family we can realize the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, a world of peace without wars and conflict in which the 7.7 billion people live as Heavenly Parent’s children.

The Christian civilization established the Atlantic civilization and failed. What about the Korean Peninsula on which God’s Only Begotten Daughter and Only Begotten Son were born? Centered on the Korean Peninsula, island nation[s] and the continent of Asia should become one and open the era of Asia Pacific Rim Civilization.

This will be a great movement through which those in our second and third generations will head passionately toward the world, particularly centered on the ocean off Yeosu. This will be a movement in which all Pacific nations will embrace the world and do more, following this great wave that creates true life and true love.

Hence, I sincerely hope that you will develop blessed families and the heavenly province of Jeolla that stands at the forefront of saving the natural environment—particularly the maritime environment that humans in their ignorance have been destroying until now—and restoring the earth into the healthy and beautiful environment that our Creator originally created.

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