Recent Speeches 21: We Must Understand and Know the Creator of This Universe, God

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the benediction and main address at the Peace and Family Festival, Zimbabwe Hyojeong Cosmic Blessing held at the National Sports Stadium in Harare, Zimbabwe on November 21, 2018.


Most precious and high Heavenly Parent!

Because Adam and Eve, who were to have become the ancestors of all humankind, did not obey your will, for us to see this day, God, our Creator, had no choice but to lead the long providence of restoration through indemnity, in accordance with Heavenly Parent’s principles of creation. It took God four thousand long years to carry out the providence of restoration through indemnity and finally send Jesus Christ to become the True Parent of humankind. But the people of Israel and Mary, who gave birth to him, were unable to fulfill their responsibilities. This resulted in Jesus going the way of the cross; yet, he promised to return. The blessed families who will receive the Blessing here today are the fruit of the blood, sweat, and tears You have shed during the sorrowful history of the providence of restoration.

Through Your ideal of creation, You wanted to love and embrace all people as Your children. Yet the ancestors that had responsibility failed to fulfill it, and two thousand years passed as we waited for the day Jesus Christ would return. Heaven, however, can no longer work through a people that fails to fulfill its responsibility. This is because such people have indemnity left to pay.

It was only after 6,000 years that you were able to send your Only Begotten Daughter, whom You could call “My beloved daughter.” As a result of this, in 1960, True Parents finally appeared. Therefore, until now, hundreds of millions of couples in the spiritual and physical worlds have been blessed and have expanded the realm that you, our Heavenly Parent, can occupy. Today, You have sent your Only Begotten Daughter, the True Mother, to Africa, a continent hurting with much bitter pain, and to Zimbabwe, in particular, a country You love so much, to bless the virtuous men and woman gathered here today.

Fallen people cannot go to their Heavenly Parent without being reborn and resurrected through the grace of the Blessing given by True Parents. By this, I mean they cannot become Your children. Today’s Blessing Ceremony is, therefore, an occasion in which people in both the spiritual and physical worlds are participating. I pray that through those who are receiving the Blessing today, everyone can know that today is a new start for a history that went wrong.

The blessed families who received the Blessing today have a responsibility. This is not just for one’s family; each couple needs to become Tribal Messiahs that share the grace of the Blessing with their neighbors and tribes. Please bear in mind that the true owners of Zimbabwe, which has the meaning “the venerated house of Christ,” are all of you who received the Blessing here today.

Our God above! How long have you waited and endured to see this moment! Now, starting from this place, the entire continent of Africa will become Heavenly Africa, centered on God and this nation will become Heavenly Zimbabwe. I ask once again that you lead the way in establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, where blessed families will live with freedom, equality, peace, and happiness on earth, and with joy and glory in heaven. I pray and proclaim all of this in the name of the True Parents. Aju!

Main Adress:

You who have received the Blessing today have gained the qualifications to go through the door to enter heaven.

Human beings, whether in the past or the present, have longed for a united world of peace. Yet that dream is steadily growing more distant. The two hundred some nations that hold the 7.7 billion people of the world have borders.

The UN came into being seventy years ago for the sake of peace and unity, however, that UN has been unable to fulfill its responsibilities. We are living in a world today, in which conflicts and barriers between religion, ideology and culture are steadily increasing.

How can we achieve a unified world? We cannot achieve this with human efforts or human knowledge alone. This is why we must understand and know the creator of this universe, God.

The Blessing event today becomes the path for a united world. Humanity must discard all the customs from the past and find the path heading toward a unified world centered on God. Several rivers converge to form a great waterfall and that great stream of water eventually leads to the great ocean. There can be no hope in things that do not follow God’s cyclical laws of nature.

For the past two thousand years, since Jesus went to the cross, Christian culture has dominated the world. Yet, until now, Christians did not know Jesus’ essence. They did not know who they should be waiting for in order to welcome the Messiah.

Blessed families that have received the Blessing today, I said that it is through the True Parents that we can have today’s Blessing. What is the ultimate destination of Christians and people in other religions? If they wish for a peaceful, united world, they must have the qualifications to attend our Heavenly Parent, the owner of peace. You who received the blessing today have received the qualification to be a citizen of Cheon Il Guk, the place where Heavenly Parent can embrace us. However, this comes with responsibilities.

European Christians spread Jesus’ name to the world. Yet they did not know Jesus. Jesus clearly said to love your neighbor as yourself. However, those who went out into the world put the interests of their own nations first and harmed many nations. In particular, they did many wrongs here in Africa. They were bent solely on fulfilling their own interests and the interests of their own countries.

The only ones who can correct the past wrongs in history are True Parents. Earlier I said several rivers converge to form a waterfall, which leads to the ocean. Likewise, all religions must head toward the same destination as well—that great ocean. The people who can guide all religions to that great ocean are True Parents, and God’s Only Begotten Daughter, the True Mother.

I pray that all the blessed couples born here today will become eternal, true blessed couples who can open the doors to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven.

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