Recent Speeches 22: Transcend Race, Transcend Religion and Know That God Is Our Heavenly Parent

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the main address at the Africa Summit Opening Ceremony held at the Cape Town International Convention Center in South Africa on November 22, 2018.

Beloved guests from home and abroad, in particular, the high-level dignitaries from 32 nations, ladies and gentlemen:

Today, I have been thinking deeply about how we can achieve true peace. Just in this nation and on this continent, many righteous people have worked for a world of freedom and peace. In particular, at this time when a hundred years have passed since the birth of the great Nelson Mandela, we are all thinking about how to further substantialize the efforts he made.

Today, around the world, problems are arising. Large nations and small nations long for peace. However, the walls of race, religion, ideology and culture—these numerous walls and borders—are gradually expanding. Do you think that we, as human beings, can find the answers to these issues and resolve them? We must know clearly who the owner of this universe is. It is God our Creator! He is our Heavenly Parent. Our Creator had a dream. Based on that dream, he created all things in the universe and then created Adam and Eve, who were to become the first ancestors of humankind.

He gave them the responsibility to go through the growth period. Responsibility. Adam and Eve should have matured from within the position of being absolutely united with God. However, they were unable to do so and instead made the people of the world as they are today, with their many problems.

The Creator is an omniscient and omnipotent being. From the beginning to the end, God is the same. He is a being that absolutely cannot fail. In accordance with the Principle of Creation, he gave people a responsibility. This is the issue. Therefore, Heaven had no choice but to lead the difficult and thorny history of the providence of salvation based on indemnity. How difficult must it have been? Indemnity offerings over a period of four thousand years were made before God could send Jesus Christ, whom he could call “My son.” He was God’s Only Begotten Son. God had created a man and a woman. Then, the person who gave birth to God’s only son, and those surrounding him, should have helped Jesus meet God’s Only Begotten Daughter. However, they did not fulfill that responsibility.

Jesus came after four thousand years to be the True Parent of humankind. Yet the people who let the Messiah, Jesus Christ, go to the cross, believe they will receive salvation through the blood of the cross. How wrong is thinking? We have seen in history the indemnity that was paid by the people who sent the True Father to the cross. When Jesus died, he said he would come again. He said he would return and hold the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. He meant that he would become the Parent of humankind. In that case, Heaven had to prepare a nation for the birth of God’s Only Begotten Daughter, who had not been found at Jesus’ time.

Thus, in 1943, in Korea, God’s Only Begotten Daughter, the True Mother, the mother of the universe, who can liberate all the people of today, was born. I am sure everyone here today has a family. No matter how great a man is, he cannot have a child without a woman. This means that life begins from a woman. However, the history of civilization and of Christianity until today has progressed centered on men. When we look at our present situation, which has developed centered on men, something is lacking. There is an imbalance. Only through a true family does humankind have a future. Thus, through their Holy Wedding in 1960, the True Parents emerged. For humankind, this was an event full of hope. However, in the Christian cultural sphere, people did not know about this miraculous event. Through the advent of the True Parents, many African countries gained liberation from colonial regimes. After Jesus went the way of the cross, Christianity began with the resurrection given through the Holy Spirit and the work of the Apostles. In the beginning, they were severely persecuted.

Christianity became an active force after its official recognition in Rome in 313 AD. It spread from Italy throughout Europe until it arrived in Britain. Then, centered on the island nation of Great Britain and various surrounding nations, Christianity spread to the world.

These people also did not know Jesus’ essence. How could they both acknowledge the teachings of Jesus that you must “Love your neighbor as yourself,” yet, due to differences in skin color or race, also begin the slave trade? They were self-centered and only thought of their own nations’ benefit as they took everything away from their colonies. In the end, instead of becoming a civilization that spread Christianity, they became a civilization that plundered. Through this, Europe may have flourished materially, however, internally, mentally and spiritually they became hardened. Thus, around the time of the Second World War, communism began to spread, expanding throughout the world.

In the meantime, even without having the foundation to do so, because we are the True Parents, we had no choice but to save the world through the United States, a nation representing the democratic world. Therefore, around 1975, we went to America and educated the people, saying, “America is sick and we have come as doctors. The families in America are burning and we have come as firefighters.”

Heaven originally blessed America, so that this nation could establish a foundation for the returning Messiah. This was for the sake of the world. However, America forgot its responsibility. The breakdown of families, corruption of youth through degenerate culture, drug problems… Communism was at the gates, yet at that time, when no leader could protect America, as the True Parents, we established the Washington Times as a conservative paper. Consequently, many nations that were in danger of communist takeover, received protection through the Washington Times. One example of this is Nicaragua.

The world was gradually heading toward an unpredictable state of instability. Yet, Christianity was asleep. In this situation, beginning our work from the very bottom, through blood, sweat and tears, we gave new life to many young people in America and sent them as missionaries throughout the world. Many missionaries are here on this continent, too. Notably, here at this event UPF is hosting is Kathy Rigney who is the chairperson for UPF in this continent. Kathy was posted to Africa as a missionary in 1975. Since then, she has been working hard for this continent.

Those who know True Parents’ ideology call themselves “shikgu” [family members]. They take after True Parents; they are Heavenly Parent’s children who ceaselessly practice true love in living for the sake of others. There have been great people on this continent too, in particular, Nelson Mandela! I know how much he longed for freedom and how much he loved peace. The problem is that throughout the world, people have pursued world peace through human power and effort. Yet we are still far from finding a solution. We must understand why this is the case. The owner of this universe is the Creator, God. There is no answer if you are separated from God, the Heavenly Parent.

Therefore, Heavenly Parent had no choice but to wait throughout the long six-thousand-year providence for the advent of the victorious True Parents. This is because fallen people cannot go directly into God’s presence. Their genealogy is different. For this reason, in the position of receiving the Blessing from True Parents, you must accomplish your responsibility in order to become Heavenly Parent’s true sons and daughters. Considering the seven billion people of the world, we have worked hard to prepare the environment in various spheres of life so that people can quickly learn about Heaven’s providence. In the center of this is the Blessing. We have dreamed of one family of humankind centered on God. Yet we did not know the way to make this happen.

There are more than two hundred nations in the world. Both small nations and large nations have put their own interests first. The UN, established seventy years ago, has made an effort to fulfill that role to unite all nations; however, they are unable to become one. They are unable to unite as one voice.

Then what must we do? The answer is simple. We must transcend race; and we must transcend religion. The 7.7 billion people must know that “Our Parent, our God, our Creator is our Heavenly Parent” and that “It is our True Parents who will help us stand in our Heavenly Parent’s presence.” This is why the Family Federation places importance on the Blessing. Many nations that have been enemies have united, one in heart through the children of these nations, through the Blessing. The true family movement is the only shortcut to a world of peace. Most especially, a true family is the basic unit for realizing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. The only way to become a child whom Heavenly Parent can embrace is through receiving the Blessing. Through this Blessing, through the true family movement, you yourself will become Tribal Messiahs and can liberate your ancestors.

Therefore, today your ancestors who wish to go the path of the Blessing through you have filled this auditorium to the rafters. Ladies and gentlemen, today’s meeting is not an ordinary one. Please keep in your hearts that this is a miraculous day in history on which we are realizing Heavenly Parent’s dream and humankind’s longing. There can be no perfection through ignorance. You must learn. If we cling to the past, we cannot bring a hopeful future. Ladies and gentlemen, what will you do? Will you create an Africa that is a light and a lamp in front of the world, as nations, and a continent that has received the Blessing and has been reborn through True Parents? In the Bible, there is a passage that says that the first shall be last, and the last first. Know that you who have received the Blessing are in such a position. I pray that you will become people who properly understand the truths of history and the providence, and who will go forward together with God’s Only Begotten Daughter, True Mother.

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