Recent Speeches 20: Many Walls Exist All Over the World That We Must Overcome

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the main address at the Peace Starts With Me: Healing America Rally held at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Nassau, NY on November 12, 2018.

Ladies and gentlemen, religious, political, and academic leaders, Ambassadors of Peace, Christ-loving citizens, and members of the Family Federation, welcome!

People in the past and those living today have always pursued a peaceful world with no war or conflict. However, many walls exist all over the world that we must overcome: walls between religion, race, ideologies and culture. As a result, we cannot solve these issues on our own. Then what should we do? We need to begin a movement to attend our original Creator, God, the Heavenly Parent. Therefore, today I intend to speak about the history of the two-thousand-year human civilization and America’s mission from the perspective of Heaven’s providence.

At the beginning, God the Creator had a dream. That is why He created all things in resemblance to His form. He began with the creation of the worlds of minerals, plants, and animals, and finally a man and a woman who would become the dawn of humankind. God also create a period of growth for them. Human beings have a responsibility to grow in absolute oneness with God. Yet that did not happen. Therefore, a fallen human race was born which had no relation to God. For the omniscient and omnipotent God, the beginning and end must be the same. There can be no failure. Thus, God began the providence of salvation. He must restore the principle of creation, which He had originally established.

Therefore, we know from the Bible that God could only send Jesus Christ, someone He could call His son, after establishing the Israelites and paying all indemnity throughout the long period of four thousand years. Yet Mary, who gave birth to Jesus, and other central figures did not fully understand God’s will. They did not know the essence of why Jesus had to be born. They waited and searched but were limited to humanistic thoughts and failed to create an environment in which Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, could fulfill his responsibility. Thus, with everything lost, Jesus had no choice but to walk the path of the cross. As he lay on the cross, the only people he had was the thief on his right and another thief on his left. How agonizing must this have been for Heaven to see?

Jesus Christ was supposed to become the true parent of humankind, so what happened to the people who hung him on the cross? They stood in a position that required them to pay indemnity in the face of history. As Jesus died on the cross he said, “I will come again.” He said he would return and host the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. God does not give responsibilities again to those who failed to complete their responsibilities. Therefore, Heaven must choose a nation that can give birth to His Only Begotten Daughter as a bride for the returning Lord. After a long two thousand years on the foundation of the providence of indemnity, the Only Begotten Daughter, who could become the True Parent of humankind, was born.

However, until this day could come, following Jesus’ crucifixion, Christianity emerged through the work of the apostles and the Resurrection by the Holy Spirit. In the beginning, Christianity held fast with unchanging faith to await the Messiah amidst all sorts of persecution. Finally, when Christianity was officially recognized in Rome in the year 313 AD, it expanded throughout the European continent centering on the Italian peninsula and reached Great Britain. During this period, there were many complications. Jesus’ true essence remained unknown and the Bible was compiled from the apostles’ experiences. In order to give proper education within manmade standards, faith in God that should flow from one’s original mind became distorted. This continued until the seventeenth century when King James of England initiated the Hebrew Bible to be translated into English so that the laity could learn the Word.

People wanted to live a life of faith freely in attendance directly to God. The place the Puritans moved to is America. Centering on England, all nations in the European continent began to expand all over the world forming the Atlantic civilization. They spread across the globe in the name of Jesus. However, in the end they could not put Jesus’ essence into practice. In the Bible it says, “Love your neighbor as yourself” [Mark 12:31]. Yet they placed priority in the benefit of their country. The industrial revolution allowed people to live abundant lives externally, but their faith became desolate.

We know this from history. Then the slave trade began. This was an inconceivable act. The Christian cultural sphere, which was ignorant of Jesus’ essence, must no longer cling to the past but needs to find an opportunity to take part in the new era and a new history. The people that fallen humankind most need are the True Parents.

You cannot become the Creator’s, Heavenly Parent’s, child if you do not live a life engrafted to Him through the True Parents. Therefore, the only answer to solving all today’s problems is through receiving the Marriage Blessing through the True Parents. That is why as the True Parents emerged in the 1960s, the Marriage Blessing Ceremony was widely offered. Today, there are millions of Blessed families around the world. If each and every Blessed member transcends their tribes, their nation, and heads toward the world, a world of one human family centering on God will be achieved. This heaven on earth is Heavenly Parent’s dream and humankind’s hope. Each of you gathered here today have this responsibility. This is the only path to realizing the dream of one human family and a world of peace that humankind hopes for. Will you join me in bringing this day closer?

As I mentioned earlier, America is a nation blessed by God. Originally, this country had Native Americans. However, God took the Puritan’s side when they arrived. Why did He do this? God blessed America to become a country that would create an environmental realm for the returning Lord who said he would come again. Heaven blessed America and in the short period of two hundred years, it became a central nation, a democratic nation, which leads the world.

However, this nation was in a crisis in the 1970s. There were threats from the communist party, and an uncontrollable dilemma of family breakdowns, adolescent issues, and cultural decay. During all this, True Parents who were aware of Heaven’s providence could not abandon America. Therefore, they left Korea and came to this country as doctors to treat its ailment. They came as firefighters to put out the fires from family breakdown. For the sake of this country, which almost could have been communized, they invested in such a way that no other individual could and founded the Washington Times to educate the government and the citizens.

You have enjoyed such grace so you must not become people who forsake that grace. The same goes for this nation. Therefore, True Parents established Korea, Japan, and America as the central nations in launching world peace. We have opened the era of the Pacific civilization and with this cultural revolution of the heart of Hyojeong, or Heart of Filial Piety, we are carrying out activities all over the world centering on our second- and third-generation members practicing true love for the sake of others. Just as several rivers join together to form a tremendous waterfall and flows toward the vast ocean, our true love movements are swelling over the whole world.

My earnest hope is that all of us gathered here today will become central messianic figures who are capable of building a hopeful future.

I am aware that even in this country, there has been damage caused by unexpected abnormal climates on the West Coast, the Midwest, and the East Coast. However, we cannot just stand by and watch. We must search for ways to solve these difficult problems together with Heavenly Parent, God the Creator, while attending Him. If we do not do this, our descendants will have no hope for the future. Please take heed that the only way we can solve all these issues is for this country and all nations of the world to attend Heavenly Parent and True Parents with one mind and one will.

Until the day we die, the quicker we solve this the better. For more than six thousand years, Heavenly Parent’s longing dream and humankind’s hope has been heaven on earth. Let us build it with our own hands! Wherever we go, there is hope. Isn’t that so?

Once again, may America, blessed by God, become a nation that can fulfill its responsibility.

Heaven Blessed America Because It Could Lay a Foundation for the Returning Lord

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the main address at the Peace Starts With Me: Healing America Victory Celebration held at the Marriott Hotel in Nassau, NY on November 12, 2018.

Did you enjoy your dinner? Today at the rally, as I saw our ministers continuing the spirit of this nation, the spirit of the Pilgrim Fathers that sought religious freedom, I felt hope.

The reason why Heaven blessed this nation [of America] was because it was a democratic nation that could lay the foundation for the returning Lord. God raised this country as a democratic nation, which means that a single leader does not make the decisions, but that it considers the greater good and strives to have good policies and politics through public opinion.

Heaven created an environment that could receive the Messiah because if the mistake that happened two thousand years ago when Jesus Christ was born was repeated, there would be no hope.

Today, the center of this nation is not the president. It is the ministers; you are the owners. The president changes every five years in this country, yet you are eternal.

As owners, what should you do? You have [a portion of] responsibility. Owners should raise their children well by standing in the position of parents. Your children are your church members that you minister to. You are leading public lives as ministers, yet as I mentioned in my speech earlier today, fallen people cannot go in front of God; they cannot go in front of Heavenly Parent. This is the reason the providence of restoration through indemnity took six thousand years. Since this is so, you all must receive the Blessing and as a Blessed family, you must Bless your congregations.

A Blessed family is the basic unit to achieving Heaven’s Will, Heavenly Parent’s dream, True Parents’ dream, and humankind’s hope. What would happen to this nation if all the clergymen in America, a representative nation, upheld True Parents’ will and true families restored all believers? You are the owners of this nation. What will you do?

Please become true owners who attend Heavenly Parent and True Parents at the center. Then, you should not stop at this nation but you should bless all 7.7 billion people without missing a single family and become messiahs that guide them to become true children of Heavenly Parent. Will you do this? I send my endless love to all of you!

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