Recent Speeches 19: Heavenly Parent Must Fulfill the Purpose of Creation That He Himself Established

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the main address at the 2018 Hyojeong Offering Ceremony for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune held at the Cheongshim Peace World Center in Korea on October 20, 2018.

Beloved Blessed Families from around the world and those gathered here today at the Peace World Center, I welcome you!

It has taken 6,000 years of providential history for this day—which God has agonized and longed for—to come. Heavenly Parent must absolutely fulfill the purpose of creation that He Himself established. Because God gave human beings responsibilities, He has been going through a course of endless work and compensation for the day True Parents could be born among humanity as the ones who can fulfill their duties. This incessant, infinite and laborious course of searching for His sons and daughters who could fulfill His Will lasted 4,000 years before God was able to send His Only Begotten Son whom He could call “my son,” but once again the disloyalty and the irresponsibility of the central figures made God suffer a great sadness and deep pain.

After Jesus’ crucifixion, with the resurrection by the Holy Spirit, Christian history passed down beginning with the disciples for 2,000 years. However, they did not understand the true nature of the Creator, God, our Heavenly Parent. Moreover, they could not comprehend Jesus Christ’s true nature either. The 2,000-year Christian history developed from human-centric thoughts and thus, many wrongdoings and mistakes were committed under Christianity. How is it possible that Communism, which declared God is dead, originated from the very place that was supposed to believe in God? God worked unceasingly, utilizing all His strength to rectify this situation. God cannot reutilize a central figure or people who did not complete their responsibilities. This is because their unfinished responsibilities left a trail of indemnity for them to repay.

Today, I would like to focus on the word, “responsibility.” Since God must absolutely accomplish His will, He will establish a new people to receive the Only Begotten Daughter who must be born at any cost. The people whom heaven chose to receive this blessing were the chosen, Korean people. After 6,000 biblical years, the Only Begotten Daughter, who could accomplish the responsibility of completing the providence, was born. However, she was born in a very complicated, difficult and dangerous time. God had set up a goal and had prepared tremendously. True Parents, whom God had been searching for, needed to come on a strong, national foundation, but at the time when the Only Begotten Daughter was born, Korea was not a proper nation.

The carrying out of God’s will cannot be controlled with a human being as the center, or by a single individual as the supreme leader. Due to this, Korea had to pass through complicated circumstances during that period. First, since the Only Begotten Daughter was born, Heaven needed to provide time for her to grow and mature.

I was born in 1943 and this country was liberated in 1945. The Korean War erupted in 1950. At that time, it was not possible for South Korea to exist. God needed to complete the providence and arrange for time for the Only Begotten Daughter to grow, so the special UN Forces, composed of soldiers from 16 nations, joined the battle to protect South Korea and its democracy. Thanks to them, Father and I were able to ascend to the position of True Parents in 1960, but our support system was fragile and weak so we had no choice but to start from the very bottom. This was due to the Christianity being unable to protect us.

In the midst of this chaotic and confusing world, human beings still each had an original mind leading them toward the center, God. Thanks to this, some people opened their hearts after receiving principled education and True Parents’ Marriage Blessing opened the doors for fallen humanity to return as God’s children. Had the religious groups and righteous people whom God had prepared joined True Parents from the very beginning stages, the world would have progressed as one even more quickly than it is nowadays.

As you know, True Parents started all alone with only a few Blessed families. Now, there are Blessed children on all the continents, but this would have been impossible without Heaven’s protection and blessing. So, all of you here today should continue informing the 7.7 billion people of who True Parents are until the day when everyone can be engrafted to True Parents and become one human family under our Heavenly Parent.

To be able to live at the same time as True Parents on earth is precious and invaluable. You must realize how priceless these moments are. This is why all of you have that responsibility. It’s your responsibility! All of you have received Heaven’s blessing. Knowing all of you, you probably liberated your ancestors too. You also have formed your tribes, but that is not the end. It is not acceptable to still have people who are unaware of True Parents in this day and age. What should we do for those people? Without fail, the people of this nation must fulfill their responsibilities by 2020. In particular, Korea, Japan, and the United States, as the central nations of the providence, must become nations that complete their duties. We cannot leave any indemnity conditions, or even the word, “indemnity,” for our lovely children and descendants to handle. For the sake of having no more indemnity, no more sorrow and anguish, and no more wars, all nations must learn True Parents’ teachings and live in true love as brothers and sisters and as filial and loyal sons or daughters before True Parents. Until the day that this world arrives, none of you can neglect or work idly on accomplishing your responsibilities.

Yesterday, Japanese missionaries participated in a 4,000-person rally. They know the direction of heaven’s providence, and due to this, they were able to unite with this nation and people who were once their enemies. They came to this country through the Marriage Blessing, which taught them that true love will bring about unity. They experienced many difficulties over the past 30 years here. Even so, because they understand God’s will and moreover because they knew indemnity is a heavy burden that quickly needs to be resolved, they were able to bear fruit beautifully despite the difficult circumstances.

When those enemies come to know Heavenly Parent and True Parents’ love, they will join other Blessed families and try to live their lives in imitation of True Parents’ life courses. This, then, will resolve all the disharmony and problems erupting throughout the world in no time. For that day to come, it’s time for all of you, who have responsibilities as Tribal Messiahs and Blessed families, to care, beyond your own nation, for the world. Will you do that? At any cost, we should become Blessed families and Blessed people who complete our responsibilities and advance toward the day when all people unite with our Heavenly Parent.

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