Recent Speeches 18: Recognize and Fulfill Your Destiny

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the main address at the Rally of Hope for Hyojeong and True Families in Chungcheong Province held at the Cheongshim Peace World Center in Korea on October 14, 2018.

Distinguished guests, leaders from all walks of life, peace ambassadors, and Blessed families from Sub-Region 3, I love you all!

I thought about the Chinese character ‘chung’ [忠 Loyalty]. It is a combination of the characters ‘jung’ [中 center] and ‘shim’ [心 heart]. This is why I love Chungcheong Province. The character ‘chung’ [loyalty] is closer to the heart that wants to live for all the ordinary citizens, more so than just being loyal to one leader. Those people will also be the ones whom God, the Creator and Owner of this universe, wants to embrace. People have lived, attending and longing for Heaven at the center of their hearts. When we look at the world today, however, we come to the conclusion that we cannot become one when we think, judge, and act centered on a humanistic perspective.

The center of the universe is Heavenly Parent – our Creator. He created all creation in His image. From the mineral to the plant world and the animal world, He created them – plus and minus, female and male, pistil and stamen. Finally, He created a man and woman to become the first human ancestors. He then gave a period of growth to the man and woman whom He had created to be the first human ancestors. They had to grow while maintaining their oneness with God. They had to practice absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience.

Unfortunately, the man and woman God created to become the first human ancestors, called Adam and Eve in the Bible, began to think centered on themselves and to feel selfish desire. ‘I can also become like God!’ This has resulted in the fallen human race of today that has no relationship with God. God, the Creator, has the same beginning and end. God is omniscient and omnipotent. How then could He simply observe fallen humanity?

Heaven, therefore, began the providence of salvation and the providence of restoration through indemnity in order to find every lost human being. As described in the Bible, Heaven chose the people of Israel as His chosen people and continued the providence until they were able to establish a national foundation. How difficult must have this path been, taking the almighty God 4,000 long years! His Only Begotten Son – Jesus Christ, whom He could call, ‘my Son,’ was finally born. Yet, what happened?

The people of that time betrayed Heaven over and over again, afflicting pain on God. Heaven sent Jesus Christ, His Only Begotten Son, to become the first good ancestor of humanity, in accordance with His principle of Creation, and yet, the people of Israel could not become a protective fence around Jesus. Jesus, therefore, had no choice but to go the path of the cross.

When Jesus was crucified, his disciples, Mary and Zachariah’s families, the Jewish leaders, and the people of Israel, were not by his side. The only people with him were the thief on his right and the thief on his left. As he died on the cross, Jesus promised to return. He said he would come back to hold the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb! After Jesus died on the cross, the Holy Spirit brought about re-birth, and Christianity could begin through the disciples.

For 2,000 years, however, Christianity did not know the true nature of Jesus’ mission. They could not clearly explain God. As a result, they created many problems. How can communism, which asserts that God does not exist, emerge from within Christianity, which believes in God? That is because they do not know of Heaven’s providence and the truth. God, however, continued to carry out His promise.

God, therefore, chose a new people amidst whom He could send His Only Begotten Daughter as the spouse of Jesus, who had promised to return and conduct the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Those people were the Korean people. In other words, the Korean people are a people blessed by Heaven. The Korean people suffered a lot of ordeals and hardships throughout history. Not a day passed in comfort. Being a people chosen by God, Korea needed to bear all these ordeals to receive greater blessings.

Next year, we will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the March 1 Independence Movement [in Korea]. Why do you think such a movement was initiated? That was because the time had come for God’s Only Begotten Daughter, who is the key to bringing about Heaven’s providence to its ultimate completion, to be born. God’s Only Begotten Daughter must be born on a Christian foundation and in a position where all indemnity has been paid. A letter of gratitude that one Pope wrote to King Chungsuk (1294-1339) of the Goryeo Dynasty was revealed by the Vatican recently. This is evidence that God had been preparing for His Only Begotten Daughter to be born in this nation.

All religions, in particular, have entered and bore fruits in this nation. All religions, however, should also be able to clearly explain what that destination or endpoint is. The dream the most omniscient and omnipotent, absolute Heavenly Parent and Creator wanted to achieve through the providence was to embrace all 7.7 billion people as His children. The hope of humanity may have not been clear, but humanity’s desire to advance toward the absolute and central being has resulted in the birth of religions until today.

The starting point of each religion in each area may be different, but they are all heading toward the same purpose just like separate streams that meet and form one big stream moving toward the ocean. This also means that you must put on new clothes after getting rid of all the customs you have asserted and lived by, and getting rid of the clothes you have worn until now. That is why Heaven has prepared the environment that will enable these people to complete their final responsibility.

In 1943, God’s Only Begotten Daughter, who was to become a True Parent, was born. Around this period, Korea was facing difficult circumstances. This was a time when Korea was not a nation [because it had been annexed by Japan]. The standard desired by Heaven, however, was for the True Parents of humanity, to emerge on a national foundation. Such an environment, however, could not be created.

Korea was liberated in 1945. Soon after, it was divided into the north and south, between communism and democracy. North Korea already had an established system that was fully equipped and ready to invade the South. South Korea, however, was still in the preparation stage. Five years passed under such circumstances after which the Korean War finally broke out. God, the Creator, gave Adam and Eve, whom He created to become the first good ancestors of humanity, a period of growth. Likewise, God’s Only Begotten Daughter, who was born in 1943, needed a period of growth. South Korea, back then, had no power to fight against North Korea. Heaven, therefore, mobilized the United Nations. Sixteen nations intervened for Korea and shed the blood of goodness in this nation. You need to understand that this was none other than God’s love and blessing, which He gave in order to fulfill His providence through this people.

A new era is opening through the emergence of True Parents. Now, not only Korea, but also all of humanity are passionately welcoming God’s Only Begotten Daughter, the True Mother. Early in November this year, a 20,000 people rally will be held in the United States centered on pastors. This is what they say. They have lived their entire lives centered on the Bible, but now they wonder how they had lived without understanding something as natural as the concept of God’s Only Begotten Daughter. Some have deeply repented and expressed how much they love True Mother, God’s Only Begotten Daughter. Some are even conducting the Blessing movement in their own churches.

To the Blessed families and members of Chungcheong sub-region, whom I especially love, Will you as people who live in this area beautifully named with the characters ‘chung’ and ‘cheong,’ and located right in the middle of all five subregions, stand at the center of the providence in attendance to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents, and take the lead in realizing national restoration and world restoration?

That is why I appoint Chungcheong as Heavenly Chungcheong today. Citizens of the Heavenly Chungcheong nation! I sincerely hope that you become leaders and the nation of Chungcheong that will stand at the center of national restoration and testify in front of the whole world about our Heavenly Parent.

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