Recent Speeches 17: The World Is Afflicted with Religious, Political, Social, and Ideological Conflicts

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the main address at the Subregion 4 Hopeful March Forward Rally for the Harmonious Unity of Heavenly Korea held at the Cheongshim Peace World Center in Korea on October 7, 2018.

I would like to sincerely welcome all of you – leaders from all walks of life, peace ambassadors, Blessed families and members of FFWPU in Jeolla Province, to the Cheonwon Complex, in this beautiful season of harvest and time of abundance.

The world today is afflicted with religious, political, economic, social, and ideological conflicts and also the breakdown of the family. Much effort has been made to resolve these problems, and yet no answers have been found. And so, should we give up?

The same applies to the problem of this country. Conversation between the two Koreas is now blossoming after 70 or so years. However, it will take time to see hopeful results. Why should that be the case? To put it briefly, the world today has no owner. The owner of this universe is, without doubt, the Creator, our Heavenly Parent.

In His image, the Heavenly Parent created all things and created Adam and Eve as the first human ancestors, based on the principle of Creation and His cherished dream. Heavenly Parent, however, gave human beings a responsibility they must fulfill during their growth period. They were given the responsibility of growing up based on a position of absolute unity with Heavenly Parent. Unfortunately, as they grew up, they became aware of their own desires and ended up developing a greedy mind. This has resulted in today’s fallen humanity. God is omniscient and omnipotent. His beginning and end are the same. Yet, having already established the principle that He would realize His dream through humankind, God had no choice but to conduct the difficult and painstaking providence of restoration through indemnity. From among fallen humanity, therefore, God chose a good people that He could use for His purpose, and carried out His work.

The providence of restoration through indemnity was so difficult, it took 4,000 years of providential history for God to send His Son, Jesus Christ. This took not 400 years, but 4,000 years. Only after 4,000 years, in the environment that a national foundation had been laid through the chosen people of Israel, did God send us His only Son.

Jesus returned in the position of True Parents, who are to give rebirth to fallen humanity. Mary, Zachariah’s family, the Judaist leaders, and the people of Israel were meant to create an environment that would enable Jesus to advance God’s providence. They were unable to do so. In the end, Jesus had no environment or situation in which he could conduct the providence. This came about because people had not understood the true mission of Jesus, and they did not know God. Jesus died on the cross and promised to return. He clearly said he would return to conduct the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Therefore, Christians had to wait for God’s Only Begotten Daughter, who was to become Jesus’ spouse. Christians, today, however, are still in the darkness of the night. Heaven does not work for a second time through nations or central figures who fail to fulfill their responsibility. Not being able to send His Only Begotten Daughter 2,000 years ago, God had to find and establish a new people through whom He could send His Only Begotten Daughter. This is none other than this nation, the Korean people.

The foundation upon which God’s Only Begotten Daughter was to be born after 6,000 years was the foundation laid by Christianity. God’s Only Begotten Daughter was finally born in 1943. Yet, no sooner had their country been liberated, the Korean people saw it divided into North and South. Korea was divided between Democracy and Communism. The Korean War then broke out in 1950.

God had to allow a period of growth to His Only Begotten Daughter, whom He had sent, in accordance with the Principle of Creation. As a result, He guided me to come from North Korea to the South. The Korean War broke out 2 years after we had come south. Back then, South Korea was not prepared [militarily] to face the North. Then what did Heaven do? Heaven mobilized 16 nations as UN forces and protected this nation of South Korea. Korea is the nation where the True Parents, who are to complete Heaven’s providence, emerged.

Finally, the True Parents, who can achieve God’s dream as the true ancestors of humanity, were born after 6,000 years. God had to give them time to accomplish the providence, however. It was amidst such efforts, concern, and love from Heaven that True Parents began their work. The existing Christian foundation, however, was unable to create the environment for True Parents. As a result, True Parents had to work from the very bottom. Through the Marriage Blessing to bring rebirth to fallen humanity, they have opened the door to the Blessing through which people can grow into the true children whom Heaven can embrace.

58 long years have passed to this day and we now stand in the position where we must see the completion of the providence. You all need to know that we, today, should no longer make Heaven worry or go an arduous path. There are millions of Blessed families around the world. They are conducting Blessing ceremonies themselves, going beyond the racial, cultural and religious barriers, in accordance with True Parents’ ideology.

This is the only way to solve all the difficult problems that we have not been able to resolve today. Now, religious leaders, politicians and the top leaders of those nations who have come to know God’s Will, have gained the conviction that the long-cherished hope about which people have thought so deeply– the dream of establishing a free, equal, peaceful, and joyful Kingdom of Heaven on Earth – can be realized.

With the hope that all nations and continents will come to attend our Heavenly Parent, I have been proclaiming and blessing nations and continents, including Korea, Japan, the United States and other continents to become such heavenly nations and continents. The same applies to solving the North-South issue that this nation is facing today.

I have divided South Korea into five subregions. Accordingly, I am speaking today to the people of subregion 4. This is the nation of Jeolla. As people who attend True Parents, you must become citizens of a heavenly Jeolla nation. In order to do so, you must visit every single township and village, correctly enlightening all people about the truth of the providential history – the truth of history.

As the heavenly Jeolla nation, the remaining subregions would be the Chungcheong nation, the Gyeongsang nation, the Gyeongwon nation. What should subregion 1 be called?

Shall we call it the Seoul nation? You now have hope. If you follow True Parents’ vision and live up to your faith, then the miraculous work of Heaven will be with you. Do you believe this?

I love the nation of Jeolla. It could be because of the Mun-am Rock [where True Father’s bloodline allegedly began], but most of the central members in the early days came from Jeolla province. I really hope the nation of Jeolla will bear beautiful fruits from beginning to end.

You now have nothing to fear. When you confidently stand by True Mother – God’s Only Begotten Daughter – then Heaven, the spiritual and physical world, will also be with you. We say that there can be no perfection in ignorance.

Korea has the mission of becoming God’s homeland and a united, heavenly nation. Yet, Korea is unaware of God’s Will and the providence. Hence, I sincerely hope that the people of the nation of Jeolla can truly work toward the fulfillment of that mission.

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