Recent Speeches 16: God Has Blessed South America

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the keynote address at the 2018 Latin America Summit held at the Renaissance Hotel in Sao Paulo, Brazil on August 3, 2018.

Former presidents Sanguinetti (Uruguay) and Franco (Paraguay), as well as other distinguished guests from the political and religious fields throughout Latin America, and Family Federation members, it is my great pleasure to meet you today.

I came here a few days ago, and I strongly felt that Heaven loves this continent. God has blessed this continent—both South America and North America. In the 17th century, the Hebrew Bible was translated into English under King James of Great Britain and regular believers could access the word of God by themselves and left to find religious freedom in a new place, North America. However, Latin America is a continent with a Catholic background and has had people who have pursued material things. In that case, if North America represents the heart, Latin America is equivalent to the body. In order to solve all the problems in the world, the mind and the body must unite as one. If the mind and body follow their own paths, we cannot achieve eternal freedom.

Jesus Christ was not born to be crucified. He realized that God’s dream and humanity’s wish was for humanity to become sons or daughters of God. He came to guide and lead people to become God’s children. Where did this theory that states believers can only be saved through the crucifixion and blood of the cross come from? They did not understand Jesus’ true nature. Human beings have institutionalized salvation through priests and bishops, resulting in many problems over the past two thousand years. But Protestantism also did not understand Jesus’ true nature. They did not know why Heaven sent the Messiah. Jesus died on the cross and said he would return. He would return to host the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

After having waited for two thousand years, was Christianity prepared to welcome Jesus again? This is the issue. Fallen humanity cannot directly return to God. That is why fallen humanity needs the Messiah. The Messiah is humanity’s true parent who can resurrect, revive, and guide humanity to become the children of God once again. Heaven’s providence must reach its conclusion, so the providence has advanced with endless waiting and numerous difficulties. Thus, for the fulfillment of the providence, Heaven has made preparations for True Parents to be born amongst humanity. True Parents are the central figures and I am the Only Begotten Daughter, the True Mother.

While waiting for the returning Lord, Christianity’s mission was to find and raise God’s Only Begotten Daughter. However, it’s a fact that they still do not understand the providence. I can no longer delay the providence. Six years ago, I proclaimed a new era by announcing, “I am the Only Begotten Daughter whom Heaven had been searching for and the returning Messiah was waiting for.”

At the beginning of this year, I hosted the Africa Summit in Senegal. As you know, Senegal is an Islamic country. Our church foundation is not very well established there. However, I chose Senegal, because I know Heaven’s providence. So I proclaimed my identity there. Then the highest religious leaders said, We welcome the Only Begotten Daughter, the true mother of humanity. The Christian realm is not sleeping either. Many leaders, in particular leaders with eight or ten million followers, have been accepting me as the holy, begotten daughter. These Christian leaders are taking the lead and hosting the Heavenly Tribal Messiah blessings.

The path to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, which we desire, has to be through the family. The basic unit to enter heaven is the family. Christians have faith that by believing in Jesus, you can ascend to Paradise by yourself, but you cannot go alone. It is through the family. There can be no perfection in ignorance. That is why I am educating others everywhere I go. I am teaching the truth, guiding people to decide to participate in the providence of their own volition. Times have changed. That is why I hope Latin America, which is in the position of the body, can fulfill its God-given responsibilities after Heaven has so blessed it.

Two decades ago, my husband and I went to remote parts of the Amazon and Paraguay. The Amazon is like the Earth’s lungs and heart. By preserving the Amazon, we can have a future for humanity and an active providence in this Amazon region. However, there are those who do not understand the providence. People guided by their own selfishness are causing difficulties in the providence. All of you here today, my hope is that you can understand this providential truth and become leaders who can handle this truth from Heaven. We need to preserve and save our beautiful planet, which God the original owner created. We can no longer be bystanders. We should not live for only today. We should live for the past, present, and future.

Everyone! As leaders, all of you here are in the position of parents. When I think about the future with a motherly heart, the reality is that the world today does not bring hope for our beloved children’s future. What should we do? We need to rectify what went wrong. Until now, we can see that the global providence has been heavily influenced by men to the point of being chauvinistic. However, the mother is the one who gives birth and nurtures with a motherly heart. Now is the time for women to take the lead!

Therefore, from Santiago, Chile, in South America to Alaska in North America through Eurasia to Korea and the rest of the world, I hope all of you here today will pledge to support this International Peace Highway to advance communication and peaceful equality. Later this year, we will have the second Africa Summit in South Africa. I want to lift the shovel for the groundbreaking ceremony for the International Highway, which is to go from the Cape of Good Hope through Africa all the way to Europe, Asia, and Korea. These are not empty words. I will lift the shovel to ensure that humanity can communicate and unite centering on God while True Parents are here.

We have assets in many Latin American nations. I want to establish the HJ Magnolia Foundation to oversee these assets and open the path for Latin America and every country in the world to enjoy mutual prosperity. Will all of you here at this summit support this initiative? If this abundantly blessed continent can stand by and unite with the Only Begotten Daughter, the True Mother, you will all be in the position of a great ancestor for eternity! I sincerely pray and hope that you will become such a person today. Thank you.

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