Recent Speeches 02: The Truth of History Seen Through Heaven's Providence and Japan's Mission

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the main address at the Kanagawa Hyojeong Peace-Loving Festival held at the Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall in Kanagawa, Japan on October 15, 2017.

Distinguished guests from Japan and abroad, all members, globally, watching the broadcast to celebrate this day, and especially Family Federation blessed families from Kanagawa Prefecture, it is nice to see you all.

I heard that Kanagawa Prefecture has especially opened the gate to the beginning of a new Japan. Today, I would like to speak about this new era in "The Truth of History Seen through Heaven's Providence and Japan's Mission." When looking at all the phenomena occurring around the world today, it is hard to find hope. What this means is that people cannot bring an end to these problems. There is no solution to today's problems if we do not know the original Creator, God, the absolute God. God created all things in heaven and on earth and then created a man and a woman, who would become humankind's first ancestors. Unlike all other beings, God gave people responsibility over their period of growth. They should have matured with a heart of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience toward God, the Creator. However, Adam and Eve developed greed during that process. They began to look toward themselves. This led to today's fallen humankind. The Fall began from self-centeredness, so today the nations of the world, large and small, think first of their own benefit. The conclusion is that they cannot unite. Therefore, today I would like to explain our Creator's dream, our Heavenly Parent's dream.

God wished for Adam and Eve to complete the growth period and become the True Parents of humankind. However, because people did not fulfill their responsibilities, God had to wait. That was the providence of salvation and restoration through indemnity centered on people. In summary, a couple who can become the perfected True Parents must come from within humankind. Therefore, Heaven, through the Israelites, after the long period of four thousand years, sent Jesus Christ, whom God could call "My son!"

However, Jesus Christ could not be alone. A man cannot become a parent alone. When Jesus was crucified, he said, "I will return." Upon his return, he said he would hold the marriage supper of the Lamb. Thus, the essence of Christianity is to find the Only Begotten Daughter of God. However, Christianity began with the earnest wish of waiting for the return of Christ without understanding the essence of the providence. From the Italian Peninsula, Christianity spread across Europe and reached the island nation of Great Britain. The Atlantic Civilization Era was realized through Britain, and thus Christianity spread to the world.

In other words, Christians did not know Jesus' essence. They did not know what Heaven wished for. Christianity spread throughout the world, but eventually, nations began to think only of their own benefit. An economic revival began. Then, the focus of humankind's ultimate purpose shifted from knowing God and becoming happy in the eternal world to simply living and eating well. Looking at the ancient Egyptian civilizations or those on the Iberian Peninsula, people lived for and pursued self-happiness for future generations. I will say this again: if central figures or nations Heaven has chosen do not fulfill their responsibilities, Heaven will not use them again. Instead, Heaven will elevate a new nation, which can begin a new providence. That new nation is Korea, located on the Korean Peninsula.

I was born in 1943. Korea was liberated in 1945 and the Korean War began in 1950. One cause of that war was Japan. For geopolitical reasons, island nations often wish to encroach on peninsulas or continents. However, it is difficult for Heaven to bless this approach, because the nation acted out of self-centered greed, choosing to focus on benefiting their own nation.

Regardless, Heaven is alive and the providence progressed. After six thousand years, in Korea, Heaven found and elevated the Only Begotten Daughter of God and the Only Begotten Son of God and through them realized the ideal of True Parents. Conversely, the Korean War was a battle between democracy and communism. Believers in Democracy and in Communism, siblings, began to fight on the Korean Peninsula. Russia and China were already communist and supported North Korea. Democracy in South Korea was unprepared when the war began, but as if by a miracle, the United Nations entered the war to help defenseless South Korea.

This was Heaven's protection and blessing. Think about how much Heaven worked for this moment. Even in the midst of this situation, Japan revived economically following the Korean War. Heaven gave its blessing. If you receive Heaven's blessing, there is also responsibility that comes with it. True Parents blessed Japan as the Eve nation. Thus, the era of the Pacific Rim Civilization began centered on Korea, Japan, and the US. Unlike the past Atlantic Civilization Era, the Pacific Rim Civilization, centered on True Parents, is intended to unite humankind with a heart of filial piety toward Heaven. Japan was blessed as the mother nation, central in fulfilling that responsibility. A mother invests all her devotion to ensure her child's success and happiness. The mother's mission is to give unconditionally in order to fulfill God's and True Parents’ dream and humankind’s' wish in front of the 7.7 billion people in the world. When it is in this position, your nation can receive forgiveness for its past wrongdoings. Sensible people must recognize their wrongdoings. You must recognize them so you can start anew. I wish to say this to the politicians of this nation of Japan: You must know the truths of history.

I pray that this nation can be a mother nation to the world, free of tarnishes. The peace and happiness that you desire will increase the more you give. Just because you alone are happy does not mean that your happiness is eternal. For it to grow, you must share it.

In the preprogram, blessed families in our second-generation realm gave reports. They know True Parents and know True Parents' teachings. They have testified that they are not just second-generation members serving Japan, but global citizens who love and serve the world. If these second-generation members fill and then overflow this nation, and then go to the other 200+ nations around the world and fill them, without a doubt, the world's 7.7 billion people can realize the dream of one human family that attends God. I especially hope Kanagawa Prefecture, which has begun its’ new history, can take-off and become the center of the world.

We are speaking of familial perfection. Japan is the mother nation. Korea is the father nation. The father and mother must lovingly unite in order for their children to be happy. Only then can you cleanse the troubling past. Then, a new era, a new history, will begin with the father nation, the mother nation, and representing the rest of the world, the eldest son nation, America. I pray these three nations at the center of the providence can realize the dream of a true human family under God and true world peace. Please know the dream of achieving this ideal is being realized throughout the world. On this point, I would like to say once again that Japan has an immense role in realizing world peace. I would like to conclude and pray that Heaven's eternal compassion be with the Kanagawa Prefecture and this nation of Japan.


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