Recent Speeches 01: The 2,000-Year History of Christianity Has Ended - We Now Live in a New Era

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the main address at the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) Luncheon held at the Cheon Jeong Gung in Korea on September 10, 2017.

You are very excited and have lots to say but at this moment, I believe you can listen to me.

We all live in a new era of the providence.

The 2,000-year history of Christianity has ended and we now live in a new era, the era of Cheon Il Guk. Until now, many of you think, "I really know God", but I do not believe that it is a level of knowledge that would satisfy God himself.

Among human beings many people have claimed that they know God but who has truly known the purpose of God's creation and the purpose of God. Until now people prayed to God asking for help, 'my son is sick' 'my son is in this situation' please help us. But how many among us has really prayed to God, heavenly parent, this is your situation, this is your heart, I want to help you? I do not believe there have been many.

God created heaven and earth and after creating all of creation he created the first man and the first woman to be the first ancestors of humanity and he said after creating them, 'it is good.' However, among all of the created beings, God gave a portion of responsibility to human beings alone. The reason why God gave Human beings a portion of responsibility is because God wanted human beings to contribute to the realization of His Will. Human beings need to contribute for God's Will to be accomplished. The portion of responsibility given to Adam and Eve was to go through a period of growth with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience to God during their growth.

However, Adam and Eve failed in their responsibility. They became self centered and allowed self centered greed to take over their lives. They wanted to become like God at an inappropriate time and therefore they fell into a position where they had no relationship whatsoever with God. That is the Human Fall.

God wanted Adam and Eve to grow up in a healthy manner and God wanted them to receive His Blessing with God's dominion allowing Adam and Eve to receive the blessing. In other words, the dream of Heavenly Parent and the wish of God was to become the first ancestor by living with Adam and Eve as they became perfected, and in that position God would be the first ancestor and be visible as the True Parent of humanity. That is the Principle of God's creation. God is almighty and omnipotent. There can be no failure with God.

Therefore, I hope that you can understand that until now the reality of God hasn't been an almighty ruler sitting on a throne of gold and exercising his authority. The situation of God has been one of endless suffering, misery and pain.

Even though human beings have fallen, God’s Principle of Creation dictates that even among fallen human beings a perfected man and a perfected woman must appear and together they must receive the Blessing of God and fulfill God's Ideal of Creation.

Since fallen human beings cannot go directly back to God, God began the long arduous history of the Providence of Restoration Through Indemnity. In order to fulfill his providence, God raised a virtuous people and virtuous nation, the nation of Israel. Please think about it, how painful, arduous and miserable the history of the providence of restoration must have been for God to go from the individual and raise an entire people and raise an entire nation. It took 4,000 biblical years. For the first time in 4,000 years, God sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ.

However, what happened? What did the central figures of the time do? Mary, Zechariah's family, the Jewish leaders of the time and the Israelites of the time? In other words, just to conclude, they failed in their responsibility. The only begotten son, Jesus Christ came for the first time in 4,000 years and since God created one man and one woman, the only begotten daughter was to be found. Mary, who had the responsibility of finding the bride of Jesus, the only begotten daughter, failed in her responsibility.

If you go into a Catholic Cathedral, you see that the Catholic Church reveres Mary as the Holy Mother, even though she failed in her responsibility. She is the key person why Jesus had to go the path of the cross.

The truth is that the people in the vicinity of Jesus, the people who should have laid the foundation for Jesus to victoriously carry out his mission failed to lay that foundation, therefore, having nowhere to stand Jesus had no choice but to walk the miserable path of the cross. Therefore, once again humanity was responsible for a terrible act of un-filial piety before God. Why? Because they sent the person who came to be the True Parent, to the cross. That is the 2,000-year history of Christianity that we see today.

Christianity until today has not known the essence. As he lay on the cross Jesus prophesied that he would come again. Jesus said, I will come again to host the Holy Wedding of the Lamb. Since Jesus is coming again to host the Holy Wedding of the Lamb he cannot return in the spirit. He needs to come in a physical body to host this Holy Wedding.

I could speak for hours but the conclusion is that the only begotten daughter of God was born among the Korean people and the Only Begotten Daughter together with the Only Begotten Son who fulfills his responsibility will together hold the Holy Wedding of the Lamb and they are the True Parents standing before you.

What you need to remember, particularly today is that when a particular individual or a nation fails to fulfill the heavenly mandate or responsibility, heaven does not work with that person or nation again. The reason is that that person or nation which fails their responsibility must pay indemnity.

We know through history for 2,000 years the people of Israel were a nation with no land to call their own and during World War II 6 million were mercilessly and brutally massacred. Why would this happen? I believe that even today the people of Israel remain ignorant of this. The sin of leading the son of God to the cross is truly a great sin. This is the historical truth.

You are all spiritual leaders and before this fallen world you are absolutely necessary.

However, what you need to remember is the appropriate time. A person who lives in a country where there is no winter only summer, if that person moves to a different climate and welcomes winter with summer clothes that person will freeze to death.

In the Bible, it is written you must pour new wine into new wine skins. Because Israelite people were nomadic for such a long period of time, maybe that is where this expression came from.

Nevertheless, today all of you who are spiritual shepherds to your flock, now that you stand before the new truth please let go of old vestiges, take off the old clothes and wear the new clothes of truth.

Do you understand?

When we look at nature which committed no sin before God it is following the Principle of Creation. However, due to the acts of fallen human beings even nature is suffering. If you look at the world today you can see many natural cataclysms happening throughout the world. For example, in China there was a lot of devastation because of climate issues. America has suffered a lot because of hurricanes and typhoons. Why did this happen? As human beings, we need to know how to feel God. We need to truly know God.

We cannot make the Ideal of God with man made structures or manmade systems alone. Please think about it.

How many of you know about the monarch butterfly? During the winter, the monarch butterflies will migrate all the way from Canada to Mexico, a 5,000-mile journey and the wingspan of the monarch butterfly is less than 4 inches. So, who taught the monarch butterfly how to migrate? When you look at nature you can see that nature knows the truth, nature knows God's Principle while human beings still remain ignorant. Therefore, we need to look at and learn from nature about God.

We live in a new era. Thanks to True Parents we live in an era of Chun Il Guk. However, God is the original owner of this cosmos and the reason God cannot have proper dominion over the entire cosmos he created is because of human beings.

Human beings need to truly know.


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