Recent Speeches 03: How Can We Attend God In Our Families, Societies, Nations and the World?

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the main address at the 2017 Global Rally for the Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula held at the Korea World Cup Stadium in Seoul, Korea on November 11, 2017.

Beloved global citizens, leaders of various fields, ambassadors for peace, members of Family Federation, ladies and gentlemen:

Today we are holding this event to deeply move Heaven at a time when the fate of this nation [Korea] is at stake. Many religious leaders and clergy members — around 400 — have gathered here from all continents. Also, more than 100 people came from America for the ACLC choir. I am truly very thankful for that.

When we look at the world today, we see many problems. Though we try to overcome these problems, we cannot find answers through human efforts and strength alone. The future is bleak. Through the First World War and the Second World War, we witnessed cruel and horrible realities. That was why the United Nations (UN) was founded, with the determination that all nations must unite. Seventy-two years have passed since the establishment of the UN. However, there are still many difficult problems that need solving throughout the world. We stand in a maze, unable to unite. For the major religions that lead the world today, it is the same. Especially in the sphere of Christian civilization: people say that if you believe in God and believe in Jesus you will go to a good place. But we cannot live with faith alone. We must think of how we can attend God, our Creator, in our families, societies, nations and the world.

The original God created all things in heaven and on earth. He then created humankind’s first ancestors: a man and a woman. He gave them the responsibility of going through a growth period. They should have received the Blessing in the stance of having absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. Yet, during their growth period, they developed greed. They thought they could be equal to God. Their self-centered greed caused the damaged world we see today, a world of fallen humankind with no relationship with God.

The omniscient and omnipotent God is a being who is the same from the beginning to the end. He cannot ignore the principles of creation, which he established. Thus, God had to begin the bitter providence of restoration through indemnity. Four thousand years ago, God chose the people of Israel. How difficult must it have been that it took four thousand years for the providence to restore from the individual-level all the way to the national level and for God to finally send Jesus Christ whom he could call "My Son!” Yet what happened? Was there truly no choice but to crucify God's son, who was born after a long period of four thousand years, after such a short life?

This was not God's will. The purpose of Jesus' coming was for him to become the victorious human ancestor, the "True Parent." Humankind cannot enter God's presence directly, because they still must indemnify mistakes they have made. The True Parents help us overcome that indemnity.

As Jesus died on the cross, he said he would return. He said he would return to hold the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Heaven's providence did not go through the Israelites again after they failed to fulfill their responsibilities. Heaven chose a new people who could give birth to the Only Begotten Daughter of God. I want you to know that the chosen people are the Han people, the people of the Korean peninsula, the Republic of Korea.

God prepared these people so he could send the Only Begotten Daughter of God through them. As the chosen people, they worshiped Heaven, were advanced in astronomy, loved nature, and hated war. Through these people and on the Christian foundation, just as it was two thousand years ago when God called Jesus "My son", after six thousand years, the Only Begotten Daughter of God whom God could call "My daughter" was born. Isn't this something to be joyful about and thankful for?

According to the Principle of Creation, heaven had to protect the Only Begotten Daughter of God during her growth period. I was born in 1943 and Korea was liberated in 1945. Near the place I was born, in Pyeongyang, there were many spiritual groups that believed the Lord would return in Pyeongyang. However, with Korea's liberation, the nation divided into north and south based on the confrontation between democracy and communism. The north, under a united regime, was planning to invade the south. God would not have been able to fulfil his will if I stayed in that place, so heaven had me go south. In 1950, the Korean War broke out. South Korea was not prepared to confront North Korea. Then, by a miracle, Heaven mobilized the UN and laid the framework on this land for the True Parents to manifest.

In 1960, True Parents, for whom Heaven and fallen humankind so dearly wished, came into being. However, the Christian foundation did not support them, and yet providence still progressed. True Parents began the global providence through America (a representative democratic nation) to save the world's 7.7 billion people. God prepared America as a democratic nation so its people could receive the returning Lord. I am saying they received heaven's blessings, yet they do not know why Heaven blessed them. America had become a powerful nation, but during times of confusion and difficulties, communism threatened this nation. [True Father] put everything aside and for forty years went to America to lead the global providence. At that time, missionaries from America, Europe, and Japan were dispatched all over the world. They laid roots in places all over the world. They are educating people in those nations, in all ways necessary in this age.

I wish to say this to all of you today: the figures and nations heaven blesses must fulfill their responsibilities. Happiness grows the more we share it. You need to take responsibility for the blessings, which are not yours only, but which you can share with your neighbors and the world. Fallen humankind cannot go directly into God's presence. To receive the Blessing through True Parents, we need to be resurrected and reborn. That is why righteous leaders and members of the clergy have accepted the order and are putting into practice the true family movement in their churches around the world. These people's wish for peaceful unification [of Korea] and humankind's wish for a united world, cannot go on eternally with only human effort and thinking. Only when God's providence unfolds centered on True Parents and under the circumstances of attending God in one's family and nation can Heaven's blessing be eternal. Thus, I would like to speak today about "The truth of history seen through heaven's providence and this nation's mission."

I have said this: The numerous religious figures in the world, especially religious figures and believers who call themselves Christians, must prepare to greet a new day. Are you prepared to meet the returning Lord who, two thousand years ago, said he would return as he died on the cross? Just as it says in Genesis, there was evening, and there was morning -- the first day. Why did Genesis not express it as the first and second day but used the word evening instead? Today, Christianity -- all religions -- must have a destination. This destination! There is only one conclusion. Beloved global citizens, beloved righteous people of this nation, we can no longer remain in the night but must prepare to greet a new morning. Do you know what that is? It is the marriage blessing through True Parents. It is the true family movement. The world that all humankind wishes for today is a united world centered on God, which begins from a true family. Now, you, especially Christians who believe in God and believe in Jesus, must not stop with only faith but must truly attend God in your families and establish an ideal world through which we can return glory and honor to God, by building the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, for which Heaven wishes and we hope.

Therefore, I will say this to you today -- I will say this to the Korean people: We have received Heaven's blessing. We must live lives in which we can share this blessing. What must we do for the global providence?

Two thousand years ago, after Jesus was crucified, Christianity was born through the resurrection of the Holy Spirit. Thus, 313 years later, Rome recognized Christianity and it became more active. Centered on the Italian Peninsula, Christianity spread throughout the European continent and arrived at the island of Britain, where the Christian culture blossomed. The Atlantic Civilization Era began there. Yet, they did not know the essence of Jesus. [Britain] began to think only of benefiting themselves and retreated into selfish individualism. Therefore, the providence made effort for all nations to unite under the democratic nation of the United States, but still they could not.

What humankind wishes for dearly, Heavenly Parents’ dream, begins with the True Parents. The True Parents! You must be reborn through the True Parents to become a true child of God. I have said the Era of the Pacific Realm Civilization constitutes the revolution of the culture of heart of filial love. I pray that those who now know Heaven's providence through True Parents’ ideology can stand in God's presence as citizens of Cheon Il Guk that fulfill their duty as filial sons, filial daughters, and loyal subjects. Therefore, not only us but all humankind can receive blessings and open the way to the past, present and future.


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