13th Anniversary of True Parents’ Coronation and Entrance into Cheon Jeong Gung

13th Anniversary of True Parents’ Coronation and Entrance into Cheon Jeong Gung

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the main address at the 13th Anniversary of True Parents’ Coronation and Entrance into Cheon Jeong Gung held at the Cheon Jeong Gung on July 15, 2019.

When we look into Heaven’s providential history, if Adam and Eve, who were to become humanity’s ancestors, had fulfilled their responsibilities as God the Creator originally planned, human history wouldn’t be what it is today. There wouldn’t be a providential history of restoration through indemnity or providence of salvation. Regardless of the Fall of humanity’s ancestors, God had to fulfill His ideal of creation. Hence, God had no choice but to conduct the providence of salvation.

As you all well know, God established a people He called His chosen people and worked hard to establish these people, raising them from the individual level to that of the family, tribe, people and nation. Imagine how difficult it must have been that it took God 4,000 years to conduct the providence of salvation centered on the first chosen people. God finally sent the long-awaited Messiah, Jesus Christ, to them. And yet what happened? The first chosen people, the Israelites, failed. As he died on the cross, Jesus promised to return. The providence of salvation that unfolded after Jesus’ promise to return is the 2,000-year Christian history that we know today.

Unfortunately, Christianity itself did not know God. Neither did they know what kind of person Jesus Christ was. Furthermore, they did not know why the Messiah had to return. This was the issue. God’s only son was born through the first chosen people. God created a man and a woman. What you need to know is that the creation of the universe was possible because God, our Creator, exists as God the Father and God the Mother. In His image, God created the first human ancestors. He created a man and a woman. This was the principle by which God created the universe! God created this universe to last for eternity. Hence, a man and a woman, able to fulfill their responsibilities – a man and a woman with no fallen conditions whatsoever—must appear from among fallen humanity.

Two thousand years ago, God’s only son emerged from among the Israelites. God’s only daughter, however, did not. The chosen people! A chosen people are a people blessed by Heaven. However, this position comes with responsibilities. They have responsibilities. Heaven must conclude providential history. God’s Only Daughter was born on the Christian foundation, through the Korean people in 1943. These days, I’m watching Jumong again [a historical television drama series from 2006] to educate my grandchildren. The term cheon ji shin myeong [“gods governing heaven and earth”] comes up many times in the series. The mediation of female priests is vital in this relationship.

The Korean people, in conclusion, are a people Heaven raised to conclude the providential history. They are His chosen people. The issue, however, is that responsibility comes with that position. True Parents, who finally emerged on the earth after 6,000 years, opened the door through which fallen humanity can now go to Heavenly Parent as His true children. The Christian foundation could not become an environment for True Parents. Even now, Christians in this nation are unaware of the providence. They do not know what they should wait for. They do not know what mission the Messiah will bring with him.

True Parents laid today’s global foundation from scratch. Unfortunately, Korea, which should become the providence’s flagship nation, remains in the dark, just as a lamp cannot illuminate its own base. This is why, for seven years, I have worked on creating an environment that people can see and verify with their own eyes. In Las Vegas, I brought Christian pastors together and declared in front of them, “I am God’s Only Daughter.” What is the path Christianity should take? What is at the end of that path? To save humanity, until now God has allowed different religions to emerge that fit the people of their respective regions. We categorize religions roughly into four main types; however, what is their conclusion? Their conclusion is also God’s only daughter, the true mother. Do you understand?

Giving birth to life cannot happen with only a father. A mother is needed. A life is born through the mother. The same applies to Christian history and to human history. Hence, this nation and this people must fulfill their responsibilities as the chosen people. This means that while I am still on earth, the day should come when this people, this nation’s people, attend the True Mother, the True Parents. Do you understand? You are the central figures of this time. Please fulfill your responsibilities.


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