Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 82

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 2: God’s Homeland and the Peace Kingdom
Speech 10: God’s Homeland and the Peace Kingdom Are Built on the Foundation of the Realm of His Liberation and Complete Freedom, pg 278-281

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Oneness with God in heart, body and mindset

Distinguished guests, once we come to know God with certainty and know the spirit world not just in concept but also in reality, our life can move forward as smoothly as a car on an expressway. Just as the car will reach its destination safely if the driver follows the rules of the road, keeps his hands on the steering wheel and doesn’t fall asleep, so too we must align our life with the direction of our conscience, which is given by Heaven. This is how our mind and body can unite, and how our character can blossom to reach perfection and bear fruit. Going deep into the mountains will not perfect one’s character, and extensive reading of the sacred texts and philosophy books that line library shelves will not unite one’s mind and body.

God is the great King of Wisdom. He did not place the path to perfection in some far-off place. Rather, He placed it where it is closest to us, in the place that is most private and safe. He prepared and placed that path within our conscience.

Ladies and gentlemen, your conscience is your master. It is your teacher. It stands in the position of your parents. Your conscience is the first to know everything about you. Your conscience knows all your thoughts. It knows them before your teacher, your parents or even God knows them. Think about how much advice your conscience gives you throughout your lifetime. Day and night, every time you have an evil thought, it scolds you, saying, “That’s not right!” It never grows tired as it works constantly to lead you over rivers and mountains.

The conscience always stands as the true master, protecting you and trying to help you. Yet, how often have you gone against your own conscience? What will you do about your body, which thoroughly mistreats this precious, irreplaceable teacher that the universe bequeathed to you? Your conscience was given to represent the Parent who makes it possible for you to inherit original love. Do you intend to idle your life away, embracing only your physical body, enslaved by its desires, and allowing it to trample the conscience mercilessly?

That is why I, too, as I began to pioneer the way of truth, set as my slogan, “Before I seek to rule the universe, I must first rule myself.” I discovered that there is only one way to resolve the conflict between mind and body, and that is the way of true love. Unity between mind and body can be achieved only when the body sacrifices itself for the sake of the mind time and again, by living for the sake of others with true love.

When you follow the path indicated by your conscience, your mind will come to embrace the universe. When this happens, you will be able to communicate with your heart. Whenever you start to do something, your conscience will immediately show you the effects of that action. This experience proves that God resides within your heart.

The person who achieves this enters the state of oneness with God in heart, body and mindset. He or she will live in a unified, harmonious world.

This is the ideal world, the kingdom of heaven on earth that God desired in the beginning when He created Adam and Eve.

A life for the liberation God and humankind

Respected guests, it is now more than eighty years since I began my search for such incredible secrets of Heaven and began to walk the path to lead humanity. It has been a lonely and pitiful path, as I pushed my way through suffering and overcame unprecedented difficulties that no one will ever repeat in the future. That path taught me the reality of the omnipresent God. All of the six billion people in the world are blind. Although they appear normal, they cannot see even an inch in front of themselves. Despite their blindness, philosophers and theologians have pretended as if they could elucidate Heaven’s truth, and this has brought grief to God throughout history.

The providence of restoration, which sought people who would live for the sake of God and have compassion for God, never even got off the ground.

I cannot count the days I spent in tears and lamentation after I came to know the world of God’s inner heart. Who could even dare to imagine God as being grief-stricken? He created the first human ancestors as His children and tried to place them in the position of His eternal object partners of true love. However, they committed the Fall. Since then, He has been carrying out His providence of restoration for thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of years. After the Fall God was sorrowful and mortified. Anger exploded within Him. His heart overflowed with grief as He walked this course.

God is the Father and glorious King, but the enemy Satan stole His throne and usurped His position as Parent. Although He is clearly alive and carrying out His providence, people say “He is dead,” and mock and mistreat Him. Still, He has persevered on the path with patient endurance, waiting for the day when people themselves would understand the truth. Please understand that God conducts His providence on a foundation of true love, which involves living for the sake of others, continually for eternity.

For that reason, He did not just annihilate the universe and begin again after witnessing His children descend into the bottomless pit that they dug as a result of the Fall. With the power of His omniscience and omnipotence, God could have judged the world and Satan at once, smashing them to pieces. Though He has this power, He has chosen until now to absorb all the contempt and accusation. He has placed Himself in a prison-like environment, because He is our Father.

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