Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 83

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 2: God’s Homeland and the Peace Kingdom
Speech 10: God’s Homeland and the Peace Kingdom Are Built on the Foundation of the Realm of His Liberation and Complete Freedom, pg 281-283

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The course of self-sacrifice to teach all humankind

Ladies and gentlemen, have you spent even one day before God our Father, shedding tears of sincere sympathy and repentance? Can you stand before God and close your eyes, to avoid seeing Him as He bites His tongue and endures humankind who inherited the lineage of Satan and became his tool? Can you ignore God’s impatience, as He waits for the day of His liberation and complete release?

For this reason, my life has been more serious than any other in history. In walking this fateful course of restoration through indemnity, I had to go the way of perfecting my character to stand as the lord of judgment, determine the sin of Satan, and judge him. I had to say goodbye to four of my young children, whom I loved deeply, as they went to the spirit world, and I had to watch as my remaining children struggled in the wilderness.

I stand before you as one who has received Heaven’s appointment as Savior and True Parent for the sake of liberating and releasing God and, on that foundation, liberating and releasing humankind. I am not here out of a need for money and power, or honor and fame. For more than eighty years, I have lived oblivious to morning or evening, day or night, weathering even the coldest winters and severest snowstorms and rainstorms, in order to move as quickly as I could along the heavenly path. Even in the torture chamber, where my flesh was torn from my body and I vomited blood, I never prayed for God to save me. Instead, my life has been that of a filial son, patriot, saint, and divine son of heaven and earth, shedding tears to comfort God’s heart as He weeps at the sight of the tragic state of His children. I left my parents and homeland behind to follow the straight and narrow path to human salvation, that is, the path of true love that involves living for the sake of others. My life of never compromising and never acting in a cowardly manner may seem incredibly pitiful and bleak from a worldly viewpoint.

No torture or punishment could make me compromise from following the heavenly path. Neither could six imprisonments stand in the way of the True Parent’s search for his children. As I sat in a cold prison cell and watched drops of water fall from an eave, I pledged to myself, “Just as those droplets will eventually bore a hole through a boulder, the day will certainly come when these hot tears that fall from eyes will melt the heart of God, frozen in grief, and liberate and release Him.” That is how I have lived. It has been a sacrificial course, in which the love that I practiced meant I had to love the enemy more than my own children and offer everything to teach all six billion people in the world.

In following this course, I went to America in the early 1970s and announced, “I have come as a firefighter to extinguish the fire and as a physician to cure the disease.” It is important to understand that, more than thirty years later, humanity has entered a new age. Finally, heavenly fortune is settling on planet Earth. The blood, sweat, and tears that I shed on the course of restoration through indemnity for the sake of human salvation are now beginning to bear fruit.

The fire of true love under God’s direct dominion

In 2001, at the commencement of the twenty-first century, I dedicated the Enthronement Ceremony for God’s Kingship, offering to Him the day of His liberation and complete freedom. This marked the beginning of the opening of the era of God’s direct dominion. On that foundation, the “Coronation of the King of Peace” was held this year on March 23, 2004 in the Dirksen Senate office building of the United States Congress. World leaders of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and members of the United States Congress, gathered to crown me the King of World Peace. How could this possibly be a result of human efforts alone?

Just as the French prophet Nostradamus had prophesied, and just as the Orient’s greatest book of prophesies, Kyeog Am Yu Rok, clearly recorded, Reverend Moon has come as the one who has received Heaven’s appointment and fulfilled the responsibilities of humanity’s True Parent and the King of Peace. So now, leaders from all walks of life and from all over the world are surging forward in a giant wave to join the ranks of people working to build the peace kingdom on earth. They are acknowledging that peace cannot be achieved without my help. This is true not only on the Korean peninsula, the only place in the world where the conflict between democracy and communism still divides an innocent people and land, it is also true in the Middle East, which has become the most serious and bloody area of conflict threatening world peace. 

A true love movement enveloping the entire globe

On April 10 of this year, I declared the complete freedom of the angelic world, the complete freedom of Cain and Abel, and the complete freedom of the Parent of the Cosmos, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. I am marking May 1 with the declaration, “God’s homeland and the peace kingdom are built on the foundation of the realm of His liberation and complete freedom.” I am thereby completing many levels of spiritual conditions that are needed for God to exercise His dominion and demonstrate His complete immanence, complete authority, complete power and complete transcendence. Based on God’s liberation and complete freedom, a world of freedom, peace, unity and happiness is spreading across this land. In this respect, there is a special meaning to today’s commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity.

Heavenly fortune is with each of you present here today. Though our time together is short, you can become people of the kingdom of heaven simply by living according to what I have taught you today. First, live with the certainty of God’s existence, to the point that you can feel His presence against your skin. Second, be certain of the reality of the spirit world, and use your life on earth to prepare for your eternal life in the spirit world. Third, live in attendance to your conscience as you would your teacher, your parents, and God.

The flames of true love, fanned by the spring breezes of the twenty-first century, are spreading like wildfire across the earth. International marriages are becoming acceptable among young people belonging to traditionally enemy countries. Just as water, air and light will flow to fill the tiniest crevice, the movement of true love is flowing and covering the planet. Intellectually astute young people are now awakening from their sleep to inherit God’s love, life and lineage and settle in the peace kingdom on earth.

Eminent world leaders, I hope that you, too, will join the ranks of the owners of Cheon Il Guk, to “establish His kingdom and His righteousness” (Matt. 6:33) and become a revolutionary army of true love. Please put into practice the truth that true love grows larger the more it is given. Thank you.

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