Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 81

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 2: God’s Homeland and the Peace Kingdom
Speech 10: God’s Homeland and the Peace Kingdom Are Built on the Foundation of the Realm of His Liberation and Complete Freedom, pg 276-278

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The world God desires to see

Ladies and gentlemen, let us think for a moment about human life. We spend the first phase of our lifetime in our mother’s womb. The time we spend there, as a fetus, is a period of waterborne life, bathed in amniotic fluid. Although we cannot speak or move about freely, it does not mean that our term in the womb is not part of our life. During this period, we clearly possess life given to us by Heaven, and we prepare for life on earth, which is the next phase. Even though we don’t breathe through our nose, it does not mean that we are not alive.

The human fetus in the womb cannot imagine what life will be like in the next phase, when it is on earth. It cannot imagine a world outside its mother’s womb. It cannot imagine not receiving all its nourishment from its mother through the umbilical cord. Yet when the time comes, our life in the womb comes to a close and we begin life on earth. Whether we like it or not, this happens in accordance with the laws of the universe. Then, a vast new world that we could never have imagined appears before us.

Once our waterborne life ends and our new life on earth begins, the months of life in the womb transition into an earthly life of about one hundred years. We then live in a wide variety of unique ways and prepare for the final phase of our existence, namely, in the spirit world, the world after death. A world that is eternal and endless awaits us; however, we who live in a physical body are no more capable of imagining life in the spirit world than we were of imagining life on earth when we lived in the womb.

Prepare in advance for life in the spirit world

Our life of about one hundred years on earth will transition into an eternal world that transcends time and space. In the womb, we received nourishment from our mother through the umbilical cord, and during our time on earth we receive the basic nutrients of food, water, air and sunlight. Once we enter the spirit world, however, we will no longer need physical nourishment. Instead, we will breathe love as we live eternally.

So human beings, without exception, live through three stages: about ten months in the womb, about one hundred years on earth, and an eternity in the spirit world. This is not something we do by our own choice. It is a blessing and grace given by Heaven. What blessing and grace could be greater than this?

When I say you need to know the spirit world well, it is not enough to live with a vague faith in the existence of the spirit world. We have to know how to prepare for life in the spirit world, where we will live eternally, while we live on earth, and our preparation should be thorough. If a child develops a problem while in the womb, it may spend its entire life after birth in poor health. So too, if we do not recognize Heaven’s Will during our short life on earth, and commit sins or perform evil deeds, we will eventually pay the price in the spirit world according to the principle of cause and effect. It means in the spirit world that our spirit self will have to suffer indescribable pain and be subject to indemnity.

Once the physical body has been shed, it will be too late. When the physical body dies, it returns to earth as a handful of dirt. However, do you think that our life, our mind, our heart, and our hopes are also buried? That is absolutely not the case. Our life of about a hundred years is recorded, photographed and automatically evaluated without fail in our God-given personal computer, called the spirit self. This is why all of us, during our life on earth, stop and check ourselves again and again, asking our unsettled mind and heart, “Where am I going?”

Saints, sages and spiritual masters spent their entire lives wrestling with such issues. None of them, however, were able to present clear answers. It is true that their teachings have remained with us, allowing religions to form and sacred texts to be published that guide the lives of masses of people. It is also true, though, that we still lack the ability to have dominion over our own mind.

I have revealed the truth about true love

I have toured the world hundreds of times to declare Heaven’s truth and educate people. No matter where I go in the world or what kind of audience I face, I always ask one question. I issue a challenge, saying, “If there is anyone here whose mind and body are not in discord, please raise your hand.” So far no one anywhere has dared to raise a hand.

What does this tell us? It means that we are still slaves to the fallen nature we inherited from our first ancestors, Adam and Eve. We have not yet escaped that yoke. This is evidenced by the confessions of saints and sages, who spent their lives in fasting, practiced abstinence, and persevered on their paths despite incredible suffering. Their confessions that they could not root out the desires of the flesh before they had to leave this world remain as pitiful cries to their disciples, who nonetheless insist on following in their footsteps. The saints and sages are now declaring with one voice that I have brought for the first time from Heaven the truth of true love that they could not grasp, and that their followers and descendants on earth need to follow my teachings absolutely and practice them.

We are receiving a flood of messages from people in the spirit world who regret that they could not meet me while they were on earth and attend me as the Savior, Messiah, Returning Lord, and True Parent during their lives.

The resolutions they adopted in the spirit world now echo around the world. In the near future, all religious people will begin to receive revelations directly from the founders of their religions, and there will be a great migration of people who will be guided to attend me as the True Parent. They will gather as the clouds to learn from me the truth about true love that will enable them to unite their minds and bodies. Once they learn the way of the true family, they will with one accord sing praises of eternal happiness, parents and children together as one great family in heaven and on earth.

The world’s communists who insisted there is no God and passed away as sacrifices for the cause of materialism, the world’s intellectuals and journalists who commanded an entire generation, and even dictators and emperors, who brandished the sword of absolute power at the cost of countless lives, have shed tears of repentance before me. Through their messages and resolutions from the spirit world, they begged for forgiveness.

If you still cannot believe with certainty the reality of the spirit world, you may not be sure about whether to believe these messages. To you I say, “When you pass on to the spirit world you will see for yourself!” However, once you go down that path you can never return, no matter how much you may beat the ground in lamentation. Once in the spirit world, a person cannot do anything on his own about the sins he committed while on earth. So your ancestors are now observing your life in tears, waiting for opportunities to help you in ways that indemnify their sins. I am telling you clearly that thousands, even tens of thousands, of your ancestors’ eyes are watching your every step and action, sometimes with tears of heartbreak and at other times with joy. Is there anyone who still cannot believe in the reality of the spirit world?

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