Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 432

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 10: True Parents, the Hope of God and Humankind
Speech 17: Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage, pg 1626-1630

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The textbooks providing passage into the kingdom of heaven

Beyond True Families: Gateway to Heaven, I have given you middle school textbooks, high school textbooks, university textbooks, graduate school textbooks, and textbooks to guide you in fulfilling your responsibilities for the nation.

We live in the midst of a world that is quite different from the kingdom of heaven. How will we establish the sovereignty of God and True Parents so that this world will become the original garden of Eden as it was meant to be before the Fall, the kingdom of heaven on earth? How will we make this world so it is no longer Satan’s palace? When the lineages of the older and younger siblings are in conflict, the father and mother must work together to bring harmony between them. If the parents cannot do it, then neither can God.

Satan became the bones, the essence of a person, instead of God. Now, however, True Parents have become one with God, and God has become the flesh and bones of True Parents’ bodies. In this manner, God has taken the position He was supposed to have had in the garden of Eden.

God’s seed never died. It survived, buried in the bones of God’s chest. It is being planted again on the earth through your sons and daughters who, after they reach seventeen years of age, are coming together in true marriages. Once the heat of their passion rises to forty, forty-three, even fifty-three degrees Celsius, no viruses or bacteria can survive to infect their offspring. Parents need to do everything possible to prepare their children for that day. They need to sell even their property and land, if necessary, in order to provide them with these spiritual textbooks. It may take ten or twenty years for their children to master the textbooks at each stage and go through all the stages, from the kindergarten level to the doctoral level. Up until their children have completed their education, the parents need to continue to provide them with the textbooks. When they are well versed in my teachings and have attained sufficient secular education; whether in kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, university or even at the graduate level, at whatever level they operate, they can teach my words as representatives of the True Parent, the True Teacher and the True Leader.

The 6.5 billion people on earth who are educated using these textbooks will not need any textbooks in the spirit world. They will be well enough equipped to live as citizens of the heavenly kingdom. Anyone who still needs to learn from a textbook can’t enter the heavenly kingdom. To raise people who have graduated from needing textbooks, parents and elders have to provide these textbooks for their children to study on earth, from kindergarten-level textbooks on up to high school-level, university-level and graduate-level textbooks. So spend your money to buy these textbooks for your children. Have your children read them while they are eating and while they are working.

Ultimately, when the heavenly kingdom becomes a living reality, then these textbooks will no longer be needed on the earth. Families that have digested their content will educate all their relatives, so that their entire clan and seven generations of ancestors will all come to embody their teachings.

There will be whole nations of such clans, composed of families in whom God delights. This will be the heavenly kingdom, where peace will reign for tens of thousands of years, where God and all creation will be liberated, and where everyone will shout, Eok mansei!

It will be God’s homeland and hometown, and it will be our homeland and hometown, where everyone is manifestly bound together in one blood, one lineage. No one can deny the importance of lineage. That is why everybody must receive the Blessing. From now on, you must understand how valuable the Blessing is.

These textbooks represent your parents. They represent the Unification Church. If you master these textbooks, one day there will be no need for the Unification Church. If in your family three generations—representing God, your ancestors and your descendants—possess these textbooks, the realm of the heavenly kingdom can expand from your family to a nation, world and universe under God’s sovereignty. Is that not so? Let lawyers, prosecutors and judges of Satan’s world come and try to dispute with me about it, if they dare! In an hour, I can make them all look like foolish people and kick them out!

Everything that I have described will come to pass. Therefore, we are left with one conclusion. If you welcome it, raise both hands in mansei twelve times. You need to become free and liberated people who will give up your life if God asks it of you, who will live in His service and go wherever God asks you to go. You need to be ready to sell everything and relocate anywhere. Are you members of God’s family, God’s princes and princesses? Have you inherited God’s liberation? Are you going with Him to the heavenly kingdom, to God’s original homeland? Then you must follow this law. The heavenly kingdom can begin for the first time only when people start upholding this law, for it is the eternal constitution of the heavenly kingdom.

Buy a copy of this book, True Families: Gateway to Heaven, today, and keep it in your coat pocket. It is like a mirror; when you read it, you ought to find that you are already living in accordance with all the teachings within its pages. There can be nothing about you that differs from those teachings. Once you have determined to live that way, you must not change your mind or change your colors. Parents need to raise their children using this textbook so their children will grow up to attend God as His sons and daughters.

The life True Parents can guarantee

How could anyone who knows how to distinguish the directions of north, south, east and west, and who can guide themselves by the Big Dipper and the Southern Cross, get into the mess of divorce? Marriage must only happen once. This is a revolutionary teaching. America especially needs this kind of revolution. There must be a revolution of true love families. People need to read this book and live according to what it says. If they do, they will certainly go to the heavenly kingdom.

This is the standard, testified to and guaranteed by the True Parent, True Teacher and True Leader, by the man who liberated God. It is the absolute constitution among all constitutions. The lawyers of heaven, the prosecutors of heaven and the judges of heaven recognize its law. So please understand that there can be no excuse for living contrary to this teaching. You must live your lives in total agreement with it.

I am grateful that you say you will live this way. Now I will return to Korea. Two or three years from now, I will be able to do anything I want in Korea. If the Korea-Japan Tunnel is not built, then Korea will build the Bering Strait Tunnel. I can easily do this alone. If I take charge, it will easily be done. Perhaps you don’t believe that I am able to gather the CEOs of Korea’s biggest corporations on short notice? Just wait and see.

When you live in absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, there is no room for personal glory or personal excuses. You did not stem from your own seed or grow in your own soil, so how can you claim anything? There is no way for God to remake you from scratch, is there? So when your parents provide you with collections of my sermons, World Scripture and the New World Encyclopedia, you blessed children have to study them.

All the material that can stop the fighting between the communist world and democratic world has been put into these textbooks. They provide us with a foundation to live forever. Just as God does not die but lives forever, so we, the descendants of God, will never die. We will live forever, together with our ancestors in the eternal heavenly kingdom. It has always been God’s purpose and desire that everyone without exception will one day dwell in the eternal world of the heavenly kingdom. It is a basic rule that we all will become citizens of the heavenly kingdom. 

The age of connecting heaven and earth centering on God

All right! You have been given authority as heirs to the heavenly kingdom. You have the right of ownership in the place of your mothers and fathers. God, your Parent, has given you the right of inheritance. When you claim this right, are there not things that you can do in the new heaven and new earth without asking your ancestors for permission? In this time, when property has no power and politics has no power, I am telling you to stand in the place of your parents in practicing hoondokhae. Once you stand in the position representing the parent, the position representing the teacher and the position representing the king, everything will become possible.

I have been kicked out of countries, yet every time I was kicked out I went to a larger place and considered that I was God’s representative and heir to that place. I can go before the president of any country, even the president of the United States, and say, “I am God’s heir who can act in your place. Have you become the representative and heir of God, the True Parent of humankind? Then you sell everything you can, based on your authority, and offer it to God through me!” The laws of Heaven guarantee that I can make this incredible statement. Having said this, I would like to make a final request. It is something you must remember and put into practice.

We are living in an age when we cannot look at things with humanistic eyes. If we look with the eyes of God’s providence, we see that we are living in the most important and serious time in all of human history. It is the greatest transition point humankind has ever faced, a watershed moment. To meet this age, I will introduce several associations. The first will be an association linking the earthly world and the spirit world centered on God.

The second will be an association to link God and human beings in love.

The third will be the Association of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, or the Association of Cheon Il Guk.

Humankind will seek out and establish God’s original homeland and hometown, and bring about the heavenly kingdom where God and human beings have complete liberation. We have entered an era where we can eternally benefit from God’s blessings and rejoice under the special grace of Heaven.

Therefore, I ask you to please keep yourselves pure in mind and body. Respond to the calls of Heaven, and always live your life with your heart aligned straight up to God, such that your life casts no shadow. If you are determined to live with this entreaty of Heaven in your hearts, please welcome this message with a round of applause.

Thank you.

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