Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 431

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 10: True Parents, the Hope of God and Humankind
Speech 17: Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage, pg 1621-1626

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The great encyclopedia and textbook

I am a living encyclopedia. I put forth ideas that cannot be found in any other encyclopedia. Many of the terms and concepts I have introduced are not in any existing encyclopedia. That is why I prepared the New World Encyclopedia. We have audiotapes of my words that will need to be incorporated into the encyclopedia in the future.

The New World Encyclopedia is needed to create the world of one united culture. If there were two cultural spheres, there would have to be two encyclopedias. If there were three cultural spheres, there would have to be three. If there were four cultural spheres, there would have to be four, each representing a distinct cultural sphere, such as the Soviet cultural sphere, the American cultural sphere, the Islamic cultural sphere and the American Indian cultural sphere.

I am resolving everything and the communist realm can barely even open its mouth. They would have to admit, “We lost. We lost against the teachings of the Old Testament Age, which represents the formation stage. We also lost against the teachings of religions that represent the growth stage.” Although communists have traditionally denied the existence of the spirit world, now communist ancestors in the spirit world are testifying that they are united around me as the Second Coming of Christ. How then could the communists on earth ever think that they could rule the democratic world, which is based on Christianity?

Raise your hand if you are a second-generation blessed child. You took part in the Blessing through your father and mother. You represent the flesh and blood of your parents coming together in one concave cauldron of love. Neither your mother nor your father is in such a position. You are part of the tradition that has inherited God’s lineage. You need to understand this.

I have created the textbook, True Families: Gateway to Heaven, to tear down all false leaders and ideologies. Second generation blessed children: you need to teach your friends and acquaintances about the contents of True Families: Gateway to Heaven by holding hoondokhae sessions with them, together with your parents and grandparents and in the presence of our King, the Almighty God.

When everyone in the world inherits the standard of being a hoondok family as part of their tradition, the entire world will immediately come within the realm of the royal family of the heavenly kingdom. That is the power of True Families: Gateway to Heaven. Who will become the owner of this textbook? Some of your mothers and fathers drink, smoke, have affairs and do all kinds of things, right? Even some of your fellow blessed children live promiscuously. How will you save such people?

You must first come to clearly understand the contents of True Families: Gateway to Heaven and become one with True Father and True Mother. Because you received God’s lineage at the same time as your parents, and your life began on the same level as your parents, it is possible for you to rise up and take the parental role in your family. Up until now you have been in the servant’s position. With this book you can reach the owner’s position. You must be willing to take responsibility to embrace and educate the families of this world, even if your mothers and fathers are unable to. As owners of the True Families: Gateway to Heaven, you will be able to do so.

Children who are educated with these teachings will unite all things that have been separated by mothers and fathers, and by the democratic world and the communist world. The second-generation realm of liberation is arriving. Because this teaching liberates all people, carrying this book when you go out to educate people will surely create people of the kingdom of heaven. This will make these teachings into the teachings of the heavenly kingdom.

Second-generation members lead family hoondokhae

The fastest way to learn Korean is to quit your school here in America and attend kindergarten, elementary school, middle school and high school in Korea. A year in a Korean kindergarten, six years in elementary school, and six years in middle and high school add up to thirteen years. If you graduate from high school in Korea with a full understanding of these textbooks, then you will be able to understand pretty much everything there is to know about the world. Thirteen years ought to be enough time. Then you could go to university and to graduate school. There are Cain-type and Abel-type universities you could attend.

Children can understand most of what their parents are saying to them at eight months to one year of age, right? Even for those who learn late, it doesn’t take them more than three years. Within two-and-a-half to three years, most children can communicate in their native tongue. From when they are in kindergarten, children in America need to learn the language of the one nation, the one language. People who cannot speak that language, the mother tongue of God’s homeland, will be unable to enter the heavenly kingdom.

You must publish these precious books in the original language that True Parents use. The version in the original language is what will last for thousands and even tens of thousands of years. In the future, these books will be printed on paper made with diamonds, gold and platinum. These books set the standard, as does the standard meter that is housed in the Louvre.

The Louvre is a museum in France that contains the standards of all units of measurement. When I saw them, I asked myself: “Why are they here in the Louvre, and not in Britain or the United States?” When you say “Louvre” in Korean, it sounds like the word ends with the syllable bool, which means, “to display something.” France displays many things. It collects all kind of things from different cultures and civilizations of the world, and then generates profit by displaying them in fancy museums.

America is now going to ruin because it did not attend Christ at his Second Coming, although it had the opportunity for the past thirty-four years. I even went as far as to arrange it so that the Third Israel could inherit from the nation of Israel, and then I brought all three nations of Israel into the era of the realm of the fourth Adam. Are you going to boycott that and live according to your own thinking? Many second-generation youth have come today. How were all these second-generation born? They are fruits of the Unification movement, which is unique in the history of religion. And the entire Unification movement started from the efforts of one person struggling to fulfill the Will of God.

When I look at these second-generation youth, my worries go away. Although I am leaving America now, these textbooks remain behind. They are textbooks for your mothers and fathers, and they are textbooks for you. If your mother doesn’t follow their teachings, if she goes against them, then you must have the guts to say, “Mother, you need to repent. There is no way for you to live unless you receive the Blessing again, through me.” With these textbooks, you will be able to re-bless your parents if they have lost their Blessing. Therefore, you must become hoondokhae ancestors. The second-generation must become family hoondokhae leaders. If they do not, then no one will.

The Korea-Japan Tunnel and the Bering Strait Bridge-Tunnel

For some time now, communists in the former Soviet Union and China have been uprooted. They have been drifting, and now they are trying to return to power. If that happens, the Bering Strait will be taken. I initiated the Bering Strait Project ten years ago, although it has yet to be completed. Japan was against the building of the Korea-Japan Tunnel, so the religious sphere and The Washington Times had to take responsibility and publicly announce the Korea-Japan and Bering Strait Tunnel projects.

We will make all the necessary preparations and then dig the Korea-Japan Tunnel. What will we do if Japan does not help? Why don’t we dig a tunnel to Tsushima Island instead? A tunnel can be built to Tsushima anytime. Tsushima is a part of Japan’s Nagasaki prefecture. If a tunnel to Tsushima has been built, Japan will open its doors. The doors to Hiroshima, Osaka, Nagoya and Kyoto will open. Once the door to Kyoto opens, the door to Tokyo will open next, and finally the door to the Japanese government will open.

Building the Korea-Japan Tunnel is so important that the people of Japan need to be willing to sell their property so that it can be built. Once it has been built, it will connect Japan to the Asian continent, and it also will connect Korea to the Pacific Ocean. My leadership encompasses the entire Pacific region. Once the tunnel is built, it will also be easier to travel between mainland China and Hawaii.

Hawaii is just south of the Tropic of Cancer and forms something of a border in the oceanic realm. If I could connect the North and the South to Hawaii, then Hawaii could become a gateway. People could travel anywhere in the world, using Hawaii and the Bering Strait as gateways. Our golf course in Hawaii would then become the favorite of North and South Koreans, and also of Russians!

If the Korean people only realized that I am working to liberate their homeland, they would not oppose me. Whenever people come to understand my teaching, they realize that it is the truth. When people come to know for a fact that what I am teaching is true, they will have no reason to oppose my teachings.

Korea is God’s homeland

Korea is the absolute homeland and hometown. The Korean word for God is Hananim, which means, “the Unique Being.” The etymology of this word signifies that Koreans as a people have traditionally believed in one God. This belief will allow the Korean people to endure.

I have founded a kingdom on God’s behalf and put it in order before coming here. The nation I founded is the nation that God desires. Bringing all into a God-centered lineage, it is the liberated heavenly kingdom on earth and in heaven, where God can do whatever He wants freely and without any barriers. As citizens of that nation, you too can work as God’s representatives.

Who is in the Cain position? e democratic world, which was the first to research and build a foundation, is now in the Cain or older brother’s position. Suppose Cain trades places with Abel, lifting up the younger Abel as his elder? Then grandfathers will become like grandsons, fathers will become like sons, and elder brothers will become like younger brothers, practicing absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. What will happen to the Cain-type realm that fulfills such a role? Those who exalt Abel higher than their tribe, honoring Abel as if he were God and True Parents, belong to the heavenly kingdom. When they donate their national funds and taxes to the heavenly kingdom, then they can receive passports. That must happen before God’s homeland and hometown will appear.

Do you think we need to seek God’s homeland and hometown, or not? I’m telling you these things. If you don’t want to take part, you can leave and say, “From this day forth, I don’t need True Parents.” However, the only center that will remain is True Parents, the King of kings. God, the One Being, is now able to take His proper position for the first time. Is there any room for complaint? You need to attend True Parents as if True Parents were God. We can now take down all the banners of religions and nations.

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