Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 430

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 10: True Parents, the Hope of God and Humankind
Speech 17: Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage, pg 1616-1621

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The faithlessness of Jesus’ disciples

Suppose you have twelve children. They would each represent one of the twelve tribes of Israel. Also, together they would represent the twelve disciples of Jesus. Standing before his twelve disciples, Jesus represented the number thirteen. However, in Jesus’ day the number thirteen could not be secured. In the end the twelve disciples, who could have been as loyal to Jesus as sons, instead betrayed him. They denied him. They did not protect him from death.

Human beings are not aware of their sinful lineage, and this caused them to make a mess of heaven and earth. One example can be seen in the history of the Vikings. They began as hunters, yet when they were short of food they became Cain-like and went south to conquer the plains and river valleys. They could have become a people of Heaven, yet they could not accept their miserable situation, so they fashioned weapons with which to conquer the land.

Vikings and other hunters

Those Viking hunters were like thieves. They liked spilling blood. If four people started out on a hunting expedition in spring, sometimes only one would return in autumn. Do you want to know why? Each man knew some good spots to catch animals, so together they would traverse peaks and valleys in the mountain forests to make their kill. Although they may have been four people when they started out on the expedition, perhaps at some point three of them grew suspicious of the fourth and said, “This fellow is going to steal our skins and run off with them. We had better kill him before he has his chance.” In this way, one person might be killed in spring, another in summer, and a third in autumn. The last person remaining would then take everything for himself. He would take the meat and keep it to survive the winter. Once that hunter returned after a long expedition, he no longer cared about sharing his spoils with his relatives, his friends or even his children.

If a hunting party caught something as large as a moose or a bear, they had to return early. If they returned from their expedition when it was still spring, they would need to plow the land and plant crops to have enough food for winter, but many hunters did not know how to farm. So instead they would set off again to seek higher mountains, higher domains and deeper fishing grounds.

Fishing grounds have no owner. During the flood judgment at the time of Noah, although all the land animals suffered, fish were not affected. So what happened when those Vikings went out fishing? They became pirates. Did you know that Sweden and Norway were once pirate bases?

Hunters and pirates are always looking for better weapons to give them greater advantage in hunting and in warfare. That is why Europeans kept developing ever-deadlier firearms. Did you know that a type of machine gun was invented in Czechoslovakia? When Czechs took their guns out on hunting expeditions, they used them to protect and sometimes to kill their Czech brothers, for instance when two hunters dueled over who made a kill. What used to be Czechoslovakia is now split into two states: the Czech Republic and Slovakia, in a relationship of Cain and Abel.

The huntsmen and America

Who does the actual hunting? Often, hunters get dogs to do it for them. With their keen sense of smell, dogs can tell when there are wolves, bears or elk nearby. On the plains, hunters can use trained hounds to track animals by scent. In the Arctic, however, hunters track their prey by following tracks in the snow. Animal tracks are very important for hunters. In warmer climates, when tracks are less visible, hounds can recognize animals by scent and track them.

Some animals that live in water are also hunters, among them alligators and anacondas. The anaconda is so powerful that it can devour large animals such as deer, boar and even jaguars. The snake’s head stays immobile while it wraps its body around its prey and strangles it. An anaconda emerging from the water to devour a large land animal is a reminder of the flood judgment in Noah’s time, when the sea devoured everything on land. This is not a meaningless discourse. You must heed God’s warnings. The most blessed area in New York is the area surrounding East Garden. There are many notable properties in the area, including the birthplaces of famous poets and authors. It has abundant wildlife and there are many lakes and places to fish. It abounds with natural springs. Bear Mountain and the Catskills are nearby.

Why did I make a headquarters for fishing in New York? In New York you can catch striped bass even in winter. In New York you can catch fish during all four seasons, and the fish are plentiful. New York could potentially serve as a place of refuge. One sign of this is that in New York there are oak trees, which live long lives. Of all trees, the oak tree produces the greatest number of seeds.

Democracy is being destroyed by the current trends in America. Everyone is becoming self-centered and individualistic. We must return to God-centered idealism. Although God may be a demanding King, His goal is to benefit the world. Satan is the evil king, who uses his control over human affairs to destroy the world. Therefore, the King of Heaven has sought to lift up and protect a family on earth that would show the standard of leadership over three generations.

The Israelites were unable to protect Jesus, the Savior, from death. Also in the United States, which in a religious sense represents the Second Israel, there were people who tried to eliminate me. Under the banner of the Abel UN, we can and will establish the one true and ideal family, a family that everyone in the world can become part of. There are more than six thousand languages in the world, while in a family only one language is needed.

I believe that the best language with which to integrate the world’s languages is the Korean language. By using the consonants in the Korean alphabet: “ga, na, da, ra, ma, ba, sa, ah, ja, cha, ka, ta, pa, ha,” you can print words used by any language in the world, forwards or backwards. Each letter in the Korean alphabet is an illustration of the shape the vocal organs must assume in order to pronounce the sound represented by that particular letter.

Who were the people of Dong Yi, the ancestors of Korea? They were warriors and skillful archers of the eastern country who won wars using superior military tactics. With thousands of strategies at their disposal, they won every battle. They established the kingdom of Goguryeo, which endured for approximately one thousand years. The spirit of Goguryeo has never died. It is now returning to life in Korea, although China does not want to see Goguryeo reestablished.

Some people used to claim that the world could only be united through the efforts of China and the Soviet Union. However, even if those two nations had worked together, they could not have united the religious realm.

The way for China and the Soviet Union to succeed was to become one and act in partnership to serve the religious realm. That is why when I met Mikhail Gorbachev, I urged him, “If you serve God and the religious realm, Moscow will become the center of the kingdom of the united world.”

However, the kingdom was not established in Moscow or in Beijing. Nor was it established in New York or in Washington, D.C.. Where can it be established now? My conclusion is that the only place that remains for the establishment of the kingship centered on God, the homeland and hometown of God, is none other than my hometown, Jeongju, in the North Pyeong-an Province of North Korea. It is True Parents’ homeland. Only through the True Parents can the True God appear. From True Parents there can appear true ancestors, one true people, one true nation and one true world.

Bringing about one united world through engrafting all of humanity onto the true lineage must happen naturally, not by force. Once people know the full value of the Blessing, they will not want to miss out on it. When electing a leader, they would want to vote for a candidate who has been blessed. People whose lives embody the Divine Principle will win the election every time.

The time will come when people will eagerly listen to what I say and follow my teachings. I will stand at the forefront and proclaim what the nations of the world need to do. If the United Nations does not listen to me, I will say, “See what happens if you ignore me and keep fighting among yourselves.” The United Nations is currently at the lowest state of equilibrium, completely ineffective. The Pacific Ocean represents what a healthy state of equilibrium would look like, a state that is full of life.

What if, due to global warming, the Pacific Ocean were to rise to its highest possible level? The last island to remain above water would be the island of Hawaii. Do you know the name of the tallest mountain on that island? It is called Mauna Kea. The highest astronomical observatory on the planet can be found on its summit. It is the world’s tallest mountain if you measure its height from the bottom of the ocean. Its peak is about forty-three hundred meters above mean sea level, and more than ten thousand meters above its base on the floor of the Pacific Ocean. Mt. Everest in the Himalayas is only eight thousand eight hundred fifty meters above sea level, right? The island Hawaii is like a shoot sprouting from the bottom of the Earth, and its peak is Mauna Kea.

Nearby is Kona, which sounds like “corner.” To me, Hawaii represents the furthest corner of the world. It was in Kona that I established the Hawaii King Garden and Hawaii Queen Garden. Kona produces superior coffee. Do you like coffee? The best product of Kona is its coffee.

It has already been more than forty years since I first went to Hawaii. It was in Hawaii that I offered prayers prior to my trip to North Korea, where I would meet Kim Il Sung. While in Hawaii I planned out what I would say to Kim Il Sung.

The name Gorbachev, the leader of the former Soviet Union, sounds like the Korean for “to narrow evenly among all.” So I told him that I am the only one who can actually narrow or widen the world, and urged him to listen to me. Because he did listen to me and allowed religion into the Soviet Union, his nation could be liberated from communism.

Underlying the Third World War was a conflict between the cultural sphere of Eastern Christianity, centered on Soviet Russia, and the cultural sphere of Western Christianity. It was a fight between two brothers. The Soviet Union stood in the position of the first son, and Europe, rooted historically in Italy, stood in the position of the second son. The cultural realm of the united world will stand in the position of the third son. The overall progression of history and all historical events occur in accordance with God’s providence, internally and externally.

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