Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 429

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 10: True Parents, the Hope of God and Humankind
Speech 17: Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage, pg 1612-1616

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Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage

July 7, 2009 
East Garden, Irvington, New York, USA
Commemoration of the 233rd Anniversary of the Independence of the United States of America

You must know that we have left the Era before the Coming of Heaven and have entered the Era after the Coming of Heaven. Now we are approaching the era of Cain and Abel. Just as we cannot discern the precise moment when day becomes night, and we cannot discern the precise moment when the seasons change from spring to summer, so it is at the change of an era. The environment in which you live does not perceptibly change. Without the aid of a clock, it is very difficult to tell when one has arrived at midnight and the start of a new day. Yesterday and today continue as though they were the same day, yet at midnight a new day begins. It happens in a single second. In the same way, a new age and a new world have begun, even though we cannot point to the precise moment when the Era before the Coming of Heaven ended and the Era after the Coming of Heaven began.

People tend to believe out of habit that each day is merely a continuation of the previous day. However, look at history: when a new age arrives, what happens to the old values that people may have held for tens of thousands of years? No one realizes it at the time, yet in that single second a way of life that had persisted for tens of thousands of years is destined to disappear.

People do not recognize when there is a transition from one age to another. It is the same for transitions in the life of an individual and for transitions in the family. For example, there is a time for parents to be focused on raising sons and daughters, and a time for them to be focused on serving their ancestors. There is a time when the grandfather has the role of a parent, and a time when he stands as a king. There is a time when parents are working things out in their relationship as husband and wife, and a time when sons and daughters are going through the transition to become husbands and wives themselves.

The Era before the Coming of Heaven can be compared to a person exhaling, while the Era after the Coming of Heaven is like a person inhaling.

The Era before the Coming of heaven and the Era after the Coming of Heaven intersect in the blink of an eye. Still, people continue to live without realizing that anything has happened. Do you notice when your eyes are blinking? Do you think about the fact that you are inhaling and exhaling?

The world’s peoples are divided between East and West. Also, just as the geographical North and South are divided at the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, the world’s peoples are divided between North and South. However, because the hemispheres are on opposite sides of the world, most people do not recognize how deep the North-South and East-West divisions are. You must understand this reality. Within one second, the cosmos could change from the Era before the Coming of Heaven to the Era after the Coming of Heaven. It could likewise change from the era above Heaven to the era below Heaven, or from the era in front of Heaven to the era behind Heaven.

The motion of a round ball can represent these changes. In Korean I coined the word won-gu, meaning “round ball,” for the title of the Won-gu Peace Cup. Although you may not realize it, the cosmos changed as a result of the Won-gu Peace Cup Cain-Abel Cosmic Tournament. You did not know that heaven and earth have been divided as a result of the Fall. We live our lives without realizing that the world can change in a single second. We did not know that an individual of absolute faith, an individual of absolute love, and an individual of absolute obedience could all be divided in one second.

Today the world is divided between those who use the lunar calendar and those who use the solar calendar. It is one way that the East and the West are divided. How did the first ancestors of humanity come to have descendants who were divided between East and West? How did all the separate countries come about? How did siblings come to be divided against each other? These questions need to be answered.

The owner of peace

It is said that God is the Alpha and the Omega, the cause and the result. However, the center of that Alpha and Omega is true love. The fundamental motive of creation is that two become one. God was acting from the core of that motive when He created human beings as partners with whom He could become one. But what happened? The Fall occurred. Humanity was to attain one lineage with God as the foundation for establishing His family ideal. This was not realized. Instead, humanity lost its connection to God. Are American families God’s families? Life originates from a father and mother, each a distinct substantiation of God’s dual characteristics. By what means do they then become one? It is love. People are born from love; their beginning is love. Hence, their purpose must also be for the sake of love. By himself a man cannot give or receive love. That is why he needs a woman. By the same token, a woman needs a man. I am promoting a philosophy of peace that teaches us to be an owner of lineage before trying to be an owner of peace.

What are the love of the Alpha and the love of the Omega? What is the love needed as we proceed from the Alpha to the Omega? Love is supposed to grow, except it cannot grow properly unless God’s love is present. Two people may love each other, yet if they lose God’s love between them, then in the end they will have nothing to sustain their relationship. It takes only a crack for air to enter that empty space. It takes only a crack for water to get in. It takes only a crack for sunlight to get in. You need an opening. Otherwise, if you were to stay in an airtight room for an extended period of time, you wouldn’t be able to breathe. Air, water and sunlight are the basic elements of life. If even one of them is missing—if water is missing, for example—life ceases to exist. If air or sunlight is missing, life ceases to exist. Do you think you could live without air, water or light from the sun?

How amazing are the words “one family under God”! In these words we find God’s lifeline, God’s breath, God’s rays of sunlight. The roots of spiritual life, the Alpha and Omega, are deeply embedded there. Only when we see it in this way can we say, “Wow!” We then will come alive to find our ideal partner of love.

There cannot be a united world unless we each find an ideal partner for whom we would not mind to sacrifice everything. There are West Point cadets here, who I believe have been taught to be ready to die for their country. The traditional philosophy of West Point is that a person must be ready to serve his country even at the sacrifice of his love, his family and his clan.

Where is that West Point spirit in America today? Are you ready to offer your lives like those West Point cadets? Where can we find such traditional American thought? All we can find is individualism.

The world of individualism will not survive. Individualism is doomed, as are family-ism, nationalism, state-ism, and even world-ism. Even a philosophy that encompasses the world will fall short. The only sure way of survival is the way that transcends the world, which can be termed “cosmos-ism.” The cosmos encompasses all the nations of the world and also the spirit world. In contrast to individualism, the “ism” of the cosmos is seen in the teamwork and passionate play of the Peace Cup tournament. When individual elements cooperate for a greater purpose, they can encompass the entire cosmos.

The textbook that can teach everything

When it was time for the people of Israel to return to the land of Canaan, God ordered Moses, “Go back to the land of your ancestors! Go back to your hometown, to Jerusalem!” Had Moses been able to enter Canaan, he was supposed to have gathered the thirty-one kings of that area and instructed them to follow the Ten Commandments and revere the Ark of the Covenant. Each of the kings was to understand clearly that if he did not honor the Ark of the Covenant—if he disobeyed the Ten Commandments—then his nation could no longer stand. Moses was to bring the kings, each representing a nation, to unite with him. A mistake on the part of the king of a nation would represent a mistake of that entire nation.

God gave Moses a family-level standard: the deeds of the king and queen, who stood as the father and mother of a nation, would determine the rise or fall of the entire nation. All thirty-one kings of the land were supposed to recognize their responsibility as national leaders and bow down tens of thousands of times in front of the Ark of the Covenant as it passed by, in order to repent for the sins of their nations with respect to the standard of the Ten Commandments. Without proper repentance on the part of the kings representing their nations, their nations could not be allowed to remain. Any group of people that, due to pride and ambition, did not submit to the Ark of the Covenant would cease to exist. Therefore, those nations led by kings who did not submit to the Ark would be scattered.

This shows what was to have happened after the Second World War. It was a confrontation between Great Britain, United States and France on one side, and Japan, Germany and Italy on the other. Great Britain represented a mother-type nation in relationship to America. What did France represent? France used to be pronounced bullanseo in Korean, a word which sounds like the word for “furnace.” At the time of the Second World War, France was like a furnace full of embers ready to burst into flame at any moment. Japan tried to conquer Asia while opposing the three nations of Great Britain, the United States and France.

The First World War, the Second World War and the Cold War represent the three stages of formation, growth and completion. The three time periods in which they were fought represent the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age and the Completed Testament Age. The purpose of the three world wars was to prepare for the settlement of the era of the fourth Adam. Did you know that was their purpose?

I recently published a textbook that explains the most important things you must know to guide you along life’s course. It is called True Families: Gateway to Heaven. Those of you who are parents need to buy copies of this small book for each of your children. If you have twelve children, you need to buy twelve copies, one for each child, making a total of thirteen when you include your own book. Then you need to educate your children so that all twelve books can be united centering on the parents’ book. Teach them absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. By using this textbook to teach your children, you will raise them to be totally one with God and inseparable from Him.

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