Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 408

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 10: True Parents, the Hope of God and Humankind
Speech 07: True Parents Are the Hope of God and Humankind, pg 1525-1528

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True Parents Are the Hope of God and Humankind

December 2, 2004 
Yongpyeong Resort, Gangwon Province, Korea 
Second International Conference of the Mongolian Peoples Federation for World Peace 


Honorable guests from home and abroad, ladies and gentlemen:

I would like to extend my gratitude to all of you who have graced us with your fellowship and have come to participate in the development of the Mongolian Peoples Federation for World Peace.

This federation that I have founded does not aim at establishing another nation in the world. Nor is it the beginning of a new nationalist movement. It is a movement of harmony and unity to do away with all walls and barriers between nations and to bring together the 6.5 billion people of the world through rallying the interrelated people of Mongolian descent.

Therefore, on this day I would like to pass on to you words of truth specially given by God to all people, who are still living in a world of complete darkness, unable to see ahead. It is my hope that you will receive these words with an open heart and become the chosen people in this era of confusion and chaos. The topic I will speak on this evening is “True Parents Are the Hope of God and Humankind.”

The Messiah as True Parents

Ladies and gentlemen, originally, in relation to human beings, God was to have been the Teacher of teachers, Owner of owners, King of kings and Parent of parents. In other words, He was to have been the True Parent. However, through the Fall of our first ancestors, Adam and Eve, we lost God, and we have lived for thousands of years not knowing we are orphans.

The history of human beings has been one of grief. We lost the True Teacher, through whom we were to learn; we lost the True Lord, whom we were to serve and honor; we lost the True King, to whom we were to be loyal; and we lost the True Parent, from whom we were to inherit the eternal and true blood lineage.

This is why the desire of fallen people is to meet the true Son of God, who is not of the fallen race and whom Satan cannot accuse. He comes as the original Adam, with the true love, true life and true lineage of Heaven. He comes as the Savior, representing the realm of the son on the national level. His coming is nothing less than the advent of the Messiah.

The Messiah comes as the perfected Adam, so he must first choose a true bride whom God can love according to the absolute standard. God then raises them to be a true husband and wife. In that position, the ideal of the original husband and wife, through which God’s ideal of creation can be achieved, is completed. On that foundation, the true husband and wife can give birth to true children who have inherited the pure lineage of Heaven. These children will then begin the eternal lineage of goodness and never walk the path trod by the descendants of the Fall.

True love and the true family principle

However, the mission of the Messiah does not end there. He has to rise to the position of the True Parent and establish an absolute and true family. Based on this true family, the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven can be established, in which God’s ideal of creation is perfected. To achieve this goal, the 6.5 billion fallen people of the world without exception have to be engrafted into the true family of the Messiah. Not only must their hearts be engrafted  but also their lineage.

How can they be engrafted? All of you are wild olive trees, born with fallen nature. Even if you waited hundreds or thousands of years, no miracle or mutation that can transform wild olive trees into true olive trees would occur. Everyone would remain wild olive trees forever. What this means is that unless the lineage itself is transformed, you cannot escape from being wild olive trees. Therefore, the six-thousand-year-old wild olive tree must be completely cut at its base, and a shoot from the true olive tree must be engrafted  to it. The engrafted shoot will grow into a tree, and when it matures it will bear the fruit of a true olive tree.

In the same way, fallen people must sever their connection with Satan’s sinful world, and receive the Blessing through which True Parents, the true olive tree, can engraft true olive shoots to them and begin a true lineage. The true lineage begun in this way will produce true children who are the fruit of the true olive tree. This is the way fallen people can be reborn through the love of the True Parents and can inherit true life, true love and true lineage.

True parents come into existence through the birth of their true children, and thus naturally establish true families. This is the basis of the true family principle, the principle that God’s purpose of creation is realized by the establishment of true families.

This true family principle is based on the principles of God’s true love, by which subject and object partners give to each other and live for the sake of each other, transcending nationality and all other superficialities. This true love of God is love that gives and then forgets having given, and serves the other endlessly. It is love that builds up as time goes on. When the receiver returns more than he or she has given, the relationship continues endlessly.

When such a relationship of true love, which is sacrificial and sublime, continues and spreads throughout the world, humankind will develop into a true tribe, a true race, a true nation and one true world. Further development will bring about a true spirit world as the true physical world’s counterpart. In other words, the establishment of a true cosmos will finally be achieved.

The power of true love, as can be seen, is a great and boundless power, capable of re-creating the universe. In the end, only the power of true love can establish the world God envisioned at the time of the Creation, which is the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven.

An ideal world is not one in which people wield power and dictate to others. It is a world where all people are brothers and sisters, a world in which our hearts are automatically moved to respond to God’s love in harmony. What else would the world we all desire be like?

Ladies and gentlemen: Even God reached perfection after passing through a period of growth. Because we resemble God, we also need to go through a growth period.

Let us consider the true family principle in more detail in the context of the first family, for the family is the base for spiritual growth. In the garden of Eden, the family of Adam was to have been the model of a true family as envisioned by God. The invisible form of God was to have materialized in visible form through the four-position foundation that God intended. God created us to be the object partners to Him as the subject partner. Children, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, and parents had existed only as entities in His heart. He desired to perfect them in substantial form. Starting with the family of Adam, God wanted to feel infinite joy by achieving the perfection of the true love He had envisioned, with substantial children, substantial brothers and sisters, substantial husbands and wives, and substantial parents.

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