Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 407

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 10: True Parents, the Hope of God and Humankind
Speech 06: The Harmonization of Values, and the Liberation and Complete Settlement of the Realm Transcending Religions and Nations from the Providential Perspective, pg 1520-1524

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Absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience

Nonetheless, in order to attain this state of perfection, as descendants of the Fall, we first need to shed our fallen nature. How can we do this?

First, resemble God. When God created all the creatures in the universe, He practiced absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Didn’t He believe and act in accordance with the absolute standard of the Principle according to the order of creation that He had established? He also planted within each of us the absolute standard of love.

In your life, too, if you adhere to and practice these three major principles: absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, your happiness is guaranteed. Your good ancestors, and even the great religious leaders in the heavenly world, will assemble to guide your way. See what happens when you practice an absolute standard of faith, love and obedience for the sake of your parents, your spouse, and your brothers and sisters. Heaven will protect you to the same absolute degree. You will feel no attraction to selfish individualism or unprincipled gratification.

The second part of shedding the fallen nature comes from the fact that, by no fault of our own, we are descendants of the Fall and have inherited fallen nature from birth. Therefore, it is the urgent task of each of us to bring about three great revolutions in our individual lives. I refer to the revolution of atonement, the revolution of conscience, and the revolution of heart.

The revolution of atonement means that you offer up everything. By this offering you regain your rights of internal and external ownership and establish a standard that transcends the realm where Satan lays claim. You start with a revolution in your own life by boldly shaking off all the old habits and ways of thinking that you acquired during the age when we lived under Satan’s rule, called the age before the coming of Heaven. You make that foundation in order to practice the absolute standard of true love, which is the standard for life in the age after the coming of Heaven, and live eternally as God’s true children.

In addition, you go through a revolutionary course and offer to Heaven all your property, which means your right of external ownership. Then, once you have separated from Satan by cutting off all ties to Satan’s world, you will inherit Heaven’s blessings. Your assets now are Heaven’s sanctified assets, over which Satan can never again claim ownership.

Next is the revolution of conscience. It is an internal revolution that we carry out by practicing absolute obedience to the voice of our conscience. I am sure you cannot deny that you still harbor the unending struggle between the commands of your conscience, which pursues what is good, and the inclinations of your physical mind, which follows the desires of your physical body. To bring this shameful internal conflict to an end, we need to understand the function of the conscience. The conscience knows everything about you, your every move and your every thought. It knows them before your teacher does. It knows them before your parents do. It knows them before God does.

What happens when you go against the commands of your conscience? You will be attacked by pangs of conscience. Dust will gather, decay set in, and wounds appear on your soul. You can never erase these wounds. They are fearful baggage that you carry with you when you go to the spirit world.

Therefore, work in a revolutionary way to suppress your physical mind and accept the guidance of your conscience. Then you will become a clear, unblemished and clean soul that is ready for the day you make your way into the presence of God.

Finally, there comes the revolution of heart. I have said that God created human beings as His children. What, then, is the connection that binds each of us to God? It is the love and heart between parent and child. If there is no communication of heart between parent and child, how can they maintain a relationship of love and respect? Yet human beings, having lived for thousands of years under the influence of the fallen realm, are still slaves in our hearts to false love rooted in false lineage received through false parents. To escape from this yoke, constantly pursue a life of true love, practicing forgiveness and always giving to others. Through this process, we return to the realm of God’s ownership based on heart.

If your heartstrings are tied to selfish, individualistic inclinations, or are in pursuit of vanity in Satan’s world, you will end up on a path of hopelessness and grief. On the other hand, if you live for the sake of others, always constructive, always seeking to be the first to yield and the first to give, your heart will be tied to the heart of God eternally.

In sum, you have to completely cut your ties with the false parent, receive the Holy Marriage Blessing from the True Parents, who have appeared in this world as the substantiations of the invisible God, and secure Heaven’s true lineage.

The third part of shedding fallen nature is to scrutinize your life every moment of every day. I am sure you all had experiences in school, looking at a problem on a test and not knowing whether a particular answer was right or wrong. The same is true with your overall life. I am asking you to analyze and scrutinize the innumerable different situations in daily life each moment, and determine whether you are right or wrong. In the same way Korean teachers grade tests, give yourself an O if you are right, or an X if you are wrong.

When you meet a situation and act in an affirmative and hopeful way, you get an O. By this action you set a vertical axis up to heaven and you lived as at “high-noon,” without casting a shadow. Your life undoubtedly had such depth and breadth that you forgave and embraced an enemy in the spirit of true love.

When you act shamefully, however, give yourself an X. Most likely your heart was filled with negative emotions such as insecurity, irritation, bitterness or envy. Your mind and thoughts were narrow and intolerant, and you were selfish and individualistic to the point that you did not see what was happening to others around you.

I believe that your choice could not be clearer. Every moment of your lives deserves an O. You must be like an O, perfectly round and not distorted in any way. You must come to have the form of an O, in balance with the center no matter where you are. Please pursue the true O, so that you can stand in the brightly burning sunlight and not be ashamed, face the vast and infinite universe with honor, and stand before all of creation having nothing to hide.

An O symbolizes harmony, unity and peace. An X symbolizes death, while an O symbolizes love and life. When your mind and body become completely one, you will take the shape of an O. However when your mind and body are in chaos as a result of conflict, your appearance will take the shape of an X.

Live a life without regret

Ladies and gentlemen, today humanity has entered the Era after the Coming of Heaven. The realm of true liberation and complete freedom stands before us. This is an event both unprecedented and unrepeatable. Shall we return gratitude and glory to God and True Parents for making this day possible?

The time has come for humanity to boldly break out of the fallen realm, covered as it is with falsehood and blood as a result of Adam and Eve’s transgression. Let us rise up with extraordinary determination in response to Heaven’s call!

Please give careful thought to the reasons you are here today. Is it simply because you received an invitation from the sponsors and thought you would like to attend a banquet? Whether you desired it or not, you have been called by Heaven. This is the same as it was for me when I suddenly received Heaven’s call. As a young man of sixteen, I began an eighty-year course of blood, sweat and tears for the sake of bringing true liberation and complete freedom to God. For the sake of releasing humanity from Satan’s yoke, you also must go forward and offer your life to accomplish God’s exalted will for the liberation and complete establishment of a world transcending religions and nations.

Ladies and gentlemen, heavenly fortune is now shining upon this world. It is the sun that rises powerfully in the eastern sky. The darkness that covered this earth for tens of thousands of years is dispelled. The heavenly decree has already taken root in your heart. It is the path and a destiny that you cannot avoid. Be strong and rise up. The time has come to truly experience the meaning of Jesus’ teaching that whoever wants to find their life will lose it, yet whoever is willing to lose their life for his sake will find it. All of us without exception, including myself, are bound to go to the spirit world someday. I sincerely ask you to engrave tonight’s message on your heart, so that from this time forth you will live a life that will not leave you with any regrets.

This message from Heaven that I have given you tonight is my last message to God’s chosen nation, America. I pray that God’s blessings be upon you, your family and this nation of America for all of eternity.

Thank you.

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