Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 409

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 10: True Parents, the Hope of God and Humankind
Speech 07: True Parents Are the Hope of God and Humankind, pg 1528-1531

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The four great realms of heart and the three great kingships

Therefore, the core of the true family principle lies in the perfection of four great realms of heart and three great kingships. These constitute the fundamental framework for human relationships, and are absolutely necessary to true families. The four great realms of heart refers to the realms of the heart of a child toward their parents, of siblings for each other, of a husband and wife toward one another, and of parents for their children.

Everyone is born as someone’s child. As we grow up, we form sibling relationships; we marry, enter a conjugal relationship and bear children, thereby becoming parents. This is the process we all must pass through. The perfection of the four great realms of heart and the three great kingships is achieved within the framework of the family.

Then, first of all, what do we mean by the perfection of the realm of the heart of a child? We are born as children of our parents; we have no choice in this. We cannot choose whom we are born to, whether we are born as the son of a president or the daughter of the greatest beauty in the world. Nevertheless, from the moment of our birth, we are destined to grow and develop under the protection of our parents. We live with and serve our parents. As we grow up in such circumstances, we learn about and nurture our heart of love and filial piety toward our parents as their children. We finally reach the point of being ready to give our lives for them.

Our parents do not teach us these things, and neither do schoolteachers. The heart of a child develops as children see their parents living lives of sacrifice and true love for their sake. As children grow and mature, they perfect their hearts. In other words, they are perfecting a standard of life in which they are willing to give everything they have for their parents and serve them forever. It is a life in which children can often read the minds of their parents before they even open their lips, and then serve them in the way they need. It is a life in which the child can know what the parents are feeling just by looking into their eyes. The child thus fulfills the duties of a true child. It is a life in which a child offers a heart that has reached an absolute standard not only toward his parents on the horizontal level but also to God, the True Parent on the vertical axis. This is the perfection of the realm of the heart of a child.

Second, perfection of the realm of the heart of a brother or sister also involves the family. It is the realm of the heart and of true love that is perfected by brothers and sisters living together in harmony, learning from and understanding the lives of their parents. It is the realm of heart in which the children learn to be like their mother and father. When you consider this from the viewpoint of human relationships, it is a relationship of front and back. If the older sibling is in the position of the subject partner, the younger is positioned as the object partner. The younger, object partner is the person who gives the older one the position of the subject partner of absolute value.

This is the perfection of a beautiful realm of heart in which the younger siblings serve and honor the older brother like a father and trust and rely on the older sister like a mother. This is the practice of true love, with the older sibling taking care of the younger as a parent would a beloved child, and the younger serving and honoring his or her elders as he would his or her parents. It is the perfection of true love between brothers and sisters, in which each makes up for what is lacking in the other, and in which each fosters good points in the other. It is the realm of heart and love between brothers and sisters who are of the same lineage and whom nothing can separate.

Those people who have perfected the realm of heart of true children and of brothers and sisters within the context of a true family will lead lives that shine brightly like the sun, even after they leave the family home. They will become people loved by all. When they meet elders, they will serve and honor them as they would their own parents, and when they meet people who are younger, they will love them as they would their own brothers and sisters. Wherever they go, whatever they do, and whomever they meet, these children will be respected as the possessors of true love and heart, under all circumstances giving more than others, working harder and longer than others, and thinking about others and sacrificing for them before thinking about themselves. Though they may be young, they will become central figures trusted and relied upon by everyone, regardless of gender and age. In this way, the perfection of the realm of heart of brothers and sisters achieved within the embrace of a family will promote absolute values for eternal life.

Recovering the realm of heart between husband and wife

Next, how do we achieve the perfection of the realm of heart of a husband and wife? Unlike the relationship between parents and children and between brothers and sisters, the relationship between husband and wife is not an absolute one, in that they are not related by blood from the beginning. In fact, the coming together of a man and a woman from different backgrounds and families to create a new life together involves a truly revolutionary decision and vow. However, the relationship of husband and wife, once they become one in mind and body through true love, transforms into an absolute relationship, stronger even than the ties of blood. In fact, endless and boundless treasures can be found in the relationship between husband and wife. Once you become husband and wife centering on Heaven, you are in an absolute relationship, and you can never be separated from your spouse.

When we look at the family of Adam, we see that, although Adam and Eve were created as the son and daughter of God, Eve began in the position of the younger sister of Adam, and Adam was the older brother of Eve. When they grew up, they became husband and wife. In the same way, the relationship between husband and wife must begin from the level of a brother and sister who are related by blood. What this means is that everyone is born with God as his or her True Parent, and they are destined to serve Him forever.

Considering these points, how can people in a marriage relationship fall victim to divorce? How can someone even consider forsaking his or her spouse of eternal joy and happiness, when they know that the eyes of Heaven are on them and the blade of their conscience is ready to pierce them at the slightest mistake?

In the same way as the love of God is absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging, the love between husband and wife is also absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging. This is how God’s principles of creation, or laws of nature, work. A husband and wife who are one in mind and body and who have perfected the realm of conjugal heart are the joy of God and the hope of the cosmos.

The perfection of the realm of husband and wife is absolutely necessary to perfect the realm of heart of parents. It is the foundation, upon which the true family of absolute value and standards can be established, that will perfect the one body of God and humankind in love. Therefore, the positions of the husband and wife are also the positions through which God and the children come together, the brothers and sisters come together, and the parents come together. They are also in the position of the absolute subject partner of the four great realms of heart, and each is also in the position of an object partner. To the wife, the husband occupies the absolute position through which she receives the ideal son of Heaven, the older brother of Heaven, the husband of Heaven, and the father of Heaven. It is the same for the husband; to him, his wife also occupies those absolute positions.

However, due to the Fall of the first ancestors, the framework of these sacred relationships was shattered. What you must understand is that the heart of God, who is the origin of all principles and fundamental laws, is filled with grief because He has to restore His fallen children without deviating from the principles and fundamental laws He established. The moment the true husband and wife are born through the Holy Marriage Blessing, carried out based on the true love of God and conducted by the True Parents who have come to earth as the Savior of humanity and the Messiah, is the moment of liberation and freedom. It is the moment in which the grief harbored by God for the past six thousand years starts to be resolved. It is also the point of a new beginning at which family happiness is promised. 

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