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Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 10: True Parents, the Hope of God and Humankind
Speech 06: The Harmonization of Values, and the Liberation and Complete Settlement of the Realm Transcending Religions and Nations from the Providential Perspective, pg 1508-1513
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The Harmonization of Values, and the Liberation and Complete Settlement of the Realm Transcending Religions and Nations from the Providential Perspective

October 26, 2004 
Rye Brook Hilton Hotel, Rye Brook, New York, USA 
Special four-city speaking tour in the United States


Respected leaders representing the religious, political, journalistic and academic spheres of America and the world, ladies and gentlemen:

A thousand emotions crowd my mind as I stand here today. Thirty-four years have passed since I first set foot on this land chosen by God. I came here to uphold God’s will, which is to make America a foothold for world salvation by reviving Christianity and bringing reconciliation among religions.

A call from Heaven to go to America

Some of you who are sitting here may remember the warning I proclaimed when I first arrived in America. I boldly declared to the American people, “If there is an illness in your home, do you not need a doctor from outside? If your home catches on fire, do you not need fire fighters? God sent me to America as a doctor to heal this wounded land. He sent me to America as a firefighter because this house is on fire.”

In the early 1970s, I called the two hundred and seventy million people of America to a great awakening. In my second Day of Hope speaking tour I visited twenty-one major cities throughout the United States. I warned the people that God was leaving America. I clearly stated that America had no hope if it did not end the racial strife between blacks and whites, reverse the moral degradation of its youth, stem the tide of self-centered individualism, solve the problem of communism, and bring reconciliation among religions. I said do not look to the federal government or academia for the answer. I called upon enlightened religious leaders to come together, surmount differences of religion and ethnicity, and combine their strength to address these issues. Now, thirty years later, what do we see in America?

Only God knows the sweat and tears I shed in America as I labored to establish world peace. You who are here today are the chosen fruit of that sweat and those tears. Yet, a thorny path still awaits this nation. I, Rev. Moon, am not an American. In accordance with God’s command, I have returned to Korea to lead His providence to restore my homeland to God.

The future of this nation is now in the hands of conscientious leaders such as you. Who else will save your nation? Where else except among the people gathered here can we find a politician who would willingly sacrifice him or herself for the future of this nation, or a professor who would spend sleepless nights anguishing over its problems? You are the only ones who can do it. You must stand up now and become the locomotive that leads America’s two hundred and ninety million people.

In this regard, I would like to convey a portion of a new understanding given by Heaven for this age, titled “The Harmonization of Values, and the Liberation and Complete Settlement of the Realm Transcending Religions and Nations from the Providential Perspective.” Please engrave this message in your hearts. Let its teachings give you direction and purpose in living for the sake of this nation and all human beings. This message is not only for you and for the people of America; it is the new decree of Heaven, the absolute, undeniable truth, to be declared to all 6.5 billion people of the world, and even throughout the spirit world.

A world created for mutual relationships

Dear guests, what was God’s purpose in creating human beings? The omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent God did not want to live in solitude. He wished for object partners whom He could love; these are human beings. God created the cosmos in stages to make an environment for human beings, and on that foundation He created human beings to receive His absolute love.

God created us to be His children. God’s desire for us is unlimited. Out of love, He desires that human beings be even better and greater than He is. Don’t all parents wish that their children would surpass them? This is the tradition of parental love with which God has blessed us. 

God’s purpose of creation is to experience complete joy in seeing His children grow to maturity in a true family, marry under His Blessing, and multiply true children who will build a true, ideal heaven on earth and in heaven, in which to live eternally. They would be the fruits of God’s true love, true life and true lineage.

Does America today resemble God’s ideal of heaven on earth? Can you Americans say that you possess God’s true love? I am here to teach you the path to ownership of God’s true love.

We become owners of true love through practice. How do you practice true love? You do this by giving first, by investing completely for your beloved, and by sacrificing and forgetting what you have given.

In the beginning, God practiced true love. Before God created human beings, He established the standard of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience and then invested Himself one hundred percent. These are absolute values of love. Thus, God established the principle that we create true relationships by practicing absolute values with true love. 

You cannot become an owner of true love by yourself. You have to be in relationship with a counterpart. Thus, a man and woman can never become parents without having children, and it is in the parent-child relationship that we naturally practice absolute values and become owners of parental love.

This principle also applies to God. In order for God to stand as the owner of absolute love, He needs human beings as His true children. He practices the values of absolute love as He relates with us as His object partners of love. Ultimately, the relationship between God as the subject partner and human beings as object partners becomes absolute and creates a realm of unity and perfection. 

This principle applies throughout the universe, although we have not understood it. Mistakenly, we have been taught that the strong always devour and exploit the weak. The theory of the survival of the fittest, the so-called law of the jungle, is rooted in the Hellenistic worldview. It is fundamentally wrong! Its proponents overlook absolute values. These values lead to the completion of every creature. They allow each to be the owner of love by living for the greater good. 

The owner of love lives for the sake of his or her object partner. They invest true love and forget ever having invested. The object partner responds to that investment of love with complete giving in return. If true love were excluded from this equation, only the concept of struggle would remain. However existence and development come not from exploitation, they come from God’s Principle of Creation. He creates through a participatory process of giving and receiving rooted in love’s absolute values, in which complementary partners unite to create an environment of a greater harmony.

Of course, entities sacrifice for the sake of a greater good, but we must not interpret this as moral evil. It is an investment for the sake of mutual development. Is it evil for an individual to sacrifice for his or her family? Is it evil for a family to sacrifice for the nation, or a nation for the world? No, these noble acts display love’s absolute values. They constitute the path to fully realize true love. An owner of true love strives, first of all, to lift up his or her object partner also as an owner of true love.

Satan’s self-centeredness and final struggle

Therefore, we have to rid ourselves completely of an individualistic mind-set and the self-centered behavior that flows from it. This is the root of fallen nature and the cause of evil. This applies to individual selfish behavior of men and women and to collective selfish behavior of communities and nations.

Selfish individualism stands in direct contradiction to the spirit which blossoms when we live by true love’s absolute values. Instead of sacrificing and giving for the sake of others, self-centeredness makes demands upon others to sacrifice for me. It leads us to be concerned first with our own interests.

Through the Fall, Satan diabolically injected self-centeredness into the mind-body relationship. He planted this poison mushroom in the human heart. Although the embrace of self-centeredness may lead to a beautiful appearance, worldly fame and earthly comfort, it is a trap. To enter it is reckless, for it becomes an addiction and leads to hidden suffering that is difficult to escape.

Consider your physical body. Its design was present in your parents’ sperm and ovum. You were born from the love of your parents. On the physical level, your father’s sperm provided 0.001 percent of you and 99.999 percent came from your mother’s bone, blood and flesh. Your entire body is an extension of your mother. No one is an exception to this. In this respect, there is nothing that we can call our own and no way to justify self-centered individualism.

Everything exists in relation to its complement. When we say “front,” it presupposes a “back.” Above is meaningful only in relation to below. Left is a precondition for right. By the same logic, masculinity presupposes the existence of femininity. The moral lesson is that men are born for the sake of women, and women are born for the sake of men. Without men, there is no need for women. In the same way, without women, men cannot claim their existence has any value. In the end, nothing is born for its own sake. All beings exist and act for the sake of a partner. This means that God created all things to move toward the ideal of His kingdom through mutual relationships.

Consider a human being’s five senses. Do our eyes exist to gaze at themselves? No. Our eyes, nose, ears, mouth and hands were created to sense others. What force energizes our five senses to sustain our life and maintain our activities? It is the force that exalts the values of true love. Our five senses are tools essential for the practice of true love. Nothing comes into being for its own sake. A life for the sake of others, giving and sacrificing through love and perfecting the ownership of love through willing submission, is a life aligned with God’s ideal of creation.

Today I ask you to recognize that each of you was created for the sake of your partner. The law of nature calls you to live for the sake of your partner. Practice this way of life and you will come to embody absolute values. By this, you will become an owner of true love.

When God created the first human ancestors, Adam and Eve, in the garden of Eden, He gave them reproductive organs. Why did He do that? It was so that they could grow to maturity, marry, beget children without sin, and establish the kingdom of heaven on earth. Thus they were to perfect God’s ideal of creation. Adam and Eve were to have accomplished this within their lifetime.

The problem was that Adam and Eve fell. They became people of false love, false life and false lineage. Instead of embodying and multiplying God’s love, God’s life and God’s lineage, Adam and Eve received Satan’s lineage. 

They fell into disgrace and, what is worse, transmitted Satan’s lineage to their children. They lost love’s absolute values and became beings devoid of value. Hence, God had to watch them leave the garden of Eden.

Adam was supposed to have become God’s body on earth. Eve was supposed to have become Adam’s bride and God’s bride as well. However their minds and bodies were corrupted. They lost their ideals and turned into enemies. How grieved God’s heart was as He viewed that tragic reality! The Fall was Adam and Eve’s grave. It robbed God of what belonged to Him. The Fall is the root of free sex and the origin of self-centered individualism.

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