Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 405

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 10: True Parents, the Hope of God and Humankind
Speech 06: The Harmonization of Values, and the Liberation and Complete Settlement of the Realm Transcending Religions and Nations from the Providential Perspective, pg 1513-1517

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The Fall is the root of free sex

Take a look around you. We see self-centered individualism of the worst kind. Over-consumption is nothing but rampant greed. Free sex is out of control among the young. In the East and West, people are throwing overboard the dignity and value of the family and pursuing physical pleasure. Millions fall into drug addiction, contract deadly diseases and meet tragic ends.

Our conscience abhors a decadent and meaningless life, so even as we pursue paths of extreme individualism and bodily pleasure, our conscience raises an alarm. Every person has a God-given original mind that longs to live in a universe, nation, neighborhood and family wrapped in the loving embrace of parents and siblings.

Still, we continue to walk contrary to the original mind’s desire, and eventually the conscience burns out. Faced with the inescapable conflict between the body’s selfish desires and the conscience, we deaden the pain with escapist drugs and, when driven to the edge, resort to suicide. Our lives testify to the truth of the proverb, “you shall reap what you sow.” What seed did Adam and Eve sow in the garden of Eden? They planted the seed of free sex through an illicit sexual relationship. That is why it is written that after they fell, they hid their lower parts. It was certain that in the Last Days, the time of harvest, rampant free sex among young people would manifest throughout the world.

Through promiscuity, Satan is carrying out his last campaign to deter anyone from returning to God. Satan’s goal is to destroy human beings and perpetuate hell on earth.

When children are caught stealing cookies, their natural reaction is to hide their hands or mouth. If Adam and Eve had eaten literal fruit from a literal tree, they too would have hidden their hands and covered their mouths. So, I ask you, why did they hide their lower parts? We cannot deny that the human Fall was caused by an illicit sexual relationship between the first human ancestors. God could not do anything in the face of the tragedy of the Fall, because the creation of lineage was in the sphere of Adam and Eve’s responsibility.

Dear guests, do you know the dividing line between heaven and hell? Is it in the air? Is it in a church sanctuary? Is it in a national government? No, the dividing line between heaven and hell is found in your reproductive organs. This is where the greatest tragedy in human history occurred, which turned heaven and earth upside-down. If you use your reproductive organ recklessly and blindly, you will surely go to hell. On the other hand, if you use it in accordance with the standard of God’s absolute love, you will go to Heaven. Who can deny this? If you doubt it, I ask you to carefully read the Divine Principle, which contains the laws of Heaven that were revealed to me. If that does not satisfy your doubts, please pray about it sincerely. I am sure that God will answer your prayer.

Hundreds of thousands of young people throughout the world stopped indulging in free sex after accepting the teachings of the Rev. Moon. The message of the pure love movement, which advocates absolute sex, is now spreading like wildfire. While free sex is based upon false love and motivated by selfish desires that come from Satan, absolute sex is the expression of absolute love centered on God. Literature, films and the media have been highlighting and fanning the flames of free sex. Now, leaders of all spheres of life, including politicians, business people, writers, journalists and religious leaders, must stand as one to rid the culture of its obsession with free sex. This disease cripples individuals, families and nations. 

We must bear in mind the importance of Adam’s family, the ancestors of humanity. It was Adam’s family that destroyed the path to true love and world peace. Yet Adam’s family also had the potential to establish the absolute values of true love and lay the cornerstone of world peace. They only had to maintain pure love and receive God’s Holy Marriage Blessing. Ten years ago I brought to an end the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity and raised the banner of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification because the time had come to call people of all faiths to receive the Holy Blessing. How can we transform this world of conflict and war into a world of harmony and unity? The only way is by practicing true love and establishing love’s absolute values as a global ethic. These eternal, unchanging, unique and absolute values are the attributes of God, the owner of true love. We must inherit them as our own and live accordingly.

The preciousness of the family and true love

Dear guests, why is the family a good thing? A good family, overflowing with the parents’ love, is the place where we can express our original freedom. It doesn’t matter whether a family is rich or poor; if true love is at the core, their bond of heart is liberating. That family can liberate humankind and even liberate God.

Freedom cannot exist without true love. If you visit someone as a guest, you feel reserved and inhibited. This is because initially you may lack a deep bond of true love with that household. In other words, because your love cannot spread in all directions, you feel awkward. However, after you visit that home many times and your bond of love with that family grows, you lose your inhibitions and begin to relate freely.

In God’s blueprint for the family, the parents embody the highest and greatest value. Parents are the initiators and the center of eternal true love. No bond is closer than the life-long relationship between parent and child. When a child is born, the first person they relate to is their mother. Mother and baby share indescribable joy. When the child is happy, the parents share that happiness. When the child is sorrowful, the parents are the first to shed tears of sorrow. Thus God intends parents to be the beginning and the end of their children’s joy. For this reason, we feel sympathetic and compassionate toward children who lose their parents.

A loving couple, a husband and wife, is the second most valuable existence in the family. A true husband and wife give and receive unconditional love. As newly-weds, their love does not begin as absolute, eternal love. However as their relationship matures, their love becomes an absolute bond, resembling God’s attributes of absoluteness and eternity. Then their true love will bring happiness and joy to the family. 

Nonetheless, even when a husband and wife enjoy the most ideal relationship, if it goes no further than the couple, it will not bring forth the absolute value of eternal happiness and joy. Couples need to have children. Imagine what would happen if all couples decided not to have children, saying that they would rather just enjoy their own happiness? Humankind would be extinct in one hundred years or less.

When a husband and wife receive love from their children, they rise to the position of parents. Only then can they be called a true couple. Therefore, in God’s blueprint for the family, the third most important value is the true love of children for their parents. Children are to love and serve their parents with a bright and positive attitude, even as they seek to fulfill their goals and create a hopeful future for themselves. Their true love for their parents is original love. It adds pure and genuine value and expands the family’s field of happiness. This is God’s design for the family. It extends for three generations, completely endowed with love: the sacrificial love of parents for their children, the mutual love between husband and wife, and the filial love of children for their parents. Anywhere in the world, families that manifest this pattern will become the paramount, ideal, true families.

Who does the world consider to be a happy person? What is the basis of happiness? Do power and authority bring happiness? Does having tremendous wealth bring happiness? Does happiness come from possessing a unique talent? Does happiness come by becoming a world-renowned scholar or gaining a coveted position? None of these guarantee happiness. Nothing external can be the basis of eternal happiness. Sooner or later, the happiness it brings will fade and the person will renew their search for happiness. In the end, a person finds genuine happiness in a family that has loving parents, a couple bonded in true love, and children who are devoted and faithful to their parents.

Dear guests, what kind of place is heaven? According to the principle by which God created the universe, heaven is completed first on earth. Men and women are created to live in heaven while on earth in their physical bodies. Then, when they naturally discard the flesh, they will make the transition to heaven in the spirit world where they will live for eternity. Our task, then, is to build the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Then what would the kingdom of heaven on earth look like? The answer is near at hand. The kingdom of heaven has the same form as God’s design for the family. In an original family there are parents of the original standard, husband and wife of the original standard, children of the original standard, and siblings of the original standard.

If the members of a family unite in true love, they automatically create harmony and unity. In this way, true love, true life and true lineage are passed on through the generations. The grandparents convey the tradition of true love to the parents. The parents bequeath the same life of true love to their children. In their sibling relationships, the children take after their grandparents and parents by living for the sake of others and forming original relationships of true love. 

When this happens, that family becomes a heavenly family. Such a family may be called an original family or a true family. It is a family that fulfills God’s purpose and ideal. Unfortunately, if even one of these components is missing, it is impossible to create an original family that can be a unit of the heavenly kingdom.

In an original family, love for one’s parents would be stronger than the love between husband and wife, and love for one’s grandparents would be stronger than the love for one’s parents. This sets up the tradition and ethics of true love.

The original family is the model of the kingdom of heaven. The parents are analogous to the leader of a nation; the children correspond to the citizens of a nation, and the family’s house and property correspond to the land of that nation. When a nation’s governance and social life reflect the values of true love in the original family, that nation takes the form of the kingdom of heaven.

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