Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 403

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 10: True Parents, the Hope of God and Humankind
Speech 05: The Messiah and True Parents, pg 1505-1507
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Rev. Moon received the mission of the True Parent

Heaven gave its blessing by sending the Messiah of the Second Coming. He appears on the foundation of the spiritual restoration Jesus carried out throughout the two thousand years of Christian history. The returning Messiah comes with the incredible burden of completing the mission of True Parents. To accomplish his mission, he must first, above all else, achieve victory over Satan’s realm. He then needs to go on to achieve victory in the spiritual realm as well. He has to fully engage both realms, neither of which can be sensed with the five physical senses, and be victorious in the life-and-death battle to subjugate the devil, Satan. Additionally, he has to win over the religious and philosophical leaders who are in the spirit world. He can accomplish none of this, however, by means of force. Centering on God’s character of absolute love, he has to convince them by revealing the universal principles of religion and the universe, and in this way bring them to a natural surrender. Rev. Moon, who stands here before you, is the one who has appeared in this world bearing this incredible mission of the True Parent.

The phrase, True Parents, does not appear in any encyclopedia. It is not a phrase that I created, nor is it something that anyone in the world easily attached to me. In truth, it is the destiny and blessing that Heaven has bestowed on my wife and me. The position of True Parents carries with it the vertical missions of Savior, Messiah, and returning Lord, opportunities that have never been fulfilled in history and will never visit us again in the future. For this reason, people still affiliated with the fallen realm have to fulfill a number of conditions in order to attend the True Parents and accomplish Heaven’s Will.

First, they must participate in and complete a revolution of indemnity. This means they need to cast everything aside and follow the True Parents. They have to follow the True Parents above friends, teachers, and even their parents. It is only when we have cast aside everything and reached the standard of a total living offering that Heaven can bestow blessings and grace upon us. This means that all people need to steadfastly separate from Satan’s world, showing not even the slightest attachment, and return to the zero point to mark the dawn of a new creation.

Second, they need to complete a revolution of conscience. This means that they have to maintain a tradition of true love, true life and true lineage in accordance with the predisposition of the original mind and conscience endowed by God. They need to do this without compromising with any worldly sovereignty or philosophy they may encounter. They have to live a life of “high noon settlement,” in which they neither cast shadows nor carry a speck of shame in the presence of the spirit world and physical world. The revolution of conscience is completed when we reach a harmonious state of one mind, one body and one thought. Thus they will establish the realm of pure love and pure lineage as an eternal and unchanging tradition. In it, the age of unity and harmony will blossom.

The third condition is a revolution of heart. This means that all people will establish a world of true love, in which God will want to come to us, consult with us and reside with us. The revolution of heart is a revolution of true love, of living for the sake of others, the practice of unchanging, sacrificial love. Think of what it would be like if we each lived for the sake of others more than for ourselves. God, the root source of true love, would reside within us and would live for our sake. What greater joy and glory could there be? Where the revolution of heart has been completed, there will be no such thing as family breakdown, racial strife, international disputes, friction between religions, or any other vestiges of Satan’s world. An eternal peace kingdom will be established. 

Revolution through indemnity, conscience and heart

Respected guests, in 1996, my wife and I declared an end to the Unification Church and made a new beginning as the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, to fulfill the heavenly command to build a world of peace on earth. The Will of Heaven resides not in the progress of any particular church or religion; it resides in world peace through true families. During the past decades, we have carried out countless interreligious and international activities. On this foundation, we founded the Interreligious and International Peace Council, that is, the Peace UN, in New York on October 3, 2003. This was a substantial beginning toward realizing a world of peace.

A movement to remove crosses from church buildings, in accordance with my declaration, is spreading in many areas of the world. Thousands of clergy have journeyed to Jerusalem, the epicenter of strife in the Middle East, to participate in interreligious and international peace rallies. On December 22, 2003, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim clergy took each other by the hand, sang praises of peace, and performed a ceremony to crown Jesus as the King of kings. It was a miracle performed in Jerusalem’s Independence Park before a crowd of some twenty thousand people. This was a day when Jesus’ grief was resolved and the victory of True Parents could be declared to all of heaven and earth.

Ladies and gentlemen, in the same way that the mission of True Parents, to which my wife and I have been called, is a matter of heavenly destiny, your mission before Heaven is to join hands with us in building a peaceful kingdom of heaven on earth. Heaven’s time has now arrived. I pray that you will return to your communities and work passionately as messiahs and true parents yourselves, in the effort to bring about world peace.

Thank you.

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