Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 397

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 10: True Parents, the Hope of God and Humankind
Speech 03: The Unity and Complete Settlement of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, pg 1484-1488

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Who is the owner of Korea? He is the one who loves and values that nation more than anyone else. Therefore, if you cherish and love Korea more than anyone else, you will become the leader of its people, even if you do not ask to be in that position. Only then will the age of peace that God desires arrive. We have to liberate God by dissolving His resentment. Any young person who takes responsibility to remove even a tiny obstacle blocking God from freely governing the nation, and who has the heart to serve God as the majestic and absolute Being who can govern all nations as the heavenly kingdom of freedom and peace, will become a truly great person. The world will take a new direction in the future because of this young person. If you vow to be like him or her, no matter how ragged you may look, you will not appear ugly. Infinite hope dwells there. That person will become the foundation for God’s hope and happiness.

We are in a position to be harvested, like ripened grain. We have to be able to digest our feelings and experiences in order to produce happiness. As long as our spirits do not deviate from unity with God, is it not true that the peaceful heaven will be connected to this world as we expand this foundation to the nation and the world?

Where does the restoration of heaven begin? It begins from prison. Have you ever experienced being in prison and humming a song of gratitude, as Jesus did, with an independent and peaceful heart, a heart reflecting the original standard in the subject position?

When the apostles went through that same woeful ordeal, did God not give them the authority to open prison doors and move freely, so that their situation could be transformed into a heavenly one? God wants all of you to become people in whom God can have hope and expectation greater than He did for those apostles.

In the Last Days, there will be no way to survive if the direction of history is not reversed. At all costs we must find a new direction for history. This is the new direction of unity. Since history has come to its conclusion through the sacrifices of others, peace cannot come to this world if men and women do things in the same way they have done until now.

How can we overcome the way of the cross? We have to put the good of the nation before that of our spouse and our self, the good of the world before that of the nation, and the good of heaven and earth before that of the world. If we go this way step by step, naturally and without hesitation, the way of the cross along which all our enemies are waiting will disappear completely. We will reach a level highway, and attain liberation and freedom. Finally, we will realize the kingdom of peace in heaven and on earth, the ideal world desired by God.

A world of peace, unity and true love

We have to look for God-centered patterns in that world too. The parental duty of loving children is the moral obligation of humankind. How do we implement the standard of the ideal, original way, which God designed and the Unification Church teaches? It is grounded in parental, conjugal and filial ties, and the principle of the four-position foundation. As we dream of world peace and unity, this fundamental question remains. If it is not resolved, a world of unity cannot come.

Please realize that growing out of the pattern of the individual male and female, a world of unity will emerge where the family pattern is established. Even if you, your family and your nation become a sacrifice, the gateway to a new history will open up before our very eyes, based on the thought system that imparts new values to benefit all nations of the world. This is as certain as the law of gravity. Please realize that, although this world is a world of sin and evil, by following a single direction toward deliverance from sin, the time will come when we can build a victorious heaven within the evil world.

We are to love our enemies. This is the secret method of breaking Satan’s walls that surround us. The realm of equality has never existed in this world. The way to create this is to make those who strike us surrender by sacrificing for them, loving them and praying for them. By giving them the same blessings that we have, a realm of total equality will come into being.

Since we have set the stage for the final showdown with the enemy in this way, we can secure the concept of a nation of peace for the first time. An ideal model of world peace and unity will start from here. To shorten the way to Heaven, the Messiah, a specific individual, and a specific people had to take responsibility through self-sacrifice. Many saints have given up their lives for this cause. As a result, the rise and fall of many nations has leveled the hills and valleys, bringing balance.

The degree of equilibrium we see in the world today came about in this manner. Equality is peace. Originally, Adam and Eve, after perfecting themselves based on God’s love and then becoming one, could have come to stand within a God-centered structure of relationships. In the Unification Church, this structure is called the four-position foundation. Because we lost the means to complete the four-position foundation, there has been no way to bring peace, utopia or an ideal world in any of the historical ages.

An ideal country can never arise if we deny or try to break away from the Principle. Christianity developed in a vortex of untold pressures for two thousand years, starting with persecution under the Roman Empire. Eventually Christianity absorbed Rome. Why has it declined and fallen away from God in only a few decades in freedom-loving, modern-day America? This is a puzzle. Judaism taught belief in God and all Jews loved God, yet they have suffered so much. This is a deep mystery. The answer to both questions is that these religions did not go the way they were originally intended to go. In the Last Days, if the central people do not align with God’s original true love, Satan will inevitably break them apart.

So, to reorganize the world, where can we focus? There are so many historians and intellectuals who pronounce on this matter today, but what we need is someone who can lead the world. Then how would such a person guide us? What would he teach? There are plenty of people qualified to teach how to live based on politics or political power. It is not because of a lack of money or imperfections in their political systems that they can’t lead us properly. It is because they do not explain the order of love that can connect to God and His ideal. If we find the truth that can explain the order of original love and expand it throughout the world, there for the first time we will find the origin of peace, the place where our hearts can rest, and the beginning point of God’s wonderful ideal.

With true love, the beginning and the end must be the same. In heaven and earth, what is needed is someone who can connect to God’s heart through true love. Peace comes from a heart of true love. If our minds are truly joyful, the cosmos becomes our friend. If we have this true heart, when we encounter the cosmos, its vast expanse will play out within our minds. In what manner will the ideal world come to humankind in the future?

The world is doomed to perish if we do not make clear the proper use of our reproductive organs. We will never discover a world of peace. Look at Rome and America. The degeneration of the United States is not due to a lack of money. Until now, Americans have not been able to recognize the origin, creation and ownership of the reproductive organ. They have not known these things because of Satan. To clarify this, and to clear up all the chaos caused by the vicious and treacherous Satan on the cosmic level, I came, hoisted my banner and went forth in the name of True Parents.

When the wintry wind blows from a frigid zone into a temperate zone, the trees stand bare, stripped of their foliage and fruit. In winter, all fruit falls from the trees. Yet no matter how harsh the wind’s blast, it cannot suppress the seeds that bear life. When these very seeds that demonstrate such endurance and strength germinate, a new spring garden of peace for humankind will be found. As the spring garden of liberation and hope is found, as seeds of new life are sown in the earth in this new age of humankind, let us move into the  temperate zone of liberation where there is no winter. This is a perfect metaphor for the teaching of the Unification Church.

To improve ourselves, we have to go the way of hardship. Is North-South unification easy? Is unity within oneself easy? We may be able to achieve external unification between North and South, yet still be unable to achieve internal unity within ourselves. Even if we achieve outward peace in the world, we may still be unable to achieve inner peace ourselves.

If the world moves forward in one direction, aligning the past, present and future and uniting internally and externally, the opportunity for unity can come at any time. When we examine the past and the present, we see that they must be moving in one direction, toward one purpose. That purpose is peace and unity. It is one peace, not two. Then when can we ourselves attain internal unity? Are we qualified to govern a united world without first uniting ourselves? Logically speaking, we are not qualified.

If we seek to identify the most fundamental problem, it is the serious issue of unity. This is the historical problem of the universe. If a nation perishes, it is not such a problem. There were no nations in Adam’s world. Managing just his own family would have sufficed. It would have been enough if the family had been intact. In the end, what matters is unity between the conscience and the physical body, and unity within the family. The issue of unity between couples, between men and women, is a global problem. If that can be achieved, the world can become a place of peace. If they are handled with true love, the world’s problems will not seem difficult. Everything is resolved if there is unity between our minds and bodies, between parents and children, between husbands and wives, and between siblings.

In this evil and belligerent world, everything is in a state of struggle. This is because the mind struggles with the body. The battle of the sexes has become an accepted norm. Where in the world is the foundation for peace? It is not in Korea, not in Japan, not in the world, not in heaven; it is within oneself. If we do not bring peace between the mind and body that are at war, there will never be world peace.

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