Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 398

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 10: True Parents, the Hope of God and Humankind
Speech 03: The Unity and Complete Settlement of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, pg 1488-1491

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Peace begins with me

How, then, will the world of peace come? What is the fundamental condition? We must discover the root of unity. If we cannot locate this, we will remain forever estranged from a world of unity. 

Before attempting to unite your family, you must ask yourself whether you are united in mind and body; you will find that you are not. There is a struggle between body and mind, isn’t there? When a man and woman fight each other, there is no happiness, peace or hope. In the end, with their minds and bodies divided, a couple splits into four parts, two minds and two bodies, and there is conflict among them all.

The Unification Church equips you with a logical, organized system that no religion or philosophy can imitate. It teaches you to live for others based on internal integrity and motivated by God’s true love. This can become the basis of world peace, the basis of peace for individuals, couples, families, tribes, peoples, nations, the world and, ultimately, the cosmos. The ideal of True Parents brings people into unity with God in true love, thus creating a peaceful, happy and hopeful world where heaven and earth are one. No one opposes these ideas. Everyone welcomes them.

What will become of the world in the future? Regardless of age or gender, all people living in the world today are longing for global unity. It is not a world of war they wish for; it is a world of peace and freedom without national boundaries, racial strife or cultural barriers. The world’s people are yearning for one world of peace and freedom with a culture of true love.

A world of peace is a world of unity. In aiming for a world of peace there is only one way, not two. The world of hope and peace for which men and women, young and old, are craving, is a world of unity. Even within single nations, we see various organizations, each with its unique thought, methodology and objectives. Surveying the political landscape of Korea, the ruling and opposition parties each seek to run their own party in their own way. How many different directions will there be? Problems stem from this.

Since the dawn of history, a great number of people have worked for world peace. However the number of those capable of leading humankind with hope into the sublime, united world of tomorrow is steadily dwindling. 

Where can we begin to determine the structure of such a society, going beyond all studies, research and conventional practices? The starting point must be the True God. From the beginning, the True God made man and woman through a process. If the True God cannot rediscover the path to the destination, we cannot establish the ideal of creation, the realization of the ideal world of peace.

The world of peace is a world of unity. If men and women move in a direction different from that of God, a united world of peace cannot come. The conclusion is that the two directions inevitably have to become one.

If we do not go beyond the humanistic world toward a true God-centered world, we cannot discover the way to the united world of peace. In the world of mind and body, setting up a standard of peace is the most essential thing in life.

The mind is battling against the body. In relation to this problem, where is the standard of peace? Not in the world, in the nation or in a religion. To be religious leaders, you must have absolute integrity of mind and body to establish the standard of peace within yourselves. The purpose of all education and all training and all human thought is for the realization of oneness between mind and body.

You can believe in any religious teaching, you may be a wonderful religious leader, or a great saint reigning over the world; however, as long as you are in this fallen realm, you will not be able to achieve integrity of mind and body on the same level as the eternal God.

God’s true love, true life and true lineage and world peace

The problem is that unless the root of peace and true love is settled in the individual realm of the heart, an ideal religion and heaven are just a dream. The source of unity is found in God, in the united realm of the True God’s children. God’s body and mind don’t struggle.

Then why do the human mind and body struggle? The Father, the King of peace, and the son must unite in order to unite the mind and body. The origin of peace lies in the relationship of father and son, united in God’s true love, true life and true lineage. True love, true life and true lineage must be united where father and son become one.

We, the fallen lineage of humankind, must clearly come to know the original God and the ideal environment of the realm of heaven. The way to heaven will surely be found if we make a great effort to unite with God. This is how the world of peace begins and spreads to every level, from the individual all the way to heaven, where the father and son live in unity and joy.

Therefore, the True Parents, who are Christ at the Second Advent, will illuminate everything in heaven and bring it into unity with the world on the earth. They will realize heaven on earth and in the spirit world.

It is through the True Parents on earth that true love, true life and true lineage are taught. All the saints and sages and all people in the spirit world want this, yet it must be accomplished through people learning the realm of oneness with True Parents on earth. Then heaven on earth and in the spirit world will be established.

Beloved people of my homeland, and all those who are observing this rally from around the world! You are truly blessed people. You are welcoming the age in which the True Parents of humankind have come, the age when the Korean Peninsula can be united through true love and truth instead of by guns and swords. It is the age when all religions can be united under True Parents’ teaching, and the historical and providential age when the saints and our ancestors can descend from the spirit world and communicate with us directly.

I would like to introduce the messages of Jesus Christ and the saints in the spirit world, urging us to go beyond the barriers of race, philosophy and nationality, and build a world of peace. Please study this content in its entirety through the books that will be distributed.

I hope you will live happily and peacefully with the Parents of Heaven and Earth in the eternal heaven, both on the earth and in the spirit world, where everyone lives as one great family of true love.

May God’s boundless blessings fill your family, nation and the world!

Thank you.

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