Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 396

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 10: True Parents, the Hope of God and Humankind
Speech 03: The Unity and Complete Settlement of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, pg 1481-1484

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The Unity and Complete Settlement of the Parents of Heaven and Earth

June 21, 2002
Jamshil Indoor Gymnasium, Seoul, Korea 
Rally to Proclaim the Unity and Complete Settlement of the Parents of Heaven and Earth


Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters of my beloved homeland, and the seventy million people around the world who are watching this historic rally:

I offer my sincere gratitude to all who are attending this meaningful “Rally for the Unity and Complete Settlement of the Parents of Heaven and Earth.” We have finally entered a truly historic and providential era worthy of great proclamation. For six thousand years, human beings have worked with unceasing effort to bring about a world of peace yearned for by heaven and earth. The heavenly fortune of the present era supports our forming it at last. In the end, however, everything will be resolved through a clear understanding of God’s providence and His heart.

How does a world of peace come about?

Today people talk about a world of peace, about one world, yet the real question is whether we can find peace within ourselves. God knows this reality; thus He needs a person of firm resolve, a great person, who strives to bring unity within him or herself.

We often speak of loving, serving and sacrificing for each other. That is admirable. Loving one another means fervently giving to and sacrificing for another person, rather than taking or requesting love. The basis of peace emerges in an environment where people serve one another. Flames of revival blaze when people sacrifice themselves for the benefit of others. Flowers bloom and spread their fragrance when people serve one another. Just as the negative pole of a magnet always attracts a positive pole, we can perceive and understand God through the power of our conscience.

The more we approach God, following our conscientious minds, the more we can feel peace, happiness and fulfillment within our hearts. If we follow God’s love, which is the womb of peace, our internal organs will receive stimulation and vibrate with emotion. After living our lives in this way, we will end them gloriously and with confidence. Even until death, we must pray desperately as we pledge our commitment to fulfill all our responsibilities within our lifetime.

An old man’s grave will not be left untended if he has prayed for the salvation of the world, defended his country and tried to prepare a foundation of happiness for humankind. His face may be furrowed with age, but the wrinkles on his forehead represent his efforts to bring peace. Although his posture may be stooped, he represents a beacon of hope.

We must overcome the sorrowful situation whereby, as selfish people, we become friends with evil and offer evil a foothold to expand. We are destined to strengthen the foundation of goodness throughout our lives.

Therefore we must measure our lives against that standard. We must realize that everyone has an evil self within, which pursues only selfish interests. Unless you separate from and stand strongly against this evil being, it will expand its influence with each passing day. Please recognize that you are on the pressing path of destiny and must increase your foundation of goodness yet a little more before you pass away. You must therefore constantly busy yourself, without rest.

In my lifetime I have shouldered the cross of imprisonment six times. I have been vilified in countries not my own as the leader of a heretical group, and have faced intense opposition. Yet the path of sincere devotion I am walking has been so that people of different races can receive this teaching as their mainstream philosophy, kneel in adoration in front of God and work side by side with each other. I have taught this way throughout my life no matter where I went.

Keep in mind that God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the saints will rejoice only when we become the elite cohort of heaven and gain success. Then a time of peace can arise.

Conflict within the individual turns into conflict within families, conflict within families into conflict within clans, conflict within clans into conflict within society, conflict within society into conflict within the nation, and conflict within the nation into global conflict. There also will arise conflict between the spirit world and the earthly world. Only when the battle between God and the countless evil spirits of Satan’s world is over will the era of peace come to our universe.

You must understand that God is working through such a process, according to heavenly principles. The age of cosmic peace will arise only when, after clashing with Satan, God resolves all problems. Until the moment the core of God’s sorrowful heart is healed, humankind will never find peace and the truth of heaven will never come to fruition in this world. If a true individual were to appear, capable of liberating our Heavenly Parent and this world from sorrow and bringing the principle to build a nation of peace in heaven and on earth, that individual would have to pass through every conceivable difficulty. He or she would experience every level of desperation and sorrow, through personal tribulations and onward to face all the tribulations of humankind. He or she would have to delve into the sorrowful and desperate heart of God in order to find a way to comfort Him. Without this person, humankind will not be able to put aside its sorrowful and miserable history and build a world of peace and happiness, a garden of freedom inviolable by sorrow.

Become eternal leaders for the heavenly kingdom

If you become a representative of the philosophy of the universal kingdom of heaven, expanding the movement of God’s truth, true love and true lineage, then a peaceful world can arise. In such a world, your own parents are not the only parents, your own siblings are not the only siblings and your own children are not the only children. If you can regard all people as your parents, siblings or children, then when you look upon the many who are suffering in this world of death, you will be unable to relate with them without tears. When you look at your siblings, or younger people, you will feel a strong sense of responsibility to take care of them, and with tears you will make every effort to do so. If you truly become such a person, like God, then the kingdom of heaven on earth will be built around you.

God’s strategy is to receive the first blow from Satan, do everything for his sake, love him, and later receive everything from him. God does not use force to take from Satan’s world, yet first freely gives love, sacrifices Himself, accepts blows and is even willing to lose His life. You must understand that.

God cannot sow the seeds of world peace if He does not apply this strategy. You have to lead your family and live for your nation and the world. Spanning the ages of the individual, family, clan, tribe, people and nation, you are to fulfill the role of leading the world’s peoples and nations in the right direction, through your own experience. Having fulfilled this, you must serve God from a position in which neither of you can separate from the other. Only then will the spirit world and the physical world become a united realm of peace.

You have to become guides who can direct others, as eternal leaders of the age when the heavenly kingdom is established; then you will be awarded glorious official commendations from the heavenly realm. A person who fights and bleeds profusely in the harsh process of building a new kingdom of peace, a heaven of freedom, will not perish. The blood he or she sheds is not the blood of death; it becomes the power of life. What is achieved in this manner is the foundation we have to reach, embody in our lives, and bequeath to our future generations.

“Oh, Heavenly Father! Rooted in the ideal of creation, your divine Will, in which you have always wanted to take pride, has reached fruition. The man you appointed has achieved unity within his heart, something in which you have eternally wanted to take pride since before the creation of the world.” You have to pray like this before heaven and long for the day when you can move into the heavenly kingdom of freedom and peace where God can rejoice.

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