Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 392

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 10: True Parents, the Hope of God and Humankind
Speech 01: The Appearance of True Parents and the Ideal Family, pg 1464-1467

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God’s providence of salvation

As President Han mentioned in her address, Christianity teaches that the first human beings ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. This means that our human ancestors disbelieved, committed sin and fell. If our human ancestors had not fallen, as God’s precious son and daughter, namely God’s prince and princess, they would have inherited God’s blood lineage and God’s possessions, the whole creation. They would have grown to perfection and become the ideal husband and wife of love. However, because of the Fall, they abandoned God’s blood lineage, were robbed of God’s possessions, and lost God’s heart.

We have to take responsibility for the mission to restore the blood lineage, to restore the realm of ownership and to change the realm of the human heart, making God’s providence of salvation the providence of restoration and complete recovery.

As a result of the Fall, Adam and Eve came to be one with Satan and they followed him to hell. The eldest son, Cain, followed Eve, and murdered the second son, Abel. God’s providence of restoration advances when the condition to separate from Satan is established through the second son.

The second son starts later and represents the side of goodness. He has to subjugate, by natural surrender, the eldest son, who starts first and represents the side of evil.

The basis of the providence of restoration is to send the restored Adam, namely the Messiah, who will change the blood lineage, ownership and heart. However, the heart embedded in the position of this original son cannot be restored at once. God accomplishes the providence gradually, starting from the position of the servant of servants.

In this world held under the power of Satan, Abel, who is on the side of good, has to complete the mission of the servant of servants by living with true love for the sake of Cain. Then Satan cannot accuse him; in fact, he cannot help but praise and recognize him. After that, Abel restores the positions of the servant, the adopted son, the illegitimate son and the direct son, following the way of love and affection. Restoration can only take place on each level when the Abel side lives for Cain’s side through true love, so that Satan cannot accuse him.

If Abel, in the position of the true son or daughter, makes Cain surrender and they become one, the mother Eve can stand on their foundation, and when Eve fulfills her responsibility, the father Adam can stand on her foundation. Then God can come to dwell on that foundation and can complete the eight stages necessary for the vertical course of the providence of restoration. If we look at the stages of the providence of restoration horizontally, we find there are also eight: the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God.

Head-wing Thought and Godism

Jesus came as the second Adam, the Messiah, but unfortunately the chosen people did not recognize him. Will today’s Christians be able to recognize the Lord when he returns? The Lord of the Second Advent will not literally return in the air on the clouds. There are people who believe this. They are proclaiming that on October 28 of this year they will be taken up to heaven on the clouds. It will not happen like this. Please believe me, this kind of event will never happen. The Lord who departed through the cross will return through the cross.

When Jesus died on the cross, there were three types of people connected with his crucifixion. There was the first type, represented by the thief on Jesus’ right. He repented of his sins and testified to Jesus. There was the second type, represented by the thief on Jesus’ left. He was a sinner who did not repent and who vilified Jesus. The third type was represented by Barabbas, a criminal who was saved when the crowd chose to release him instead of Jesus, and to crucify Jesus instead.

At the time of the Second Advent, these three types are realized on the world level. Western Christianity is the first type, in the position of the thief on Jesus’ right. Although they still have original sin, they believe in the Lord and they are in the position of goodness. The materialistic, atheistic communist bloc is the second type, in the position of the thief on the left. Islam in the Middle East is the third type, in the position of Barabbas. Because Jesus died instead of him, and because Israel’s rejection led Jesus to death on the cross, Islam came to occupy the Middle East, which had been divided among the tribes of Israel. The Lord of the Second Advent, in the position of Jesus, has to resolve the dismemberment of humanity that came about because of Jesus’ death.

In order to guide the world, he has to bring about a religious reformation in Western Christianity, overcome the atheistic ideology of communism, and bring the communist world back to God’s side. My proposed head-wing thought, Godism, is the philosophy that can overcome the left-wing and right-wing ideologies and bring about a united harmony between them.

As I have mentioned on other occasions, the left-wing and right-wing worlds are already being straightened out through head-wing thought. Also, we are tapping into the spirit of reconciliation and cooperation that exists in the religion of Islam. A miracle took place last April, when representatives from eight countries of the Middle East took part in a holy marriage Blessing. The Blessing ceremony that I conduct cleanses fallen people of the original sin. Thus I have solved the historical conflict and settled the tension between the le and the right. Furthermore, we witnessed the miracle of reconciliation in the world of Islam.

Heaven’s will for the Lord at his Second Advent

Such works cannot be performed through the great planning or inordinate ability of one individual alone. God chose me to be the Messiah, and through me He is performing His work of salvation.

I have fulfilled my mission as the Lord of the Second Advent, Savior and the True Parent. I am proclaiming this in this place because the time has come to do so. Those who accept this will be blessed. If the people listen to me, how good that would be for this country. How good it would be if the statesmen listened to me. Whether a person listens to me or not is his or her individual responsibility; nonetheless, the time is coming when all the people of the world will want to listen to me.

People generally believe that the Messiah is the Lord of glory wielding the authority of judgment, but they are incorrect. Of course, God does not want to see this sinful world and He has often thought about rendering judgment and wiping it out in an instant. However, the God of true love always worries about the eternal life of each human being. You have to know God’s heart, which has endured for so long, trying through true love to make human beings do what is right of their own free will.

From the point of view of fallen men and women the Messiah is the Savior, but from God’s point of view he is the True Parent, the True Son who will realize the ideal of true love that was lost at the beginning. The Messiah is the person who has pioneered the way of sacrifice, dedicating his life to liberate God from the grievous sorrow caused by the Fall. He is not a person who stands in a glorious position. He always weeps in concert with God’s heart. He is concerned with how to make Satan surrender. He is deeply concerned and anxious over realizing God’s purpose of creation. He knows better than anyone else the heart of God, who is like a servant of servants, wandering and shedding endless tears in Satan’s world in search of His lost children. Unless he completely liberates God from His sorrow, he cannot accept glory from God.

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