Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 391

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 10: True Parents, the Hope of God and Humankind
Speech 01: The Appearance of True Parents and the Ideal Family, pg 1461-1464

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The Appearance of True Parents and the Ideal Family

July 7, 1992 
Sajik Indoor Stadium, Busan, Korea
Women’s Federation for World Peace Leaders Assembly


President Hak Ja Han Moon, distinguished guests and women leaders: Today I received a great deal of comfort from the words of President Han.

I have followed one road in response to the order of Heaven, and have experienced a life of extraordinary suffering. The road establishing the way of Heaven is straight; it allows for no compromise. It does not allow one to worry about honor or human dignity. It is a lonely road on which one can live only for God’s Will.

Just as each individual has his or her own fortune, the family and the nation also have a family fortune and a national fortune. Beyond this there is the fortune of the world, and there is the fortune for all of heaven and earth. Even though a person may have been born with good fortune on the individual level, if his or her family fortune declines, that person will have to endure hardship. By the same token, if the national fortune declines, even a person with both good individual fortune and family fortune will be ruined.

Going beyond this, the national fortune and the direction of the world is objective to the direction and progress of Heaven’s fortune, which is above everything and inclusive of everything. To establish the way of Heaven in the world means to align the way of the individual and nation with the fortune of Heaven.

Today, let us think about the evils besetting Korea and the problems of the world. These problems include economic depression, environmental pollution, political lawlessness, racial and religious strife, the decay of ethics and morality and the collapse of values. Is there anyone who can bring a fundamental solution to these evils and problems? It has not been possible through human wisdom or effort. We have not been able to solve these problems by mobilizing economic and governmental power. In fact, the evils of humanity are gradually wreaking greater damage.

Now humanity has to humbly listen to the voice of Heaven and find the road of resolution directed by God. This country and its people must accept my teachings. I say this not because I am trying to exalt myself; it is because it is the Will of God. God has revealed the principles of Heaven through me, and He has given me the answers to the fundamental problems of humankind.

Achieving a victorious foundation amid adversity

My life has been truly difficult. I have been beaten, persecuted and unfairly imprisoned by one government after another. Prejudice and malice on the part of some Christian leaders led them to spread and then exploit wild rumors about me. However, thanks to the protection of God, I have miraculously laid a victorious worldwide foundation. It is a foundation that is without precedent in history.

In America, which is the prepared nation that represents world Christianity, I have built a foundation beyond that of any other non-white person. Of course, I had to suffer from racial discrimination and religious prejudice; I had to prevail over unfair imprisonment. Nevertheless, I rebuilt America’s Christian foundation, which was shaking at its roots. I educated and trained youth who were suffering from drugs and immorality, and I gave hope to America. Neither the government nor the people of America can ignore my foundation.

The same is the case for Japan and Europe. Unification missions are developing every day in one hundred sixty countries. Each of these missions represents a powerful religious activism; it is a global movement to rebuild ethics and morality.

In the early 1980s I called for world-level academic meetings to be held with the theme of the collapse of the Soviet empire. In 1985 our academic journal published an article that has now become world famous for being the first to prophesy the collapse of the Soviet empire.

It was on the basis of this foundation that I visited the Soviet Union and met Mikhail Gorbachev. I understand that now, in three of the fifteen republics of the former Soviet Union, citizens are working to make Unificationism the national religion. Already tens of thousands of Russian university students have studied my teachings and have organized branches of the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP), which is the Unification Church campus organization, in more than seven hundred universities. This year, tens of thousands of high school teachers and students from the former Soviet Union will attend Divine Principle workshops.

Do you think this scale of activity is the result of human power alone? It is real proof that the living God is working with us. Miracles are taking place as confirmed atheists, after five days of Divine Principle lectures, convert to a God-centered view of life and the universe.

I also have established a substantial foundation in China. I prepared trendsetting projects such as the construction of the Panda industrial city, and have had missionaries working underground. Only God knows how much I have done to bring about the unification of North and South Korea. The reunification of North and South Korea is not merely a visible and external unification; it is a providential unification centered on God. It cannot be done other than by working through my foundation.

The unification required by God’s providence is not for the sake of unification in and of itself. It is brought about so that on the foundation of unification, eternal freedom, peace and happiness can blossom. It cannot be unification by force or where one side is left miserable. It must be a unity in true love, in which each side lives for the other and gives and gives again. Therefore, the reunification of the homeland cannot be exploited for the benefit of any individual, political party or government. Only when our hearts and actions, colored with love, reach the hearts of our fellow countrymen and women in the North, will true unification come about.

The Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace

Women leaders! Centered on God’s true love, I have expanded supra-denominational and supra-religious movements of reconciliation to the worldwide level. Without reconciliation and interchange between the divided religions, how can world peace be realized? Isn’t it true that today there is still appalling religious strife in the Middle East, Ireland, the Balkans and other areas?

On August 27 of last year, I gathered together some of the highest-level religious leaders of the world and established the Interreligious Federation for World Peace. We joined together in order to realize world peace through the unity and cooperation of religious people. This organization has a supreme value. There may be important differences among religions, yet there are just as many common points, and all share the same purpose, to seek the Absolute Being.

It is an important fact that God established all religions with a providential purpose for the whole. Therefore, they must unite together.

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