Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 393

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 10: True Parents, the Hope of God and Humankind
Speech 01: The Appearance of True Parents and the Ideal Family, pg 1467-1470

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Completing the ideal of a true family

Leaders of the Women’s Federation for World Peace, it must have been difficult for you to hold a succession of rallies, and you probably complained about being given only ten days’ notice that this rally was going to be held. However, if together with me you devote your heart sincerely every day, God’s Will of goodness shall be accomplished. I have no intention of exploiting you. You need me. You have to become one with President Han and be like an extension of her. In your families you have to educate your children and your husbands properly. I want all of you, under the ideal of true love, to receive God’s blessing.

What I am most concerned about is for each of your families to complete the ideal of the true family by becoming one through true love. City, town, village, county, district and neighborhood leaders of the Women’s Federation for World Peace, through you, morals can be restored. Please expand this movement of true love! What movement could be more patriotic than this?

There is a mountain of work to do. We have to spread a movement for good morals, a movement for the eradication of drugs, a no-smoking and no-drinking movement, a movement to end prostitution, a movement to expose immoral behavior among the leaders of society and to inspire and encourage the youth. When you women leaders purify Korean society and achieve harmony through true love, then we can realize the cherished hope of the Korean people, the reunification of North and South Korea. Not only will our nation come to lead the world, we will see the advent of a peaceful world.

An effective Women’s Federation

Women leaders, to this day I have never directed my followers to do anything that I have not first done myself. I sincerely ask you to practice true love and devote yourselves, even if it is only one percent of what I have done, to raising up a great movement for national salvation. The most effective work of the Women’s Federation is done on the level of the town, village, district and neighborhood. When the movement of true love builds on the local level, then it will reach into the community and come to settle in the family.

We have to recover the original homeland, the world before the Fall, and restore the family, which separated from God, before we can hope for eternal settlement. God has worked so hard. He has suffered so much to bring forth the perfected Adam. That is why the True Father appeared. The true man of Heaven has been born. Because Satan’s world knows that this man is the true bridegroom, the teacher who comes as the King of the kingdom of heaven and earth, individuals in the world are trying to destroy him by uniting individuals, families, nations, the world and the universe against him. Despite having to suffer enormous persecution, conniving and slandering by Satan, he has gained victory on the individual, family, national, world and cosmic levels and has become one with God. As the first victor of history, he has overcome Satan’s realm on all levels: the individual, family, nation, world and cosmos.

The True Mother, whose position is to follow the True Father, has for the first time in history come to stand in an equal position. Through her worldwide declaration of the liberation of women, the True Father and the True Mother will take their children, go before God, and inherit all the authority and power of Heaven. They will establish the original family, reclaim the tribe, race, nation, world and cosmos, and reorganize the perfect world of God’s Will.

All men are in the position of the archangel. Therefore, their responsibility is to allow all women to return to God. Women stand in the position of the True Mother, as extensions of the perfected Eve. From the position of the extension of Eve and on the condition of oneness with the True Mother, they come to a position of oneness with the True Father. From this position they are to educate their sons and daughters in the teaching of True Parents.

Becoming one with True Parents’ family

On the basis of this education and their oneness with their mothers, these sons and daughters come to have the status of true sons and daughters. Then they can reeducate their worldly fathers and receive True Parents’ Blessing. Thereby grafted to the True Parents, they will come to learn the family duty of true parents.

Because Adam and Eve fell on the family level, we have to accomplish restoration on the family level. Restoration has to penetrate the levels of county, district and neighborhood and settle in the family. Next, the family must meet the True Parents. The True Parents have gone over the individual peak, the national peak, the world peak and the cosmic peak, and have been victorious. However, in order to save each family they have to come back through the cosmos, the world and the nation, and return to the family level. That is the purpose of this meeting.

The April 10 rally was the True Parents’ world rally. Its purpose was to provide a foundation for rallies on the national, city, county, town, village, district and neighborhood levels, until they arrive at the family level. By becoming one with True Parents’ family, it is possible for you, the leaders of the Women’s Federation for World Peace, to attain family restoration and become absolute victors.

Then you have to connect this to your tribe. The True Parents have already assigned tribal messiahs throughout the world. If you receive education from them and unite with them, the restoration of the nation will naturally occur. In this way the reunification of North and South Korea, of the world, and of heaven and earth will be realized. God, too, will be liberated, and we will see the age of peace centered on God.

Let the True Mother and the women of the world join together to meet the True Father who comes as the bridegroom. With you in the position of the bride, together let us restore the ideal family of creation.

I pray that you will become members of the Family Federation for World Peace and create families that will receive many blessings.

Thank you very much.

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