Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 345

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 8: The Reunification of Korea and World Peace
Speech 15: God’s Kingdom of Peace Is the Eternal Home of Our Blessed Families, pg 1282-1285

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God’s Kingdom of Peace Is the Eternal Home of Our Blessed Families

June 25, 2005
Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, USA 
Four-city speaking tour in the United States


Respected leaders of the United States:

I am grateful that so many of you could gather here today in spite of your busy public and private schedules. Let me begin my address by reading an excerpt from a prayer that I offered forty-seven years ago. The year was 1958 and I was a thirty-eight year old, single man. This prayer is recorded in Cheon Seong Gyeong, a collection of passages from sermons I have delivered over the course of my ministry.

Prayer from the original Cheon Seong Gyeong

“Loving Father, thank you for the grace by which You have protected Your humble son, who has fought since childhood so that Heaven may not suffer humiliation and insult.

Even the finest things of this earth are worthless when measured against the original heart by which You act. Considering this, we need to feel boundless longing to connect to Your heart. A person who encounters Your true love could lose the entire world and not miss it.

Beloved Father, we must now establish the ideal world, our original homeland, where Your love saturates every person’s life. During our earthly lives we must prepare for the day when we will make the transition into the next life as Your liberated children, inhabiting a realm of freedom there. Just as a child must be healthy in the womb for it to be healthy during its life in the world, we must lead wholesome lives in the world if we are to be healthy and complete after entering heaven. Yet, the world in which we live today is under the dominion of evil and therefore is full of contradictions. Thus the only way that heaven and earth can support us in our endeavors, and the only way we can harmonize with the dynamic ebb and flow of the universe, is to be victorious over ourselves to the extent that we are ready to give our lives.

Loving Father, You have toiled throughout history to create a new springtime of hope for us. Let us recognize that in order to greet the new spring, our lives must be bound to Your life. We must assimilate ourselves completely into You and be absorbed in You. Allow us to have certainty that this is the only way to receive Your spring and burst forth as Your beautiful blossoms.

Help us to also understand that just as a tree that blossoms in spring must pass through summer and autumn before it bears fruit, so too our lives must pass through a certain process before we can bear fruit. No matter how long it takes, or how stormy the environment, we cannot allow our inner self to be influenced. We must continue a course of steady development. This is the only way we can reach the next spring as a mother’s body for a new life, a mature seed ready to be sown in the fertile soil.

Though we may appear shabby and wretched, we must not forget that we are people whose internal form is as a crystal, capable of gathering the infinite life force to be planted as life-bearing seeds in the infinite world. I beseech You that we may always remember, in the face of difficulties, that the more pitiful our external appearance, the more significant and substantial is our internal value.

We know, loving Father, that anyone whose heart is not overflowing with longing to attend You and bow down before You will be unable to bond with You in that eternal world. Let us open our hearts now, so that we may feel Your heart. Let us hear Your voice today as it wells up within us, so that we may establish our lives in Your truth. Let us appreciate with our whole heart the tragic course You walked as You struggled behind the scenes of history to reclaim each one of us. Of our own accord, we bow our heads in Your presence. Amen!”

Eternal and unchanging truth

Respected leaders of the United States, what are the first attributes of truth? The first attributes are that truth is eternal and unchanging. If I truly have received the anointing of Heaven as the Savior, Messiah, Second Coming and True Parent, who appears on the earth to communicate Heaven’s truth and save humanity from the hell of the human Fall, then the word that I teach must not change. There cannot be even the slightest difference between what I teach today and what I taught twenty years ago or forty years ago.

I received Heaven’s call at the youthful age of sixteen and have dedicated my life of more than eighty years to the task of accomplishing God’s Will on this earth and saving humankind. My teachings do not derive from my own knowledge or personal philosophy. The words that come from my mouth, whether fifty years ago, at this moment, or at any moment in the future, are truth given by Heaven to humanity. They are the heavenly doctrine that humanity should uphold and live by forever. Even if all six billion people on earth were to oppose me, my words are still the eternal and unchangeable truth. Nothing can be added or taken away, not even one iota.

As I prayed forty-seven years ago, so too today I pray that you will open your hearts and experience the heart of God. Please listen to the voice of God that wells up from within the deepest recesses of your own heart. Please do not ever forget Heaven’s wondrous Will and love. They guided my footsteps back to America even after I thought I would never return.

God created us to be born in love, raised in love, live our lives in the midst of love, and die in the arms of love. So everything, our birth, our life, and our death, need to be an occasion that gives rise to gratitude.

From birth we find ourselves sharing in the lives of our parents. We become participants in their lives. Our parents conceived us in love; in us they planted the banner of their love. We live our entire lives in accordance with the banner of our parents’ love. We need to wave this banner each moment of our lives by loving our parents and our siblings.

Each and every moment is a valuable opportunity to love. The person who ignores the opportunity will lose what is truly precious. Whether we win or lose is determined in a single moment. Every historical victory and every heavenly victory was determined in a moment. Therefore, a great person lives his or her life constantly aware of the precious value of each moment, for every particular moment is uniquely special. Such a person can be included in the ranks of the saints, and even become a divine son or daughter in heaven and on earth.

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