Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 344

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 8: The Reunification of Korea and World Peace
Speech 14: The Course of Life for the Princes and Princesses of God, pg 1277-1281

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How shall we achieve the independence of our homeland?

Jesus also came to establish Heaven’s nation. If there is no homeland, then the situation will be pitiful. People of faith have always been in a pitiful situation because they had no homeland. If the judgment is to come, the individual, family, clan, people, nation and world must conform to the unchanging standard of the homeland. Then the judgment will be made on the basis of that standard. The homeland is the final hope. The people, the clan, the family and the individual are all included within it.

Has this three-thousand-li-long Korean Peninsula become the homeland? It hasn’t, and we need to settle this matter. Every one of us needs to work with single-minded devotion to create the homeland that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit desire.

What is goodness? Goodness is for the individual to sacrifice for the family, the family for the clan, and the clan for the birth of the homeland. All are sacrificed for the creation of the homeland, and when the homeland is built, all individuals become loyal and beloved patriots. If you offer loyal devotion on the national level, leading to the establishment of the national standard, then you will be recognized as having laid the foundation for the clan and the family as well. The standard of this path is absolute, loyal devotion for the sake of God. Then all the elements of your course are recognized.

How do we have to do it to get things right? Jesus said, “My Father… not what I will, but what You will.” (Matt. 26:39) Here, “what I will” is the will of the world, and “what You will” is the Will of God. You Unification Church members, what have you done so far? Have you established the path of loyal patriots and stepped forward with actual results in hand? In order to fulfill the path of filial children, you must present actual accomplishments. You have to be resolved to fight on the individual, family, clan, national and world levels. Jesus came with the mission to be an offering.

You have to build the foundation of our people while moving ahead and working on the global level. You’ve got to feel you are endowed with a value equal to that of the Messiah. While I am pioneering the global path, you who follow me have to prepare the path of the Korean people.

Many people died while yearning for the path to liberation. They passed away believing that it would be achieved one day, although they did not know when.

Unificationists have prepared the foundation from the individual level, through the level of the Korean people, up to the national level. Now we have to mobilize all peoples and nations of the world. We have to seek the day of the establishment of our homeland, the day of freedom, peace, and happiness, and we have to go forward no matter how difficult that path is. This is the way I look at things, and this is the standard God has. Jesus died while living according to this standard. No matter what the suffering, we have to forge ahead on the course to establish the homeland. We have to take responsibility for Korea. We must relieve the built-up pain and anguish that surrounds the fact that Jesus’ homeland, the Holy Spirit’s homeland, the homeland of all saints and sages, God’s own homeland, has never been built. If we do not, there is no way we can hold up our heads.

We must find our homeland. In order to find it, we have to live for it. If we do not live for our homeland, we will not be able to build it. How do we live for our homeland? We do this by setting up the world as our homeland and living for the sake of the world. A person who lives this way is capable of creating the homeland. Eating and sleeping, walking on the street, your entire lifestyle and all your actions have to be for the sake of creating the homeland.

This is why we fight, prepared even to repulse the communists should they attack us with swords in broad daylight. If the people of Korea cannot do the job, we are the ones who have to. If the people cannot go forward, we have to do it. To be able to do it, we have to love our homeland more than anything else. What I’m saying is, when you eat, eat for the sake of the homeland. When you marry and go to join your husband, do it for the homeland. Do everything for the sake of the homeland.

Our first purpose is to save the nation

You are the group that will rise up when I give the word, which will mobilize when I give the direction. Yet I am not the sort of man to be satisfied with that. Therefore, I will continue to develop a foundation that will guarantee the birth of the homeland, even if I have to sacrifice the Unification Church foundation to do it. There has to be a religious group, a people and a nation that can receive the messianic family that has been established as the central goal of the six-thousand-year providence of God.

God had originally prepared the foundation for the world to receive His nation, and God’s desire was for everything to be united from the outset. But that foundation was broken and shattered. Now the task to rebuild it remains. To connect everything together, we have to stand on the front line and run forward.

When it gets dark and it is time to rest, you should fall asleep still dreaming of that nation of hope. Of course, that nation does not exist at present. Still, as a citizen, you should go to sleep for the sake of that nation, and when you wake up, you should wake up as one who is working to create that nation. Do not use your senses to see, hear and touch without thinking of that nation. Until the day that nation is born, don’t even think of dying. Time is pressing, and we have to overcome every kind of suffering and adversity.

If you have a deadline, you have to get the task done even if it means staying up late at night. So when the only way to establish the homeland is to make yourself a sacrificial lamb for the sake of the providential timeline, it is your responsibility to use your time to shed one more tear and one more bead of sweat to God’s providence. Do you think it is okay to just sleep comfortably and wake up stretching and yawning? Rather, as soon as you wake, you need to bow down and pray, “Father, I feel the sorrow of this lonely, miserable path that I am walking to establish our victorious nation, to give You the place of rest and security that You have always longed for, and to build a nation through which You can make the world You have always wanted to build. Father, if I feel this kind of sorrow, how do You in heaven feel?”

You can’t just lie down because you are tired. If you die, you should die for the sake of that nation. Because of this, when I get old and start to feel tired, the one thing I want to leave behind is a last will and testament that says, “I did all I could for the sake of Heaven. I did everything I could for the sake of Heaven’s nation.”

Jesus said, “Do not worry, saying, ‘What will we eat?’ or ‘What will we drink?’ or ‘What will we wear?’ For it is the Gentiles who strive for all these things, but strive first for the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” (Matt. 6:31-33) This shows that the central stream of thought in the Bible is Heaven’s nation. The Bible’s philosophy says we must seek that nation. It doesn’t say to seek your own happiness.

If you are born as a citizen of that nation and you have a husband, then your husband represents that nation, so you have to love that nation before you love your husband. As a wife, you also represent the nation; your husband has to love that nation before he can love you. When your spouse dies, you even have to be able to ask him or her to die with the words, “I did everything I could; there is nothing more I could have done.” It is not good if you die saying, “I wish I had tried this or that.”

For this reason, we must keep on going, even though we may have accomplished a certain amount. If you walk part way down the path, there is no reason not to go to the end. When everyone else is sleeping, you have to go a step further. You’ve got to say, “Hey, Satan’s world! Take a rest for the whole day if you like! We are going on to seek Heaven’s nation.”

Fellow compatriots, all who seek the unity of the North and South, I especially want to say that the mission of women is to restore the young people, and the mission of students is to be true children based upon true education. Even going beyond that, mothers and children have to unite to set the standard in order to raise and educate their husbands to be true sons of Heaven. You must restore the ideal of the kingdom of heaven on earth by attending God and True Parents.

In closing, it is my fervent hope that my words today will help you build a nationwide movement that will bring us closer to the day when the North and the South meet in true love.

May God’s blessing be with you and your families.

Thank you.

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