Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 346

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 8: The Reunification of Korea and World Peace
Speech 15: God’s Kingdom of Peace Is the Eternal Home of Our Blessed Families, pg 1285-1289

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Living in accordance with God’s Will

From this perspective, it is vital to understand how to live in accordance with God’s Will, in the contexts both of daily personal life and of historical time. Before we talk about our hope that God’s Will be done and His kingdom come, we need to assess the degree to which we are living in oneness with His Will.

The Bible records a four thousand-year providence of restoration that includes Noah’s family, Abraham’s family, Moses’ family and Jesus’ family. We see that the mistakes the members of those families committed were not events extending more than a decade or several decades. Those who erred did so in a single moment, yet the error in that one moment destined them and their descendants to a path of indemnity extending more than one thousand years, and caused peoples and nations to fall into a bottomless pit of destruction.

That reveals the seriousness and importance of each moment of our lives. Even the eternal kingdom of heaven cannot exist apart from the single moment. Eternity does not begin when a person dies; it begins when a person comes to know God’s Will. If even a single moment is skipped, or if there be even the smallest hole in time, eternity will cease to exist.

As people of faith, while it is good for us to dream of the eternal, it is even more important that we understand how to eradicate evil and advance goodness in the context of our own life in today’s reality. In other words, what you need to fear most is not the judgment that will come in the Last Days; it is whether you are living each moment of your daily life in oneness with God’s Will. You need to be concerned about how your life intersects with the course of God’s Will.

The truth is that the circumstances of our families, societies, nations and world are not as we would like them to be. Therefore, we find ourselves dealing with all manner of difficulties, and we struggle back and forth on the cusp between good and evil. Every single day we prepare and struggle to triumph over our circumstances. Even in terms of our daily schedules, we often experience that we cannot do all the things that we planned to do in the morning. This is all the more the case as we take on a greater public role. We find that we need proportionally greater determination and driving force in order to conclude each day of our lives with victory. The days add up to become months, then years. Ultimately, they add up to form our entire life.

Our life course to establish the original homeland

Ladies and gentlemen, while living on this earth neither we, nor anyone in history can escape the confines of time. Individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world move within one realm of time. Each person has a certain purpose to fulfill during the course of his or her life. A person will strive for ten years, twenty years, or an entire lifetime in pursuit of this purpose. The larger the purpose, the stronger must be the person’s internal resolution and dedication. To accomplish it, a person must possess an internal determination strong enough to overcome adversity.

You may not understand about the spirit world. However through God’s special grace, I came to know that unknown world with certainty. Looking at the fundamentals of that world, I saw that it operates on a simple principle. When people cross over into that world, those who lived for the sake of others according to God’s heavenly laws and principles will enter heaven, while those who lived selfishly and only for themselves cannot avoid going to hell.

What is heaven? Heaven is a kingdom of peace. It is where the original ideal of creation that God purposed from the beginning is completed. It is the true homeland all people must seek and find. We are descendants of Adam and Eve, who were expelled from the original homeland as a result of the human Fall. Therefore, it is our destiny to return to and once again enter that original homeland.

Nonetheless, we cannot enter by human effort alone. It is possible to enter only because God has worked through history to enable fallen human beings to go there. God established various religions, suited to each peoples’ diverse cultures and traditions, to guide humanity. Religion, however, only trains people to acquire the qualifications. To actually bring us into this higher dimension, God is now leading humanity above and beyond the cultural backgrounds of the world’s religions, towards a single united religious world.

All religions teach their followers to live for the sake of others because their purpose is to prepare their people to live in the original homeland. Living for the sake of others is the essence of true love. To train us in this way of life, religions give highest priority to the practice of meekness and humility. They teach us to place other people above ourselves and to live for their benefit. They teach sacrifice and service.

Ladies and gentlemen, what is the ultimate goal of life? It is to possess God’s love completely. To reach that final destination, a man and a woman must travel the road together. They may encounter life-threatening situations dozens or even hundreds of times, or even die on the way, yet that is the path of life that leads them back to God.

What is the ultimate human desire? It is to possess God’s love completely. True love is the core of God’s being. You may possess God’s attention completely, yet God will not be your God unless you possess God’s true love. On the other hand, if you completely possess God’s true love, then you will not mind it even if God is not with you. You enter a state where everything that is God’s is yours, and everything that is yours is God’s. Then for the first time, the internal and external will be one. The place filled with such love is the ideal, the kingdom of heaven. Once you reach this state, you will perceive beauty in all beings in the world, and everything in the world will exist for you.

And yet, ladies and gentlemen, because of the Fall of the first human ancestors, all people without exception have inherited Satan’s false love and were born with Satan as their false father. Satan’s lineage was passed down to you through your mother and father. This is the picture of who we are today. Our beginning was in error because false parents abducted us; therefore, we must go back and begin again in the lineage of the True Parents.

This is how deadly serious our lives are. You have to inherit God’s love, God’s life and God’s lineage. It is possible only through the Holy Blessing Ceremony. This ceremony is not a religious rite of the Unification Church alone; it is grace from God. You were dying because you were pricked by Satan’s poison-tipped needle, yet through this ceremony you will be revived.

God’s purpose for creating human beings

Then, let us look from God’s viewpoint at the reasons He created human beings. There are three. First, God created human beings with material form in order for Him to be the Parent of all material existence. God, being invisible and without material form, cannot have dominion over things that have material form. In other words, God needed to exist as a being with form, and that form is the form of a Parent. God wished to become one with Adam and Eve, and through them to act as the substantial Parent to all human beings. 

Second, the invisible God cannot produce children of His perfect image by Himself. A vertical line perpendicular to a horizontal plane cannot act beyond the single point where it intersects that plane. There is no reproduction in the spirit world. The spatiality that is necessary for reproduction to take place is created only when there is a horizontal deployment from the perpendicular axis tracing a circle through three hundred sixty degrees. God needed an organic process by which to produce citizens of the kingdom of heaven, and so He created this horizontal world centered on earth. When a man and woman meet and form unity in conjugal love, they create a sphere through their giving and receiving, and become a channel by which to produce citizens of the kingdom of heaven. God’s desire was to multiply so many people of the kingdom of heaven that there would be more than enough men and women to fill the ideal world He envisioned. This is the reason it is important for husbands and wives to bear and raise many children.

Third, God created human beings in order to establish and maintain an eternal partnership of love. When God created Adam and Eve, He intended that they become His eternal partners of love. However they were not the only ones. Once God had established Adam and Eve in His partnership realm, it was His intention to likewise establish their children and all their descendants in a world where everyone would be His direct partner of love. In this way, God created human beings to maintain the world of love’s partnership for eternity.

If Adam and Eve call God “Father,” then would their children call Him “Grandfather?” No, they would also call Him “Father.” God is the vertical center. From God’s perspective, all the partners of His love are equal. Each partner of God’s love possesses equal value transcending time and space. After all, each is produced when God’s vertical love extends horizontally to meet human love on the same plane. This means the value of perfected love is always equal.

Next, let us look at the process of God’s creation. When God created the universe, first He created the natural environment, and then with that as the foundation He created human beings. In the beginning, God was the center of everything. In the end, He desired that human beings be in the central position by establishing balance and unity throughout the natural world.

The spirit world relates to the mind and the physical world relates to the body. Human beings have a mission to serve as the intermediaries between the spiritual and physical worlds. Look at the world in which we live. It contains two axes, one visible and the other invisible.

Again, look at the natural world. The Earth, as an object partner, revolves around the Sun, its subject partner, and at the same time it rotates on its own axis. Likewise, our body revolves around our mind by following the mind’s directions, and at the same time it engages in its own rotational motion that enables it to exist and function. I am trying to illustrate a universal principle, one that illuminates the path of restoration that leads to the salvation of fallen humanity.

Human beings have a body that revolves around the physical mind. The physical mind revolves around a higher center, the spirit mind, and above the spirit mind is yet a higher center, God. Human beings are complete only when they are completely one with God.

A complete human being, though he or she may appear to be an insignificant individual, represents all of history and all relationships in the future. That person’s value is equal to that of the entire cosmos. If we wish to fulfill the potential embodied in such cosmic value, we will let our spirit mind lead the way as we go about our life. This is heavenly law. The time has come when Heaven will judge whoever goes against the promptings of his or her conscience, which speaks through the spirit mind.

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