Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 327

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 8: The Reunification of Korea and World Peace
Speech 08: True Love and the World of Unity, pg 1210-1214

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Ladies and gentlemen, love in today’s human world is love that centers on the self. It is not related to the mind, but only to the body. Your body is bound by the devil’s anchor cable. Your mind is in the position of the plus, representing Heaven, and yet your body has become another plus and is manipulating the mind. Correcting this is our duty, and we must fulfill it in our lifetime. Knowing this, God created religions as repair shops. Religions convey Heaven’s guidance that the body is more evil than the mind, and hence you should strike it forcefully. For this reason you are told to fast, to sacrifice, to serve others, and to be willing to lose your life for God’s sake.

A religious life consists of embracing the lifestyle of denying the body’s desires and conforming to the wishes of the mind. We must do it for a period of three to five years or even more, until it becomes habitual. After that, we are told to pray without ceasing. Since the mind easily falls prey to external influences, you need to offer devotions from the midway position. Do that until you have gained three to four times your present power. Then you can use that power to drag your body around until it follows your mind out of habit. Other than these two methods, there is absolutely no way to repair yourself. Without going through the door of such mental training in religion, you cannot find your way to the original path for human beings. The path of philosophy, the path of knowledge and the path of trying to habitually following one’s conscience are not enough.

The body and the mind need to become one. The mind is vertical and the body is horizontal. If human beings had not fallen at the outset, their mind and body would have become one. The being that made it impossible for them to become one according to the ideal of God, is our enemy. It was the devil himself. The devil caused human beings to fall. It is said that the human Fall was due to eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, but which part of their body did human beings cover up after eating that fruit? Did they cover the mouth or the hands? They covered the lower part of their body. It was with that part that they sowed the evil seed.

Human beings fell when they were in their adolescence, before they reached maturity. Once they planted the seed of evil, the lineage of evil spread down through history throughout the human world. So in the Last Days, young people in all parts of the world will flout the ethics of love, as did Adam and Eve, and follow the trend of moral degradation. This phenomenon tells us that the era when Satan exercises his full authority has come upon this earth. And when this comes to pass, the iron rod of God’s judgment will be upon us.

Look at today’s advanced nations, such as the United States, Japan and the countries of Europe. Who can stop the waves of free sex and immorality raging throughout the East and the West? As if it were not enough that people hedonistically seek to stimulate their senses with disordered love, now the world is filled with people who have become so degraded that they crave hallucinogens and narcotic drugs. Led by the body, these people are careening down paths toward death. There is no way the mind would desire to follow these paths.

The mind throws up its hands in despair. It laments that the calling of the conscience to guide human beings to the bosom of God on the great way of Heaven’s law has ended unsuccessfully. Therefore, someone or something needs to lead humanity to the path of salvation. That something is the Unification Church. There is no other hope in the world.

The Unification Church is the place where God and human beings, and the mind and body, are united through the ideal of true love. Since God possesses true love, true life and true lineage, and since we come from Him, we too need to have true love, true life and true lineage. Human beings are born into a parent-child relationship with God, under His true love. So, just as the body and mind of God are naturally united through true love, our body and mind also should unite naturally through true love.

However, we have become fallen people who have inherited the love of Satan, the life of Satan and the lineage of Satan. Our body and mind are the battleground where Satan and God are constantly fighting. I, Rev. Moon alone, have complete knowledge of this; therefore, I cannot help but cry out about it.

Anyone who follows the teachings of Rev. Moon can make their body submit and unite with their mind one hundred percent. When you have done so and your mind and body are united, you can become the eternal object partner of God, the partner of His love.

Love possesses three great properties: the right of inheritance, the right to live together, and the right of participation. Therefore, when you stand in the position completely united with God’s absolute and unchanging true love, you inherit the right to live together with Him at all times. When this comes to pass, you enter a world of profound resonance where you can see God without closing your eyes. In that state, you may experience the sorrowful heart of God so intensely that while you are in the middle of going somewhere you suddenly stop and begin crying your heart out.

Even in the fallen world there are many cases in which a mother’s love is so great that she knows when her child meets with an unexpected accident far away from home. It will awaken her from sleep, and she will sob and cry out the name of her child.

Because such power lies within love, when you become one in that love, the two worlds of matter and spirit dwell together and communicate with each other. To put it another way, when you reach the level when you are able to absorb the essential true love of God, the true love within you will proclaim that it will live for the sake of others for tens of thousands of years. At that point, you own one hundred percent of your body and mind. True love takes root in your heart so that you feel everything that God feels, and your body automatically resonates with that.

The body was created as a resonator centering on the true love that comes through the world of the mind, but you need to know how to enter the state of mind-body unity. This is the task we need to do in order to reclaim the essential true love of God, which remains to be fulfilled.

The logic of true love is that when we resonate with it, we enter the realm of equality and are able to say that God’s love is our love, God’s life is our life, God’s lineage is our lineage, and the created world under God’s ownership is our created world. Only when we have this heart, the heart of the father and mother embracing heaven and earth, can we be registered in the kingdom of heaven.

Knowing all this, I have lived my life climbing over mountains and crossing rivers with the heart to love the five races more than my own parents and brothers and sisters. Thus, I have elevated the Unification Church today to the highest position in the world, under the protection of heavenly fortune. Heavenly fortune comes to the place where true love makes its home. That place is also where the love of God dwells permanently.

That is why the members of the Unification Church, regardless of age or gender, esteem Rev. Moon. If you truly understand how piteous my life has been and how often I have shed tears spontaneously, you will receive revelations when you are in a state between sleep and wakefulness. You have no idea how spiritually enlightened you will become. Such a world will truly unfold for you when you embrace the Unification Church.

Ladies and gentlemen, look here! Why am I bringing together tens of thousands of young American men and women, most of whom are college graduates and some who have even master’s degrees and doctorates? They represent the world’s advanced nations. Through them I am bringing the five races together. Regardless of whether they are from Africa, South America, the East or the West, I am pairing them up for marriage.

Ladies and gentlemen, is there any issue more important in a person’s life than marriage? Yet these people have entrusted me with this matter. I can only carry out this calling because I am so serious as to stake my life on it. I tell you, a new, revolutionary event is taking place in history.

If Adam and Eve had not fallen and instead had reached maturity, they would have become the object partners of God’s love, that is, His own loving spouses. Suppose a man and a woman get married, but on their wedding night a thief came and seduced the bride, and they eloped. Later, unable to forget her husband, the woman came back to him. Would the man just say, “Hello, welcome back”? No, his eyes would shoot fire at her. Yet this is God’s situation.

What is God, who is our ancestor, going to do? Though He wants to pour out His love upon this world, He cannot do so. He is restraining His aching heart, because evil has been planted there. So He waits for the day when the waters of evil will flood that place and destroy the evil world completely. With the coming of autumn, the immorality that was sown in the shadows is bearing abundant fruit in the form of depraved and suffering adolescents in all parts of the world. This is happening at this very moment.

Although human beings originally were to have become the sons and daughters of God, they instead became the sons and daughters of the enemy. What I want to ask you is this: How many Christians know how wretched and painful is the heart of God as He looks upon human beings, who are engulfed by a misery from which there is no escape?

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