Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 326

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 8: The Reunification of Korea and World Peace
Speech 08: True Love and the World of Unity, pg 1206-1210

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Ladies and gentlemen! You have a spouse whom you love, don’t you? How much do you love him or her? When you come to think of it, men were born because of women and women were born because of men. This is all because of true love, love for the sake of others. God designed men and women so that through their harmony they can achieve that ideal of love.

All created things in heaven and earth exist in pairs. Which among them would be the masterpiece, placed in that position by God Himself, to be the greatest object partner of His love? It is human beings.

The word “woman” came to be because the man was there first. And the word “man” is premised on the presence of woman. The word “above” takes “below” into account, and the word “right” can be used only after first recognizing “left.” Therefore, the word “horizontal” must be premised on the word “vertical.” This is self-evident. The fact that you recognize these premises verifies that you exist within a realm of relationships, the realm of existence for the sake of others. This illustrates the fact that human beings and all things were created through true love, with the established purpose of living for the sake of others.

The true love of God is the love that invests and invests again, gives and gives again, and then forgets having done so. If you still cling to the memory of having given, love cannot circulate infinitely. Since love is engaged in an infinite motion, you should not linger on the memory of having given. When you give and give again and again continually without remembering having done so, life can flow.

God gives this love of infinite value from the position of the Father and forgets what He has given. Even if the sons and daughters who have received that love betray Heaven, He gives again. It is thanks to that endless love of God that you were able to come here today and sit in this audience.

Therefore, we can conclude that the path of true love is not to have others live for one’s own sake. It is rather the path of living for the sake of others by unconditional giving. For this reason, when God creates the object partner of His love, He wants to live for His partner and invest everything He possesses one hundred percent, again and again. God, the Creator of heaven and earth, is the original central figure who possesses such a heart.

In living for the sake of others, true love gives everything, one hundred percent and one thousand percent, and creates a vacuum. It follows the logic of the atmosphere, in which an area of absolute low pressure automatically initiates circular motion by pulling air from an area of high pressure. In the same way, in a state where one tries to live absolutely for the sake of others, one is connected to infinite power. This is how God can exist eternally. This is how the process of giving and giving again, which is born of God’s original nature, can continue endlessly. This is the logic of eternal life; it springs from the path of true love.

Ladies and gentlemen, what is the main reason we desire to live today, tomorrow, for ten years, for a hundred years, for a thousand years and for ten thousand years? The reason is not for money. It is not for the nations in the world. The reason is for the true love of God, which is the absolute origin of unity.

In contrast to the true love of God, which is based on living for the sake of others, it is evident that the root of today’s human world is false love, which tells others to live for our sake. This is a consequence of the human Fall. Yet, it is logical that telling others to live for one’s own sake cannot bring about unity. This sacrifices the realm of relationships and eventually brings about its destruction. That is why the universe does not support a dictator. The one who destroys the ideal object partner is the devil.

The Unification Church has the mission of a healer. Its work is to cure people, and we are putting the cure into practice. Accordingly, the teachings asserted by the Unification Church, which is responsible for saving the world, must accord with this logic.

What is the logical basis for the proposition that unity is established by centering on true love? It is this: First there is God and then comes Adam and Eve, and although the man Adam is bigger and the woman Eve is smaller, everything works out when they possess God together. Even if Adam normally takes the initiative and Eve normally follows, what will happen when they both discover God and compete to take hold of Him first? Unity cannot exist when one asserts oneself over the other. However, if you think about it from the standpoint of living for the sake of your partner and living together with God, when Adam says, “I am trying to take hold of Him first, but it is for your sake,” the smaller Eve will say to him, “Then hurry up and take hold of Him!” Or if Eve says, “I am trying to take hold of Him first, for your sake,” her husband will be delighted. They act this way because they have achieved unity.

As can be seen, the logic to unite the world, in heaven and on earth, can be discovered through God’s true love, living for the sake of others. This is how the Unification Church emerged.

I dispatched Unification Church missionaries to communist satellite countries and to the major cities of the Soviet Union as part of my preparations to save the people in those places. Those missionaries were subjected to extreme persecution, and some were even sentenced to death. They crossed national borders again and again as they followed me, even though they had never met me personally. As they walked to their deaths, they clasped their hands in prayer while facing the land of Korea to the east and said, “I am departing!” Can you imagine the burden of heart I carried, being unable to hold them and save their lives?

Even though I knew the heart of Heaven, who pitied those who were suffering hardships and enduring anguish at the hands of the devil and who had become his prisoners, I still had to resolve to march forward day and night. I had learned based on the law of nature that communism would not prevail, and so I waited and waited. Finally the Soviet Union somehow came to recognize our truth about unity. They came to realize that it is indeed a great truth, the absolute truth that can plant new hope in the nation.

Ladies and gentlemen, although the harmony of great nations and the cosmos is a major goal, we must give priority to the matter of achieving harmony within oneself. We need to know that we have a master throughout our life, a leader who is closest to us, whom we must not exchange for all heaven and earth. Yet we are pitiful people, because we are ignorant of this fact and are living our lives as slaves to sin. That master is none other than our conscience. How many times has this conscience guided you? When you had evil thoughts, how much did it endeavor to drag you over mountains and across rivers, to say, “you slime!” and reprimand you unceasingly, night and day?

As you can see, though your mind is trying to take the form of the true owner and protect you, your body has betrayed you. The mind is your one, unique and precious teacher sent by the universe, but your body has treated its teacher with scathing contempt. What is more, your body has utterly violated the conscience, which stands as your parent to enable you to practice your original heart of love. Should you indulge this body, when it has become the enemy of your mind? No, you must not!

Do you try to protect this body, which has violated, neglected and contemptuously treated the conscience that is trying to defend you, or do you ​​try to conquer it? Your conscience, second only to God, has the position of your owner, teacher and parent. It is trying to make you a righteous person. Can you conform yourself to God, who is the great Parent of heaven, the great Teacher of heaven and earth, and the great Owner of heaven and earth? When you as a person bring your body under the control of your mind, and can live for the sake of others, you will find happiness. God will dwell with you. That is why it is said that when there is harmony within the home, all goes well. For the home that is yourself to be at peace, your mind and body need to be united.

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