Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 328

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 8: The Reunification of Korea and World Peace
Speech 08: True Love and the World of Unity, pg 1214-1218

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Ladies and gentlemen, true love takes the shortest and most direct route. The path of true love connecting God, Adam and Eve can only be a vertical line, for it is the shortest route to the horizontal. The path of true love between husband and wife connects from the east to the west and also follows the shortest route. There is only one intersecting point, and it is at a ninety-degree angle.

When a man and a woman reach maturity, they meet each other on the shortest horizontal route centering on true love. God’s vertical line and their horizontal line meet and form a right angle automatically. This point is where the vertical line and the horizontal line meet. It is the position of absolute value, the model, and the single central point that binds them together in true love.

However, because of the archangel, before Adam and Eve could reach maturity this angle was twisted, and this constitutes the human Fall. Due to the Fall, humankind inherited the lineage of Satan. This act of the devil was self-centered, self-focused, and is the root of extreme individualism. As a result, fallen human beings place themselves first in every situation. God, on the other hand, thinks always of the whole. Therefore, good people who resemble God live for the sake of the whole, whereas evil people who resemble Satan live only for their own sake. This is what divides heaven and earth, divides the kingdom of heaven from hell, divides good people from evil people, and divides public-minded people from self-interested people.

The corrupted path of love that aims to satisfy only one’s own physical body must be obliterated from this planet. I’m not talking about killing people, but about saving them. To use a biblical parable, people who have fallen and gone over to Satan’s side are wild olive trees. But the human beings whom God has selected from among them are the wild olive trees of the religious realm, and they are under His ownership. That is why God can deal with them freely. He has prepared them for the time of the returning Lord. It will be easy to cut and engraft them onto the returning Lord, when he comes, in one fell swoop. Thus, they will become true olive trees, achieving their originally intended state.

In other words, people of faith need to find the True Father, for as wild olive trees they were born without having received his seed of life. That is why they have been unable to achieve the ideal as true sons and daughters connected to the lineage of God, centering on original true love. That is why the Messiah needs to come.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you know who the Messiah is? The Messiah and his bride come as the True Parents. They pull out the false root of all who were born of the false parent, Satan, and guide them to their originally intended state. By doing so, they will expel Satan and build the kingdom of heaven of freedom and liberation, which all will welcome. They come with this enormous responsibility. Yet, are Christians today even thinking about this?

Then what kind of a being is God? He is the Parent of vertical true love. How close is He to us? When the unfallen, original True Parents, that is the Lord of the Second Advent and his bride, come to earth, the vertical line of God and the horizontal line of human beings finally will be able to come together at a right angle. I am educating people in the ability to create this right angle. When you come into the realm of true love resonance, you will be able to see heaven and earth clearly.

The reason Buddha was able to say, “I am my own Lord throughout heaven and earth,” is that when you enter the core of that realm of resonance, all of heaven and earth is in your hands, God is inside you, and the law of nature is connected to you. When you enter the realm of true love resonance, you do not need religion and you also do not need a savior. You are liberated. Everything is finished and done with.

We have seen that one of the reasons God has carried out the providence of creating human beings was to find His object partners of true love. A second reason is so that God can dwell in a physical body. The physical body is important. People who dwell in the kingdom of heaven in heaven are sons and daughters who used to live in physical bodies. Therefore, God too needs to dwell there as the Parent who attained the form of a physical body.

When you ask what the form of this body is, the answer is that it is the internal form of the original Adam and Eve. Then the question is, where would God and the original Adam and Eve meet? The place where the love of God and the love of True Parents, the life of God and the life of True Parents, and the lineage of God and the lineage of True Parents come together in union is this right angle connecting the vertical and the horizontal, and no other. This is the point that establishes true love.

God is the vertical Parent of true love, and the perfected Adam and Eve are the parents centered on horizontal true love. When you are born inheriting the love, life and lineage of these two sets of parents, your mind becomes the vertical “you” and your body becomes the horizontal “you.” When this vertical “you” and horizontal “you” become one in unity, you become the eternal object partner of God’s true love.

For human beings, where is the starting-point of true love, the starting-point of true life and the starting-point of true lineage? Do not be surprised: It is the reproductive organs. Sadly, however, these organs through their misuse became the diabolical palace that destroyed the law of Heaven. They became the fountainheads of evil. They came to be seen as indecent and as the most evil things in heaven and on earth. However, ladies and gentlemen, as husbands and wives, do not your reproductive organs occupy a central place in your lives? Isn’t it by means of them that you become fathers and mothers and then grandfathers and grandmothers? So why should they be considered indecent? This is because their misuse destroyed the law of Heaven.

That is why cities and nations that are immoral in the sight of God are destroyed. There was no other reason for the burning of Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone or for the destruction of Pompeii. They were destroyed because they did not uphold chastity, and thus drowned in immorality.

Do you know why the United States is going to ruin? I warned America early on. Do you know that there are reports of incestuous relationships, such as a grandfather sleeping with his granddaughter, or a father sleeping with his daughter even though he still lives with her mother? All the signs of the coming ruin in the Last Days are on display. Yet the advanced nations ignore the terrible fact that the time has come when they can be struck directly by the destructive forces that Heaven will bring upon them. This is why they need me and the Unification Church. Christians of the United States, Catholic or Protestant, can be united if they will only listen to me. I have the content by which they can do so. However, what is the attitude of these Christians? I have concerned myself with them and tried to save ​​them, yet they have continued to treat me as an enemy. The Bible says that when an enemy comes to you and says he is hungry, you need to feed him, and it has been said that if you strike the people who raise a white flag after losing a war, you become the enemy of God. How, then, can Christians act in such a way?

Ladies and gentlemen, you must know this clearly. The point through which you can become the root of a united heaven and earth, where the mind and the body do not fight with each other, will be created within you just as it is in God Himself. This will come to pass when you become true sons and daughters who have inherited the love, life and lineage of God, and the love, life and the lineage of True Parents. By inheriting these you will become one with true love, living for the sake of others. Then unity within your families becomes possible. Then the quiet love of parents for their children will shine forth from you for tens and hundreds of years. God is such a Being, and you will be as well.

What am I instructing all the Unification Church members in the world to do today? It is to practice the truth of living for the sake of others again and again in accordance with the Principle of Creation. I am teaching you that, with the seed of new life, you need to penetrate this world in which the lineage of justice could not take root because the task of finding the ideal object partner of love was too difficult.

Ladies and gentlemen, let us all shed sweat for earth, tears for humanity, and blood for heaven, with the heart of a parent and in the shoes of a servant. Remembering the fact that we bear the historical cross of alleviating the sorrow of our Heavenly Parent, the great Lord and Creator of the universe, let us march forward on the path of world salvation!

Ladies and gentlemen, what will happen when the people of true unity spread out across the world? What will happen when the five races begin to live their lives investing again and again for the sake of this entire planet? What will happen when their investment extends for generations to come? Our banner will multiply and fly high, together with shouts of joy! Our world will become the kingdom of heaven on earth. Religion will no longer be needed. Nationalism will become obsolete. Even police will be unnecessary. When you become people of true love, you do not steal, even if you are told to. You naturally know it is wrong.

Our movement is the starting-point for unity based on true love, and will lead to the world of true unity. Let us march forward for this providence, on the true path of eternal life and under the direct dominion and protection of God and heavenly fortune!

You are not alone. Those of you who resolve to march forward on this amazing path together with your family and your clan, raise both your hands right now and welcome it together with me!

I pray that the blessings of God will be with you, and that you will become the leading figures of the world of unity and true love.

Thank you.

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