Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 316

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 8: The Reunification of Korea and World Peace
Speech 03: The Resolve of the World and the Korean People, pg 1171-1173

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The urgent need for the Victory over Communism campaign

Since North Korea represents the entire communist world, you have to be mindful of the fact that other communist nations, beginning with the Soviet Union, stand behind North Korea. These nations that have ideological ties to North Korea share the goal of world domination. Therefore, in times of emergency North Korea will be able to receive military and economic support from these nations, especially from the Soviet Union and China.

However, this is not the case for South Korea. We cannot expect that free nations will come to our aid in times of need, as they did during the Korean War. This is because the democratic world does not have a philosophical vision or a commitment to the world as a single community. Also, the circumstances today are completely different from the time of the Korean War.

This is because the free nations are not aligned with the principle of living for the sake of the world. They mainly pursue their own national interests, they are becoming increasingly liberal, and their governments and policies can change with each election.

Because I knew this weakness of the free world, I traversed Japan, America, Europe, Central and South America, and other parts of the world to rally young people, scholars, journalists and politicians, and introduce them to the transnational philosophy of Victory over Communism. In each nation I devoted all my energy in creating a base to disseminate the Victory over Communism teaching to the general public. This activity serves to protect the Republic of Korea, which is placed in a historic, providential and global confrontation with communism. In particular, I have been successful in establishing Victory over Communism activists in localities throughout the United States and Central and South America, through the CAUSA movement. I also have built a strong foundation for Victory over Communism among the Japanese people.

This foundation will expand rapidly in Japan and the United States. In Korea I called on the International Federation for Victory over Communism to create a nationwide organization with leaders in each village and precinct. In this way we were able to form strong partnerships and ideological bonds between Korea, Japan and the United States on a civic rather than a political level. This foundation will generate immediate mutual support in times of emergency.

In the future I intend to guide the members of the Victory over Communism movements in these three nations, which represent the world, to extend their solidarity through sisterhood ties, mutual exchanges and education. South Korea, which is under the direct threat of North Korea, still has a great shortage of leaders in the area of Victory over Communism. Each village and precinct needs to have more than one hundred Victory over Communism activists. Once they are in place, there will be approximately seven million activists. That will enable Korea to gain international stature as the leading nation in the fight against communism.

Therefore, whenever possible, the fathers and mothers in each village and precinct should become pillars of the Victory over Communism movement. Your elder and younger siblings and even your husband or wife ought to become a member of the International Federation for Victory over Communism. When that happens, neighborhood meetings will become neighborhood meetings for Victory over Communism, the civil defense corps will be a Victory over Communism civil defense corps, and the New Village Movement will be a Victory over Communism New Village Movement. In this way, a strong foundation to defeat communism will be established in this nation, building a solid foundation for national security. Though politicians change, the formation of this grassroots foundation will never be interrupted.

Nonetheless, we must not be satisfied with that. We need to connect our home-based, grassroots foundation with the Victory over Communism foundations in other countries. In so doing, we can form an international united front under the International Federation for Victory over Communism. When this international front triumphs over communism throughout the world, we finally can liberate North Korea.

Formation of a front line through the International Federation for Victory over Communism

I returned to Korea at this time to perform this very task. I returned here in order to connect the chapters of the Victory over Communism movement in each nation to Korea and form a powerful international populist movement.

The reason we are holding a Victory over Communism rally here today is to urge the people of this nation to arm themselves quickly with the Victory over Communism teaching, both to save this nation and to help form an international front line through the International Federation for Victory over Communism.

I have suffered much persecution to get to this place today. The persecution was global, not just in one nation. Now the time has come for the people of this nation to open their eyes and see the results, namely, the foundation I have created. You need to embrace this great truth of God, which was born in Korea. This teaching does not belong to me; rather, it is God’s teaching and, at the same time, a principle that belongs to you and all humankind.

I welcome the seventy representatives of the Professors World Peace Academy from seventy nations who are here today. They are eminent scholars from around the world who support the Unification movement and the Victory over Communism movement. They have come to Korea at this time to support this rally and to strengthen the ties between the Victory over Communism members in Korea and in other nations.

When communism is completely eradicated from this world, the long-cherished desire of God and dream of humankind, a world of peace and freedom, shall be established on earth. We will also achieve the reunification of the homeland, which is the cherished hope of the Korean people.

For the sake of that day let all of us, all the people of this nation, unite together as one. Let us firmly resolve to overcome communism. Let us rise together, in one accord with the people of the world, to march forward and bring down communism!

I pray that God’s protection and blessings will be upon the Republic of Korea and upon all your families.

Thank you.

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