Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 315

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 8: The Reunification of Korea and World Peace
Speech 03: The Resolve of the World and the Korean People, pg 1168-1170

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Communist prejudice

As the Unification movement expands globally, communism has become its greatest obstacle. Communism espouses a philosophy based on dialectical materialism and a materialistic view of history. Democracy does not have an articulated philosophy for opposing it. Although democracy is able to accept Unification teachings, communism categorically rejects them out of its narrow-mindedness and commitment to a class-based view of reality. Because of its viewpoint, communists have used every means possible to hinder and persecute the Unification movement that I lead. Through false propaganda, vicious slander, printed materials and rallies, communists have mounted their mudslinging and persecution against my group and me.

They have mobilized politicians, journalists, students, religious people, cultural figures and even housewives in promoting their false propaganda against the Unification movement. Detailed research data on the slander and persecution of the Unification movement by the Communist Party in Japan will soon be published as a book.

The methods they employ to persecute our members include assault, kidnapping, violent abduction, illegal confinement in complete isolation, forced conversion, brainwashing, intimidation, forced admittance into mental hospitals, and the administration of psychotropic drugs. It has been discovered through meticulous investigation that communist cadres have been behind the organizations and individuals that oppose and persecute me. They manipulate them, directly and indirectly, to persecute the Unification movement.

Why is communism so intent on opposing the Unification movement that I lead? It is because Unificationism makes God abundantly clear to people; it even allows them to experience God. It thereby completely exposes the fallacy of atheistic communism.

The devil avoids the sun and plays tricks on people in the dark of night. Likewise, communists have avoided God while acting as if they were God in the world of darkness. Whenever God’s light of truth shines through Unification teachings, it exposes the devil’s identity. This is why the communists adamantly oppose the Unification movement. In reality, there have been quite a few instances in which communists who studied Unificationism joined the Unification movement, after realizing that communism is false.

Despite communism’s opposition and persecution, the Unification movement is becoming stronger and is growing at a remarkable speed, spreading throughout the world. Why has this been possible? It is because God protects and helps us. Unificationism is an expression of God’s love, and the Unification movement is exactly what God wants. Through this movement God is trying to eliminate all forms of contradiction and social evils, in order to realize one, united and true society. In religious terms, I am referring to the kingdom of God on earth. 

The goal of the Unification movement

I now would like to explain in detail the parameters of the goal of the Unification movement, which I am spearheading. As I have already explained, Unificationism is a teaching that expresses God’s truth and love. Its primary goal is to resolve all social and global problems, completely eradicate communism from the earth, and establish a world of true freedom, peace and prosperity. It aims to realize a world under a vision of one great family, based on a new value system of ethics and morality. It seeks to manifest a united world based on the principles of interdependence, mutual prosperity, and universally shared values, free of all forms of oppression, exploitation, discrimination and social evils. This is its ultimate goal.

In a word, its ultimate goal is to realize a true, ideal society. The way to realize this society is not through violence and struggle, as dictated by communism; rather it is through a peaceful and idealistic spiritual movement based on truth and love. All of this is based on God’s Will. The goal of the Unification movement is the ultimate goal that God seeks to fulfill. 

Confrontation between good and evil on the Korean Peninsula

The location of the Republic of Korea, on the Korean Peninsula, places it in a position of destiny to fight and overcome communism. Once it can prevail in its struggle against communism, the Republic of Korea will play an active role in the world. On the other hand, if it is defeated by communism it may disappear without a trace. The Cambodian genocide after the loss of Vietnam is a good example of the tragic fate that could await South Korea.

The Republic of Korea must not only overcome North Korea, it must overcome communism throughout the world. North Korea, though it occupies only the northern part of the peninsula, represents global communism on the evil side. South Korea, which stands confronting North Korea, represents global democracy on the side of goodness. North Korea and South Korea stand at the forefront of the communist world and democratic world, respectively, with the Military Demarcation Line between them. Their very existence is at stake in this fateful and historic showdown between the two worlds.

North Korea stands on the side of evil, while South Korea stands on the side of good. North Korea is under the control of the devil, while South Korea stands together with God. In this way, the Korean Peninsula is a historic region where good and evil have come into sharp contrast. When good defeats evil in this region, this entire worldwide evil will perish. Throughout providential history God has been waiting eagerly for this kind of outcome. It can happen when the people of Korea and all the free people of this world come together in complete victory.

In conclusion, I would like to talk about the resolve of the Korean people. The confrontation between North and South Korea, focusing on this truce line, is an all-out confrontation between these two systems. Therefore, South Korea must surpass North Korea, not only in terms of national power but also in terms of philosophy. The ultimate outcome of an all-out war depends on the ideological battle. The Vietnam War demonstrated this point very well. Despite its military power, the United States lost the ideological battle and ultimately was defeated in Vietnam.

In the ideological battle, South Korea is currently at a severe disadvantage. Communism has disguised itself skillfully by infiltrating religious circles and university campuses. Underground organizations run by communist moles are taking root in farm villages and cities. In response to this, our people must come together in solidarity. Professors, religious leaders and government officials must quickly take responsibility for ideological education on university campuses, in religious circles and with the general public. To do so effectively, they must arm themselves quickly with the theory of Victory over Communism, which refutes the communist theory. In addition, they have to uncover communist infiltration and shut down the networks of communist moles. Only then can we prevail in the ideological battle. This is the only way, realistically, that we can stop the North’s invasion of the South.

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