Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 317

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 8: The Reunification of Korea and World Peace
Speech 04: Our Homeland for the Sake of the World, pg 1174-1176

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Our Homeland for the Sake of the World

December 11, 1985 
Hilton Hotel, Seoul, Korea
Welcoming Banquet for True Parents’ Victorious Homecoming

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for assembling here from all parts of the world, behind your various situations in order to welcome and encourage me on my return home. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you for that. To see the beautiful mountains and skies of my homeland again, and to stand in front of you tonight, evokes emotions in my heart that are hard to describe.

You have come here tonight not to welcome an individual named Rev. Moon, but to welcome a man who has dedicated himself for the Will of God and the ideal of living for others. It is this fact that makes today’s meeting a truly historical event.

Living for the sake of others is the starting point of the ideal

Living for the sake of the other is the basis for the order of the universe. It is the basis for a world of true ideals, true love, and true peace that is God’s ideal of creation and also the desire of men and women. The starting-point of our ideal, and the starting-point of happiness and love, is found in living for one’s counterpart. If we look at the universe, there is not one single thing that exists only for itself.

The mineral world exists for the sake of the plant and animal worlds, the mineral and plant worlds exist for the sake of the animal world, and the whole of creation exists for the sake of human beings. Then for whom do human beings exist? We exist for the sake of God.

God created all things and enables them to grow and develop for the sake of others. It is a basic law of the universe that a man is not born into the world as an end unto himself. Rather, he is born for a woman. The same is true for a woman. From the moment a husband and wife are married, each spouse should live with the thought: “I was born for you, I live for you, and I will die for you.” The couple that does this can be called an ideal husband and wife.

Living for others is a fundamental law of the universe. It is from this point that true love begins. All beings exist for other beings. A truly dutiful son or daughter lives for his or her parents. The love of true parents, the filial piety of true children, and the love between a true husband and wife all begin with living for the other.

If we extend this principle, we can conclude that true people live for the sake of the nation, and a true ruler lives for the sake of his or her people. We can all find true happiness if we live according to this principle. Since this is the law governing all beings in the universe, when true human beings that have lived for others enter the kingdom of heaven, or paradise, the world where God lives, they will find that same rule of living for others applies there.

This is the reason all religions teach service and self-sacrifice, and that genuine love is to live for the sake of others. A person who lives for others naturally arrives at the central position and commands respect. For example, if the youngest son in a family generously gives of himself to the other family members, he naturally becomes the focus of their love and captures their affection and admiration.

Living for others does not stop with the individual. If the family lives for others, it can establish the family heaven. If we extend this principle to the nation, we can realize the national level heaven. On the world level, when the whole of humankind lives for others, then we can realize the ideal world of harmony and happiness. In this way we can bring about heaven on earth. 

America has forsaken God’s Will

The ideal world is an eternally unchanging world where God is the Parent and we as His children are brothers and sisters living for each other in a harmonious family of humankind. In order to realize this world, a man was sent as to lead God’s providence. He is called the Messiah or Savior. In this world where true love does not yet exist, he comes to show the way to build the highway of love.

Jesus came as the Messiah on the foundation of Judaism and the nation of Israel in order to save the world. While he was trying to awaken them to live for the sake of the world, they rejected him and nailed him to the cross. Jesus’ hope was that his religion of Judaism and his nation of Israel would live for the world. However, they desired a God and a Messiah who existed only for their sake.

The resurrected Jesus spiritually guided Christianity as it expanded throughout all nations. The United States is the nation God has chosen to represent world Christianity. It should center on God and take the leading role for the salvation of the world. The United States has the mission to spread the Christian spirit and Christian ideals. The blessings God gave the United States are not for the sake of the United States alone. They are for the sake of the whole world. The United States does not exist for itself, but for all people.

Knowing that this view reflects God’s innermost heart and providence, I felt compelled to go to America. For the last thirteen years I have been working without ceasing to awaken that nation. While attempting to deal with the circumstances resulting from the Second World War, America often forgot its mission to work for the whole world. When America failed to live up to God’s expectation, the foundations of the free world were shaken. Numerous problems arose within the nation, including racial problems, drug abuse, immorality among young people, the destruction of the family, violence, crime, and communist infiltration.

There might be numerous causes for these problems, but ultimately it comes down to America’s spiritual and moral weakness. ‘God had hoped for the appearance of an American man, who with his family could together totally dedicate themselves for the sake of the world, and raise America to become a country exemplifying the principle of living for the sake of others. In reality no such individual or family could be found, and hence the foundation of the nation’s faith is shaky. God called me from Korea to America to fulfill this goal.

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