Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 307

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 8: The Reunification of Korea and World Peace
Speech 01: Korea in the World, pg 1137-1140

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Korea in the World

June 7, 1975
Yeouido Plaza, Seoul, Korea
World Rally for Korean Freedom

Honorable and beloved brethren, and world members of the Unification Church from sixty countries: This May 16th Square is a historical place. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for attending the World Rally for Korean Freedom to begin a new history at this historic plaza today.

The significance of the World Rally for Korean Freedom

Today, June 7, 1975, is the day of a new historical declaration both for me and for God. Already, at this very plaza, you have sent up a great roar shaking heaven and earth, denouncing Kim Il Sung for taking advantage of the situation in Indochina and trying to invade the south. There have already been many rallies for total unity and national security. However, this World Rally for Korean Freedom is a most unique and historic rally in two senses. First, today’s rally is the only one that has denounced Kim Il Sung, not only in the name of the Korean people and all of humanity, but also in the name of God. Second, this rally is on a global scale, for the Korean people are not the only ones who have gathered here to resolve to defend Korean freedom. Our rally includes some one thousand representatives from sixty countries, people of different languages and cultures who have gathered here to protect freedom in Korea and around the world. This is a global rally to show the world the resolve of free people to protect the freedom of Korea.

The domestic purpose of this rally is to encourage unity among our people in the face of the national crisis brought about by the fall of Vietnam and Cambodia to communism. Its global purpose is to show the people of the world the direction and determination that are needed at this time. This rally is significant in that it will warn Kim Il Sung against any rash action, miscalculation or provocation that would lead to war, as his actions on June 25 in 1950 led to the Korean War.

Communism is the enemy of humanity but first and foremost it is the enemy of God

Ladies and gentlemen, what is communism? We know very well that communist rule, which began with the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, has engulfed more than half the world in the last half century, and that it carries out ruthless and savage acts against humanity. Communism is a dreadful, satanic ideology that results in horribly criminal and destructive acts. We Korean people, who have experienced the savage acts of communism, know the criminal behavior of the communists better than any other people in the world. We have suffered greatly because of communism. At this very moment in North Korea, our fourteen million brethren are still the victims of communism. However, the criminal acts of communism do not stop there.

Today we know the reason we have to oppose communism and annihilate it from the face of the earth. Communism is not only the enemy of human beings; more significantly it is the enemy of God. More than an ideological system of politics and economics, it is a pseudo-religion based on atheism.

Communism completely controls the individual’s thinking, acting and way of life. This is an abuse of the unique power that only a religion can have. Communism is a false religion that insists there is no God. Moreover, the ideology itself occupies the place of God in the person’s thinking, acting and way of life, turning human beings into slaves and machines. Because communism opposes God, there is no justifying it. It is a satanic religion that seeks to annihilate God from the face of the earth.

Were communism to win victory on the earth, it would be the complete defeat of God. Before it is the defeat of democracy and the free world, it is God’s defeat. Therefore, communism is God’s enemy even before it is the enemy of humankind. However, the omniscient and omnipotent God cannot be defeated. God will not simply sit back and watch communism gain victory over the whole world.

Therefore, through today’s rally we realize that the Unification Church and other virtuous religions that teach faith in God will surely win victory over communism, the satanic religion that denies God. I sincerely declare that the Unification Church, which calls God our Father, joining with other people of faith and ethics, will defeat communism, God’s mortal enemy.

Therefore, we must realize that all religious people, especially Unification Church members, are God’s warriors, called to the frontline to win victory over communism. They are the vanguard and flag bearers in the battle between God and Satan.

God’s fight to overthrow communism

We can never defeat communism if we depend upon weapons. This is because no weapons, not even an atomic bomb, can destroy stubborn human belief. Rather, it is through faith and its teaching that we can defeat falsehood. The force that will win victory over communism, the false ideology, is a spiritual belief and its teachings of a higher dimension.

Today we must increase our national power. We must equip our armed forces and fortify our lines of defense. However, what is more important is to be armed with truth. That is to say, we need to arm our spirits with faith and its teachings. We must arm our understanding with the truth that there is a God, and we must arm our spirits with faith and the resolution to fight at the cost of our lives to fulfill God’s Will. We can win victory over the communists’ false faith and ideology only through true faith and true teachings.

The completely false ideology will only fall before the true teaching, which clearly shows that God actually exists. When we bring the light of truth to shine upon communism, its real identity will appear and its false foundation will shatter. This is the ultimate task for Unification Church members and all religious people. This is the way to win victory over communism and root it out completely.

Today, two ideologies are facing each other. One claims there is a God, and the other claims there is no God. One world is centered on material, and the other world is centered on spirit. The world that believes there is a God is on God’s side, and the world that believes there is no God is on Satan’s side. When these two worlds clash, the outcome will prove the existence of God. Therefore, the fight to defeat communism is the fight for God. Now these two world powers are opposing each other here in Korea.

Korea is the final battlefield of these two opposing global ideologies. Protecting Korean freedom is not only for the sake of Korea; it is for the  sake of the whole free world. It is for the defense of eternal freedom and for God’s final victory. This is the reason all freedom-loving people of the world need to rise up and defend Korean freedom.

The people of the free world say the problem of Korean freedom is Korea’s affair. But Korea’s problem directly affects the free world’s existence. The free world’s security is a function of the security of God. Therefore, in the Korean War, God sent soldiers from sixteen countries who shed their precious blood to protect freedom in Korea. If North Korea invades the South again, passionate young people from sixty different countries will defend this country to the last, at the cost of their lives.

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